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For most of us, a large chunk of emails received are usually automated and unimportant stuff like notifications, newsletters, bills, mailing lists, registrations, event invites and the like. Even when you set up multiple filters to move them into their respective folders skipping the inbox, you will still end up getting the same (and new) automated mailers. In fact, services employ people who specialize in making sure that emails land in your inbox rather than a spam folder.

It’s a good sign that a horde of startups are working to address the problem of email overload. A lot of new tricks are being tried out like converting emails to tasks, make reading emails a game and so on. While they offer a partial fix, a fool proof solution is yet to come to market. ZeroMail is a web app that strives to remove clutter from your inbox. It’s time to learn how to put the app to use.




ZeroMail is a web based email client that assists you to better manage the inbox and boost your productivity. The web app supports multiple accounts of popular webmail services like Gmail, Yahoo, AOL etc. and IMAP is supported too.

ZeroMail’s pricing is as unique as the app. There are no multiple tiers of monthly subscriptions and instead there is a single life subscription plan. The standard ZeroMail lifetime account will cost you $100. There is no free trial period, but if you are interested to try out the app, click on the Demo button to access the inbox in its full glory. The sign up terms sheet says that the app is still in beta and so the developers cannot guarantee anything. Disclaimers are good, but this one doesn’t invoke a lot of confidence in the product.

Getting Started

Importing Emails

Importing Emails

After signing up, you can start by importing mails from your existing email account. The process bar will keep you updated and even when the import is in progress you can start using the web app.

ZeroMail has a minimalistic interface that has every single aspect of a regular inbox (and then some) but still looks refreshing and cool. Without any effort from your side, ZeroMail will start sorting out the automated mails into their own categories.

Segregating Automated Mails

Segregating Automated Mails

You can access all emails from a particular sender in a single page, without the header information. This is a great way to read regular emails as well. If you find the mailer to be inappropriate, unsubscribe it instantly in a single click.

Managing Mails and Tasks

I don’t completely agree with the developers claim that emails and tasks are often the same thing and they should be treated the same. But this varies from person to person depending on the nature of work they are involved in.

Assigning Tasks and Mails to Projects

Assigning Tasks and Mails to Projects

The app allows you to mark emails and tasks to projects, schedule them and archive when they are done. Emails and tasks can be postponed by way of snoozing and reminders can also be added by setting flags.

More Features

One feature that really got my attention, despite being a tiny one. is the uniformity of fonts. No matter in which font an emails arrives in your inbox, they are converted into a single readable font (couldn’t tell its name though!).

The conversation view is nicely done and you can see the social profiles of the people you are in touch with. I saw this feature in the recent version of the Postbox app for desktop and was wondering why web based email clients are giving this useful feature a miss.

Outsourcing a Task

Outsourcing a Task

Swamped with work and looking for a helping hand? Hit the Assist Me button and you can email the ZeroMail team to outsource your work. They will get back to you in 24 hours with a response. A thoughtful addition which could end up being a crowd puller!

All in all, ZeroMail is a functional email client even in this beta stage and has a lot of awesome features planned for the future. It would be phenomenal to have analytics, signature scan, smart search among other things sooner rather than later.

Final Thoughts

Emails are supposed to be conversations that don’t involve talking. But in reality, it hardly is. Most email isn’t actually email. Solutions like Gmail’s Priority Inbox are nice to have, but aren’t perfect and they alter the way one has accustomed to accessing email. I wasn’t very much happy with the absence of a trial account, but in retrospect, a full blown demo app seems to a good idea (atleast in this case).

Without a demo account, it would have taken a long time to set up ZeroMail before getting to know how good the app actually is. With so many web powerhouses offering their email services for free, it is bold of the ZeroMail team to actually charge a steep (even if it is one time) fee. A free, time bound trial account is the need of the hour as not many people will realize the value proposition, unless they get to see if their email account can be as efficiently managed as the demo account.

Share Your Thoughts!

Think ZeroMail is much more unique and effective when compared to the rest of the alternatives? Are one time lifetime payments are economical and worth the investment?


Get more done with your email with less stress by automatically finding the most important messages and getting your tasks out of the way.



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  • The demo looks unfinished. A weird approch with 100$ lifetime payment for such a young appearing project. Better set some low monthly rates instead to get a bigger userbase and collect feedback from that…

    • Hi Rasmus,

      You are right that it looks unfinished, it is… while ZeroMail is already a fully-functional email client, we are still a while away from launch (with many features still missing). The current version gives you an idea of where we are headed, but there is a lot more to come.

      We charge for our beta because currently we don’t want many more beta testers, but we did want to prove that email is a problem so big, people are willing to pay for a product that isn’t even finished yet. We also find that beta users that have paid give ZeroMail a proper go and have a real problem and want to help. So by charging we avoid tire-kickers (who can play with the live demo) and take feedback from right people.

      Once we launch, thing will be more normal, with monthly subscriptions and a trial.

      Hope this helps explain the current pricing.

      Bart Jellema
      CEO – ZeroMail

  • That explains the high price.

    Thank you for explaining that to me and the rest.

    You talk about beta-testers and we have agreed that it looks unfinished. So THEN i cannot see why appstorm writes this article as if it was a final product.

    They should have changed the title / intro to something about beta-testing a coming product and dont rate it before its final.

    And Bart, keep on the work. I might want to step by in the future.

    If you need that last beta-tester in a hurry I surely will fill that hole 😉

  • What are the FREE alternatives to this service?? It looks useful, but I don’t have $100 to dish out to a new and “unfinished” looking service…..

  • LOL, Zeromail wants people to dish out at least $100 for this app. I can get this stuff for free from other more reputable companies.

    Beware of the Terms and Conditions. You don’t want outsourced Indians and Chinese workers reading your emails, do you? Well, that’s what Zeromail does. The founder, Bart, also has a bit of a dodgy past. Apparently fled the United States due to a fraud charge.


  • Yeah, read reviews about Zeromail. My Zeromail review is that its dodgy, just like the founder, Bart Jellema