Between the desktop, web and mobile, there are so many different apps that can help you create and manage tasks. Many of them offer the ability to collaborate with a team as well. So, if a tool is what you are missing in your quest to stay productive, lack of choices is never going to be the problem.

But, every team has its own requirements. Some prefer planning to the boot with every single aspect of the tasks jotted down. Some might prefer to go with a big picture view, focusing mainly on understanding where things stand at any given time. From the looks of it, DropTask appears to be a web app that can help people who prefer to track tasks at a glance. Let’s take a closer look.


Posterous used to be one of the simplest places to start a new blog. You’d just send an email to [email protected], and boom!, you had a new blog. It changed over the years, but continued to be a popular place to blog … that is, until Twitter bought out Posterous last year, then announced that they’re shutting it down on April 30th.

We’ve just reviewed Posthaven, the new alternate to Posterous from some of the original Posterous team, but we were wondering how many of you actually used Posterous regularly.

Did you start out blogging with Posterous, or did you move to it from other, more complex services? What do you plan to use to blog now? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

The world is different now. If you’re reading this article, you’re already connected with people around the world online, and our own writing team hails from a number of different countries. Now you don’t need to leave your country to work and shop beyond your border.

There’s tons of essential apps that help us all work online and be more productive in today’s interconnected world, but there’s one service that, more than any other, makes global work and commerce actually work: PayPal. The payment juggernaut owned by eBay is the handiest way to transfer money overseas without all the bureaucracy of dealing with banks.

If you sell stuff online, you’ll likely get paid via PayPal, so why not use PayPal to pay for all of your online services? There’s one problem: everyone doesn’t accept PayPal payments. Let’s look at the most popular services that don’t work with PayPal, and the alternates you can use with PayPal instead.


Posterous is getting shut down in just a couple weeks, so if your blog is still on Posterous, it’s time to find it a new home. The good thing is, there’s lots of options today. WordPress is one obvious solution, since you can import Posterous sites directly into both blogs or WordPress on your own server. Many other blogging tools have import tools, too, including Tumblr, Squarespace, and my personal favorite, Kirby.

The most Posterous-like option, though, might be Posthaven, a brand new blogging service started by Posterous co-founder Garry Tan. We interviewed Garry about Posthaven last month, and now that the service is open to the public, let’s take it for a spin and see if it’s the perfect new home for your old Posterous blog — or perhaps for a brand-new blog.


It would be fair to say that eCommerce is in a boom right now. The likes of Ebay and Amazon turn over more revenue than any high street chain you’d care to mention, and the number of independent online shops is growing hourly – the market-leading system Shopify, alone, is powering 50,000 online stores, and counting.

Despite this ever-expanding market, the range and variety of the eCommerce management software available is still relatively limited, and many services are fairly expensive from the viewpoint of a small retailer. Other than going down the Shopify route, most shopkeepers have to resort to WordPress plug-ins like WooCommerce, but neither option allows the non-coder to style their site easily.

It is, perhaps, because of this problem that Hiidef Inc. – maker of the fine, homepage creator Flavors – has produced Goodsie, a design-oriented hosted eCommerce platform. With Goodsie’s Standard package costing $14/month, this service is one of the more affordable eCommerce options available, but is Goodsie more luxury aisle or bargain bin? Time to find out.


It’s tough to know how easy (or not) your site or app is to use, since you’re already so familiar with its design. When you need a set of fresh eyes to take an objective look at your design, our sponsor this week BetaPunch just might be what you need.

BetaPunch helps you find out why users are leaving your website before signing up or buying your products or services. When you signup for a test, BetaPunch gets one of their 3,000+ testers to do a screen cast, offering their feedback on your site. The end result is a 10-15 minute video of a user navigating and talking about their experience using a website.

It’ll help you find any problems on your site, see where users are getting stuck, and what you can do to make things more clear on your site.

Go Get it!

The best part is, BetaPunch is totally free to try out. You can try out BetaPunch on your site, and the first test is free. Then, we’ve got an exclusive discount for our readers: use the coupon WebAppStorm to get a 10% discount on purchasing extra tests on your website!

