Sometimes less is more. When it comes to content management systems there’s a huge selection of feature rich, powerful and incredibly complicated options, but what about the lightweight jobs? Many of today’s popular CMSes are overkill for small, basic tasks where the extra frills just aren’t needed.

Today we bring you 10 fantastic lightweight CMSes that’ll get the job done without the extra bloat.


Reading the Harry Potter books is a magical experience. From the beautiful mind of J K Rowling, it is a fantastical journey filled with magic, adventure and a boat load of twists. Not to mention the depth of characterization, each with their amazing uniqueness they feel so real. While the tale has been told and books have stopped, the movies have not.

Just like real life celebrities, the characters of Harry Potter series have millions of fans as well. There are always conversations, book readings and debates happening online and today we’ve compiled a list of online hangouts for us Potter fans. Since this site was designed by muggles, Alohomora won’t work, so click on More instead to read on.


It can be difficult to monetize videos that you put up or plan to put on the internet. If in doubt, just ask Google. They had a real tough time making money off video after sinking more than a billion dollars into acquiring YouTube. If there’s anyone in this universe who knows about internet advertising, it’s them—they practically invented it.

So how does a simpleton like you make some money off the cool gadget reviews, inspiring documentaries or anything that might entice the long tail? With Monetizer, which helps you charge customers for renting or downloading videos from your website.

Follow me after the break to see how Monetizer can help you make money from your videos.


Quick Look posts are paid submissions offering only a brief overview of an app. Vote in the polls below if you think this app is worth an in-depth AppStorm review!

In this Quick Look, we’re highlighting Safestacks. The developer describes Safestacks as an app to securely store all of your client information; such as usernames, passwords, expiration dates, employee info, leases, computer and software details and just about anything else. No more sticky notes, Excel files or misplaced emails.

Read on for more information and screenshots!


Whether you’re a company taking advantage of the social internet to get your customer’s opinions or you’re just curious about your fellow users’ opinions on a specific topic, polls really can get people talking. There are many poll apps out there but some of these take ages to create an account and get the poll set up, sometimes raising doubts about whether it’s even worth it.

This is where TwittaPolls comes in. It allows you to easily and quickly create polls that can be shared with friends via Twitter and Facebook. Find out more after the fold.


No matter how big or small, your website can always expect at least some activity from spammers if appropriate measures are not in place. This can significantly decrease productivity for you as a webmaster or developer and sometimes more extreme methods are needed to combat these online threats.

Enter, CloudFlare. CloudFlare acts as a proxy between your visitors and your website – ensuring security and the fairly successful prevention of spam as well as decreasing load times greatly. Read on to see how to setup CloudFlare for your site.


In the internet universe there are two sure fire ways to go bust these days. First, distribute and run a peer-to-peer network that looks the other way when it comes to copyright. Second, be brave/stupid enough to compete with Google. That too, in search. As things stand today, Google knows more about search and its intricacies than just about anyone else. This doesn’t stop entrepreneurs from dreaming about taking a bite of the fat juicy pie known as targeted advertising and venture capitalists to throw money at them.

All the so called “Google killers” have not been killed by Google. They just rolled over and died because of the fact that they are just not capable of delivering better search results. Today we’ll check out how a new entrant, blekko, is trying to make search better with slashtags.


CU3ER is a fantastic Flash-based app that makes it simple to create 3D slideshows with a wide range of customizable options that will be sure to catch your site’s visitor’s attention. The CU3ER team is generously offering three lucky Web.AppStorm readers Pro accounts, each worth $49.

Read on for more information on CU3ER and how to enter to win.


Almost all of us begin our day online with a search, most likely in Google, for something specific or a closest possible keyword and took it from there. This is more like a rinse and repeat process that happens multiple times a day (or hour, depending upon your profession). Do you get relevant results? Yes. Are you overwhelmed by the volume of information you have to process before finding what you are looking for? Absolutely!

While a lot of startups try to fine tune the search results in their quest to get a share of big advertising bucks, there’s hardly any innovation in the way search results are displayed. Google does a great a job from time to time, tweaking the search results page, adding real-time streams, search previews etc. Still, nobody has nailed the presentation like Qwiki has. Follow me after the jump to get a glimpse of the innovative information experience.


With so much happening in the digital world, it can be a full time job just staying up to date on the latest web app happenings. But, that’s why you come to Web.AppStorm… right? With all the fantastic new features app developers are constantly releasing, we’re not really able to report them all and ultimately many of our readers miss out on some really good stuff. So, we’re going to try something new.

At the end of a week, a few times per month, we’ll bring you some of the best web app news and updates. App developers, this is a great time to familiarize yourselves with our contact form to submit your news or tips.

Read on after the break for some of this weeks best web app news and updates.


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