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We’re all pretty much familiar with RSS feeds and most of us probably already use an online reader (or desktop reader). However, there are situations when using an RSS reader just isn’t ideal and email subscription isn’t offered. Feed My Inbox has the solution, allowing you to subscribe via RSS and have those feeds delivered via email either in real-time or on a set schedule.

Feed My Inbox provides solutions to many problems, which we’ll walk through in this how-to.

Sign Up & Setup

Getting started with Feed My Inbox couldn’t be easier. Head over to their website, enter the website or feed URL you want to subscribe to and the email address you want updates sent to.

Feed My Inbox Home

Feed My Inbox Home

They’ll send you an email to confirm your subscription at which point you can also manage your account and the feeds you’re subscribed to. You’ll need to confirm the subscription in order to being receiving updates.

Email Subscription Confirmation

Email Subscription Confirmation

Alternate Sign Up & Pricing

Another way to directly sign up is by visiting the Plans & Pricing page and selecting the plan level desired. When signing up using the previously mentioned steps, the free plan is setup by default but can be changed any time you want.



If you already know you want to sign up for a paid plan, this is the best method to use when signing up.


You aren’t going to want to visit Feed My Inbox’s website every time you want to subscribe to a feed, so you’ll want to install their bookmarklet.

Bookmarklet Install

Bookmarklet Install

Anytime you visit a site in which you would like to receive RSS feed updates via email, just click the bookmarklet to subscribe. For example, I frequently visit the forums and would like to receive updates via email. RSS feeds are available for forum threads, so I click the Add to Feed My Inbox bookmarklet to subscribe.

In this case, there are multiple feeds available. Feed My Inbox lists the available feeds, allowing me to select the ones I want and subscribe to those.

Multiple Feeds

Multiple Feeds

Manage Feeds and Feed Settings

After subscribing to your desired feeds, you can manage your feeds and feed settings within your Feed My Inbox account. By default feeds will be delivered on a daily schedule. If you’ve signed up for a paid plan, you can choose to receive updates in real-time or independently configure each feed to update at different times of the day.

Manage Feeds

Manage Feeds

Editing the settings for the ThemeForest forums feed, I can change the title, email format, email content and frequency. I’ve set it to real-time as I want update notifications right away rather than once daily. For those of you using RSS readers, the real-time updates will likely be the main attraction here.

Edit Feed Settings

Edit Feed Settings


For those of you more familiar with RSS and feed readers, you might be asking yourself why you would need something like Feed My Inbox. In your case, Feed My Inbox would be more of a tool to solve a problem you sometimes encounter. For example, some forums on the web provide RSS feeds of threads but no email notifications. That can be quite annoying. This is a method for taking those RSS feeds and converting them into real-time email notifications.

In many cases, however, there are several RSS feeds we check on a daily basis. Email is a staple service in most people’s lives these days so it just makes sense to combine the two, eliminating an extra, unnecessary step.

Then there are the RSS “newbies” or those who prefer all RSS feed updates via email. Some people will go to great lengths to avoid learning new software such as a web-based RSS reader. Feed My Inbox makes it easy for those people to get what they want—RSS delivered via email.

In any case, Feed My Inbox is a great solution for many people interacting with RSS feeds.

Envato Marketplace Authors

I’d like to show you one more example of using Feed My Inbox, which might appeal to those of you who are authors at one of Envato’s marketplaces (such as

When you sell items at an Envato marketplace, other users can comment on your items. Comments might be complaints, support requests or even just a pat on the back saying, “Great job!” You can view your item comments in your author dashboard, but if you’re like me then you likely don’t visit that page all too often. If you sell quite a few items then you can imagine how item comments can easily become hard to monitor.

An easy way to stay updated on your item comments is subscribe to your item comments feed. The url for this feed is feed://MARKETPLACE-URL/feeds/user_item_comments/USERNAME.atom

Replace the MARKETPLACE-URL with your desired marketplace (such as and USERNAME with your username.

What Do You Think?

Leave a comment below with your thoughts on Feed My Inbox and how you would use this great web app. Later this week we’ll share details of a giveaway sponsored by Feed My Inbox, so stay tuned!

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  • Feed My Inbox seems very handy. Nice article. Thanks for share. :)

  • I was never a fan of feed readers and would personally prefer any RSS feeds to be delivered as content to my e-mail inbox. This service would be brilliant but for me the pricing is a bit too much – the free package in my opinion should at least get me started with 10 feeds and instant notifications rather than only daily. I then may consider updating at a later date as I reach the 10 feed limit. For now, I’ll stick with Google Reader and self myself a few quid! Other than that, looks lovely.

  • Feed My Inbox is lovely, but expensive. I like, as it does everything FMI does, but for free :)

  • This service would be brilliant but for me the pricing is a bit too much – the free package in my opinion should at least get me started with 10 feeds and instant notifications rather than only daily

  • Good post. Was wondering if i can use feedmyinbox for the following.

    What i want to do is send the RSS feed -> feedmyinbox

    Then feedmyinbox send the RSS as an email to a service like posterous which will send this email as a post to my web 2.0 accounts?

    Having diffculty trying to set this up, is it possible ?


  • In reply to the above (Uncle Bob) You can send the RSS to email then post to Posterous manually this gives you more control.

    Good Luck!

  • ’m sure there is a slicker way of checking where pages are being served from, but my quick-check is to edit the cached HTML file