On November 15th, Facebook announced a new messaging system they’d be rolling out to all users, making it easier than ever to manage not only messages sent to you on Facebook, but conversations taking place via email, chat, and SMS.

Eventually you’ll be automatically upgraded to this new way of messaging, but you can try to get in on it early by requesting an invitation. I did just that, and a few days later was invited to try it out. Here’s what I found.


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Paymo Time Tracker – Paymo is a time tracking and online invoicing tool that can be used online or on your desktop. Paymo offers you a clear picture of how time is spent in your organization.

TaskAnt – TaskAnt saves your time and your team’s time on project and task management. Especially for assigning, tracking and searching tasks.

dashboard – dashboard is a powerful lead management system.

Media Temple – Media Temple hosts websites. Big and Small. For years they’ve taken complex technology and simplified it for the everyday website owner. Their products are designed to be powerful, affordable and relevant.

Dealy – Dealy lets website owners create and distribute their deals of the days across the internet, facebook, twitter, SMS text, email and their websites.

MailChimp – MailChimp is a free email marketing service to design, send, and track HTML email campaigns with their simple tools.

Intervals – Intervals is web-based time tracking, task management, and project management for small businesses that need to know where all of their time is going. Includes workflow, timesheets, reporting, document storage, and invoicing.

VPSbuddy – System administration for the rest of us.

Aviary is an Internet brand well known for its efforts to push the limits of web apps to make them look and function like a desktop app. They have web apps in almost all the verticals Adobe’s Creative Suite of apps operate. While all their apps require Adode Flash player be installed, their recently launched image editor was developed completely using HTML5—meaning no more pesky plugins.

On top of being open, Aviary helps you embed the image editor in your digital domain. If your website deals in images you now have a great online image editor at your disposal. Now, isn’t that awesome?


When you’re working together with a team on a project, very quickly you’ll have bits and pieces of the project in a thousand different places. A task list in one app, documents saved on different computers and Google Docs accounts, various emails and IMs about the project elsewhere, and time tracking in yet another app. All of your digital tools are simply dragging the project down.

Teambox is a project management web app that aims to reduce this confusion and help you manage everything about your projects from one page. No matter how many projects you’re running or how many people are in your team, you can keep all of your data flowing together so you can access it quickly from your desktop or mobile browser. Let’s look at Teambox’s features and see if it’s the project management app your team needs to get organized again.


If you’re an app or web developer looking for fantastic features or even full on apps to implement into your site or app, CodeCanyon is definitely a place you should take a look through. It’s a rapidly growing marketplace offering lots of really fantastic scripts, plugins, HTML5 apps (and elements), CSS elements and even mobile apps.

We’ve rounded up 30 really fantastic new and popuarl CodeCanyon scripts, plugins and HTML5 apps for your viewing pleasure. Check’em out!


The short answer, of course not. The industry is, however, fighting a needlessly difficult battle in which users pay the price—literally and figuratively. So the real question is, are we, the users, fighting a losing battle? Personally I think the short answer to that is, yes.

Around every corner is another hurdle for those of us who want to enjoy our video media via internet rather than the traditional cable, satellite or physical media source. What are we to do?


Debt’s a nasty thing to deal with, especially if you’re new to credit cards and loans. Managing and keeping track of your debts can be a hassle and even depressing if your credit score is less than ideal. However, there’s no better feeling that conquering your debts or credit troubles.

Creditable isn’t just a debt management app; it helps you get out of debt, improve your credit score, collaborate with others and all the while for free and anonymously. Let’s take a look at getting setup with Creditable.


Black Friday is over and Cyber Monday is now drawing to an end—sort of. In typical fashion, retailers will do everything they can to get you to open up your purse or wallet and hand over every last cent. Cyber Monday, however, has really caught on becoming more of an extension to Black Friday than a gimmick.

Although the Cyber Monday isn’t quite over yet (in my time-zone), retailers are already reporting record online sales. Were you a cyber-shopper this Monday?


The holiday season is upon us and, holiday season or not, you’ll probably want to keep an eye on your packages—inbound and outbound. While many online retailers have greatly improved their package tracking integration over the years, there’s still easier ways to watch your in-transit package’s status.

Checkout these great web apps for tracking your package’s every move.


Scrapbooks are an age old tradition of compiling images, notes, letters and other personally important material for a nostalgic journey years later. Maintaining a scrapbook needs patience, which a lot of us lack. Cutting images and paper clippings, making doodles with watercolor, selecting cool stickers to go with—it’s simply not everyone’s cup of tea.

Scrapblog is a scrapbooking web app that allows you to design and create your own scrapbook using a simple online interface with custom backgrounds and other design elements Scrapblog lets you create a wonderful scrapbooks to preserve treasured memories.


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