Everyone has someone special to remember in their lives. There are probably a ton of fond memories, pictures and videos that have captured them for eternity. The big question is, how do you want to remember someone special once they are gone? The problem is to piece together memories of an entire family or clique of the person.

1000Memories is a new way to remember the people we care about and build something special in their memory. After the break we will check out the app.


We’re kicking off another new post series today, called “Ask the Editor”. This is a great way for you to ask questions about Web software (or related hardware) and AppStorm and I will share my responses. Whether you’re dying to know where you should store your photos, are seeking the best of the best apps, or you want to know how to accomplish something with a web app, I’m here to help!

I’ve had some great questions submitted this week, so read on to find out what my responses are (and how you can submit your own questions for the next article!)


Before knowing your competitor, you’ll have to know your business. You have to be on top of data and metrics pertaining to every single transaction and sale. Business Intelligence is an art and can be a costly proposition. The tools available for mining and interpreting data are pricey and the talent required to handle them isn’t cheap either.

Zoho Reports is an online reporting and business intelligence service that helps you get new insights on your business information. Today we shall take this affordable web based alternative for a spin.


There are a lot of things people do on the internet, but one thing we all seeming to excel at is shopping. Online shopping for the holidays, for example, has been growing steadily over the past few years. One of the benefits of shopping online is there’s more of a choice in retailer, which allows us to find a good deal on whatever it is we’re looking to buy.

To make your life a little easier when it comes to finding a good deal, I’ve compiled a list of a few sites that I frequent in order to save a few bucks. Take a look at these 10 great sites for finding great deals.


Not everyone’s completely tech-savvy, which is the main reason why a lot of businesses or individuals spend large sums of money to get a website up and running. Many of these people don’t realize that maintaining a website on a budget can be much simpler and cheaper than you would expect. In fact, all you seem to need nowadays is a good web host and the rest can be done quickly, and at almost no cost whatsoever.

But what about the rest? With a really nifty content-management system called PyroCMS, this needn’t be something to worry about. In this article, I’ll be showing you how to get PyroCMS installed on a LAMP web server and the basics of creating content and working with the highly-extensible system it offers.


Enterprises and Businesses are the cash cows that can make a software development company into an overnight success. Selling to them is an incredibly lucrative opportunity. There’s a catch though; you will have to work hard to convince them to make a switch from an archaic system they might be using in production.

Cloud computing and SaaS models unlock the potential of resources — both human and hardware. While some cloud solutions might end up costing a lot more than their self hosted competitors over time, a shrewd manager will know the savings are manifold too. Data portability and remote teams are among the first in the list.

With so many web apps to choose from in all aspects of running a business, moving all business functions to the cloud is a very real possibility.


It’s true; a picture is worth a thousand words. That’s the reason there are so many screenshots in AppStorm articles AppStorm and across the Tuts+ network. To keep your audience engaged, your presentation has to be visually appealing. Once you grab the audience with a striking visual, you can connect with them on an emotional level.

These days I get questions from people who want to move from Microsoft PowerPoint just because it doesn’t do justice to the content on their slides. One of my recommendations to them is SlideRocket. Today SlideRocket has introduced a few new tools to its already well stacked visual arsenal.


If you haven’t noticed (or don’t visit the sites), Gawker launched an all new design across their sites (Gizmodo, Lifehacker, etc) that’s quite different. Many people think it’s terrible and a poor decision. I can’t help but see various similarities between the new design and designs you’ll see on tablets such as the iPad.



Performance issues aside (which are being worked out by their staff), the new design’s usability makes more sense for tablet-type devices than the prior blog style design. Personally, I like the new design more than the prior one, even on my desktop. It makes more sense from a usability standpoint; no new page loads or tabs when navigating to a post, a quick overview of recent or popular posts, etc.

The question, though, is whether or not people really want mobile web UX when they’re on their desktop computer? I think the web and computer technology is slowly evolving into more dynamic, interactive and “go anywhere” hardware and software, so I see designs such as Gawker’s as an expected step across all platforms.

As you can tell, I clearly prefer the newer design and the idea of mobile web UX making its way onto the desktop, replacing our older viewing methods. What do you think? Do you prefer iPad-type web designs over their desktop counterparts while on the desktop? Or do you think desktop web UX will, and should, always be different than other platforms?

We are living in the Information Age and today one of the most important things to most of us is our data. If our computers, tablets, phones, or other devices disappeared, or the webapps we depend on shut down tomorrow, the files we lose would be harder to replace than the things themselves. From pictures to music to the new web app you’ve been creating, we’re keeping more data than ever and all of it is stuff you want to access anytime, anywhere, without ever losing it.

The good news is there are many apps today to help keep your data synced and safe. Dropbox is one of the most popular file sync apps ever, but SpiderOak is another promising offering that helps ensure your data is safe and secure as well.

We’re going to take a deeper look at what both of these services offer and then hopefully you can decide if Dropbox, SpiderOak, or another service is the one you need to keep your data synced and safe.


Quick Look posts are paid submissions offering only a brief overview of an app. Vote in the polls below if you think this app is worth an in-depth AppStorm review!

In this Quick Look, we’re highlighting Freedcamp. The developer describes Freedcamp as a free project management solution aimed for small businesses, start-ups, students, and fans of collaboration. Some of the exclusive features we offer are: The ability to house an unlimited number of projects and users, Basecamp import, an integrated Meebo chat bar, and Facebook Connect. We offer our service completely free, no-ads, no price plans.

Read on for more information and screenshots!


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