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Man of Many

If you find yourself looking around for the neatest gadgets and accessories, and love finding new products that few know exist, then Man of Many is a blog you’ll want to check out.

Man of Many was established in December 2012 to provide a curated selection of the latest and best men’s Products, Gear, Gadgets, Technology and Style. It offers a carefully selected range that will help any modern gentleman stand out from the crowd with products of quality.


If you’re working for clients, or have clients working for you, you’ll likely have hit the problem of complaints over hours billed. It’s hard to see where the time went if you can’t see work as it’s being done. Peerdrum is a tool designed to remove this problem for freelancers.

Peerdrum automatically captures a screenshot on your computer while you’re clocked in on your projects, so the people you’re working for can see that you’re busy delivering what they’re paying for. It’s a simple way to provide accountability, giving companies the freedom to be more flexible with employees and freelancers but still feel confident that work’s getting done, from Starbucks or home.

Acuity Scheduling

Looking for a better way to schedule appointments online? Acuity Scheduling is a great tool for that. It’s a online appointment scheduling software to help you grow your business and eliminate no-shows.

Acuity lets your business accept appointments online 24/7. You can create custom intake forms for clients to complete in advance of appointments and have clients pay by credit card online, saving time and letting you focus on your business. It also works great for managing global businesses, with automatic time zone conversion and support for many currencies.


Have you ever wanted to integrate Twitter in real-time in your presentations, or perhaps on a team monitor screen in your office? There’s so many ways you can put the live data from Twitter to use for your events and more, if only you have a simple and elegant way to display it. That’s what LiveTweetApp brings to the table.

LiveTweetApp helps you search, moderate and display tweets on a big screen during an event. Tweets get directly displayed as a Twitter Wall either one a time, or as a poster, where tweets sit next to each other. Your live tweet display fits into each event with the customization of colors and logo.

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The cloud is fast becoming the default storage system for most of us who are hooked into the web. It’s where our photos, documents, music and other important files live. The convenience of saving data into the cloud is as easy as clicking a button. However, keeping track of what we send out to the cloud is not so easy nor convenient.

I first came across Hojoki a few months back, and wrote a review about it here in Web.Appstorm. Although Hojoki is a great app that puts all cloud apps together, its focus is more on collaborating with other users or team members. Enter CloudKafé, a multi-app solution to accessing all your cloud-saved data from one simple web app.


Everyone that used to love Google Reader is having to quickly search for a new RSS reader, now that Google Reader’s getting shut down. Many users seem to be headed for Feedly, while some, like our own Mathew Guay, have opted to set up their own servers with Fever, and a few are heading for The Old Reader. All of these services have been under duress since the announcement, feverishly adding bandwidth and servers in an effort to keep pace with their new-found popularity.

Me? I honestly think I am leaning towards startup Feedspot. I have tried both Feedly and The Old Reader. Both are nice, but I can not say much beyond that. Feedspot, on the other hand, may be the app that hits the spot for me. (more…)

Gift giving has really gotten a whole lot easier thanks to social media and online shopping. I am continually amazed at how I can just go online and find something that I want to get for someone with such ease. Not only that, but I can get it to them with decently fast shipping for not a whole lot of money.

But, if you are anything like me, you tend to wait till the last minute, and then you are scrambling to get something for someone. In that case, you’ll have go to the store and probably pay more than you would have if you’d planned ahead online.

What has been interesting as of late is how social media has played into the purchasing of products. Kickstarter launched — for many of us — the idea of many people contributing to something in order for a product to get funded. The app I have been using the past few days, called Aggregift, takes this model and applies it to gift giving. It is actually a pretty cool idea and one that I think could possibly take off. I know for me, it is a lot more meaningful if a lot of people chipped in and got me one gift that I know I can use, versus getting a handful of gifts that just sit around and collect dust. So let’s see how it works in real life.


By now, most web users will have seen a promotional message on a bar at the top of some sites that you frequent — they’re a great way to draw your attention to new content, special offers, events and announcements. It doesn’t hurt that they’re easy to implement and update whenever necessary, and that’s what has made this bar a tool of choice for modern webmasters.

We’ve already looked at a very popular option for this called Hello Bar, and today we’re going to check out what the competition has to offer. ThreeBar is another app that lets you create promotion bars, analyze the impact of your messages and engage your site visitors — but is it the best option for you? Let’s create a bar of our own to find out. (more…)

Google Reader is essentially a walking skeleton now, with its July 1st death looming in the horizon. I used to use Google Reader daily to check up on the news for the world of Mac and Web apps, but finally switched away to Fever after the announcement that Google is killing Reader.

We’ve been looking at tons of different RSS readers here at Web.AppStorm lately, trying to help you find the best app for your news reading needs. But, I was wondering how many of you actually used Google Reader to start with. Our stats show that most of you subscribe to our RSS feed in Google Reader, but do you actually use it normally? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

About two weeks ago, Google dropped the bomb on many of us who use Google Reader by declaring that they are going to shut it down this summer. Many of you have been looking at different alternatives to see what will work for you. I have been doing the same as well and although I am not convinced there is something that will replace it just yet, I was able to test out a web app that I thought had some similar qualities to Google Reader and could be a decent replacement.

Taptu has gone under the radar for a lot of people, but it’s an RSS app that’s actually been around since 2010. I played around with the app back then, but stopped because I knew that it couldn’t come close to what I was doing with Google Reader and not only that, I was used to what I was already using and it was working fine. Like the old saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” So that is what I had decided at the time, well now, Google Reader is not broke, but it definitely will get there. That is why I decided to revisit this app and give it another try.


Plex Media Server is a rare kind of app. It is desktop software, but is completely controlled by your web browser. Because of this, it works no matter which browser you choose to use, but more importantly it also works on any operating system platform — be it Windows, Mac, or Linux — and even NAS devices can run this software.

Plex will serve up media to virtually any device, from DLNA boxes like a Google TV and Roku to Blu-Ray players, DVR’s and even mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. I personally stumbled onto this great free service after replacing our HTPC with a Vizio Co-Star Google TV box. It will play almost any format and you can use it to push video, pictures and music around your home. Let’s take a look and see how it works.


If you’re a creative professional, you probably have enough to do between working on projects, managing clients and keeping track of finances — so where’s the time to set up and maintain an online portfolio? There are several apps out there for this very purpose, but many users might find the current crop of portfolio builders a bit too demanding — wouldn’t it be nice if you could throw together a site by simply uploading a few images, without the hassle of a CMS?

That’s the thinking behind RetinaFolio, a new app that creates portfolio sites using images and video from your Dropbox folder. With RetinaFolio, you can update your content by simply adding and removing images in Dropbox, without even having to fire up your web browser. Easy peasy indeed, but is it enough to impress your clients? Let’s build a portfolio for ourselves and find out.


It seems so quaint to remember the days before YouTube. How on earth did we fill our time? The Google-owned video clip phenomenon has all but monopolized the business of online entertainment, and one billion of us now use the service every month. But I, for one, wish that YouTube was a bit less about flicking through clips of cats doing random things, and a bit more like watching a TV channel filled with quality programming.

This avenue of thinking was clearly the catalyst behind the making of Moziy. This brand new service, still in invite beta, turns YouTube and Vimeo channels into streams, and mixes them up to create a personalized, full-screen, video-watching experience. Additionally, Moziy provides its own video watchers’ network, creating something far more social than YouTube has ever been.

But is Moziy‘s video stream-based system really worth ditching the browsability of YouTube for? And is it a real improvement on Vimeo’s Couch Mode? Let’s find out…


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