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Yes, this is another post on another type of Google Reader replacement, but this one takes a little different strategy than some of the others that are out there. As you know, we at Web.AppStorm have been scouring the internet for replacements for our Reader fix. A little while back, I did a review on Taptu, which I actually do like and think it can be a solid replacement. But, as always the tech nerd in me is always searching for something better, something that can really meet all my needs for a replacement.

Unfortunately, I don’t think I will honestly find something on the web that will satisfy me unless it syncs with my iOS devices. But, the one that I am about to review today definitely got my attention, enough so that I actually decided to pay for the app. Yes, we have been spoiled with a free service like Google Reader, but in my opinion that is what led to its demise; Google just didn’t want to bother with a product that wasn’t going to make money. But I digress, time to switch gears and talk about Feedbin, a possible RSS reader replacement that you might actually want to pay for as well. Let’s take a look.


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Man of Many

If you find yourself looking around for the neatest gadgets and accessories, and love finding new products that few know exist, then Man of Many is a blog you’ll want to check out.

Man of Many was established in December 2012 to provide a curated selection of the latest and best men’s Products, Gear, Gadgets, Technology and Style. It offers a carefully selected range that will help any modern gentleman stand out from the crowd with products of quality.


If you’re working for clients, or have clients working for you, you’ll likely have hit the problem of complaints over hours billed. It’s hard to see where the time went if you can’t see work as it’s being done. Peerdrum is a tool designed to remove this problem for freelancers.

Peerdrum automatically captures a screenshot on your computer while you’re clocked in on your projects, so the people you’re working for can see that you’re busy delivering what they’re paying for. It’s a simple way to provide accountability, giving companies the freedom to be more flexible with employees and freelancers but still feel confident that work’s getting done, from Starbucks or home.

Acuity Scheduling

Looking for a better way to schedule appointments online? Acuity Scheduling is a great tool for that. It’s a online appointment scheduling software to help you grow your business and eliminate no-shows.

Acuity lets your business accept appointments online 24/7. You can create custom intake forms for clients to complete in advance of appointments and have clients pay by credit card online, saving time and letting you focus on your business. It also works great for managing global businesses, with automatic time zone conversion and support for many currencies.


Have you ever wanted to integrate Twitter in real-time in your presentations, or perhaps on a team monitor screen in your office? There’s so many ways you can put the live data from Twitter to use for your events and more, if only you have a simple and elegant way to display it. That’s what LiveTweetApp brings to the table.

LiveTweetApp helps you search, moderate and display tweets on a big screen during an event. Tweets get directly displayed as a Twitter Wall either one a time, or as a poster, where tweets sit next to each other. Your live tweet display fits into each event with the customization of colors and logo.

And a special thanks to you, our Web.AppStorm readers, for reading and sharing our articles. We hope you continue to find our articles interesting and helpful!

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The cloud is fast becoming the default storage system for most of us who are hooked into the web. It’s where our photos, documents, music and other important files live. The convenience of saving data into the cloud is as easy as clicking a button. However, keeping track of what we send out to the cloud is not so easy nor convenient.

I first came across Hojoki a few months back, and wrote a review about it here in Web.Appstorm. Although Hojoki is a great app that puts all cloud apps together, its focus is more on collaborating with other users or team members. Enter CloudKafé, a multi-app solution to accessing all your cloud-saved data from one simple web app.


Everyone that used to love Google Reader is having to quickly search for a new RSS reader, now that Google Reader’s getting shut down. Many users seem to be headed for Feedly, while some, like our own Mathew Guay, have opted to set up their own servers with Fever, and a few are heading for The Old Reader. All of these services have been under duress since the announcement, feverishly adding bandwidth and servers in an effort to keep pace with their new-found popularity.

Me? I honestly think I am leaning towards startup Feedspot. I have tried both Feedly and The Old Reader. Both are nice, but I can not say much beyond that. Feedspot, on the other hand, may be the app that hits the spot for me. (more…)

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