Kinzaa: Create Infographic Resumes

Simply put, writing a resume is no fun. The first step to getting a job is getting noticed, and your resume is the best way to do that in a traditional job application process. Problem is, there are so many things to keep track of: font sizes, concise descriptions, word and page count, and more. Even when you get everything right, there is no way you can be sure that your resume really has the chance of standing out. You can bet at least half of the resumes mailed in by fellow job seekers are equally thorough.

You might have to think out of the box to stand out. That doesn’t mean you will have to hire a video artist to create your resume in Barney Stinson style. Instead of using boring and cliched layout and wordings, you should try something new, but that’s still within reach. How about an infographic? Kinzaa works hard to make your resume pop with a unique twist on a traditional resume. Intrigued? Keep reading to see what Kinzaa has to offer.




Kinzaa’s goal is to ensure that your resume accurately reflects your talents, strengths and experience in a format that takes minutes to create and seconds to review. It takes the things you would have normally included in a resume, then turns them into an infographic that’s easy to review and stands out from the crowd. Your Kinzaa graphical resume will stand out with potential employers making sure you are noticed.

Ease of Use

Adding Personal Information

Adding Personal Information

A quick email verification will take you straight to the resume creation page. The web app lets you import all your details from your LinkedIn account. But for the purpose of the review, I created one from scratch. If you scroll down a bit, you will see a few fields and a bunch of sliders. That’s all the details that’s needed to create your resume! Predictably, we begin with a Personal Information section. Upload an image if need be.

Furnishing Details

Updating the Skills Section

Updating the Skills Section

Things get really interesting from the Skills section onwards. In here, you will have to enter the skills and then move the slider by appropriate notches between average and expert rankings. It might be hard to ascertain the level of experience without knowing how much does each notch measure. Option to upload a short video is available as well.

Adding Work History

Adding Work History

The Work History section is much more cooler. After filing in the job details you can add multiple roles you have held too. As much as three different roles can be added and you move the slider until you are satisfied with the percentage of responsibility you were entitled for each role is correctly marked.

Preferred Settings and Expectations

Preferred Settings and Expectations

Moving further down, we have the Personality and Personal Preferences section, which are self explanatory. Just drag the sliders or click on the appropriate options to update your choices.

Viewing the Resume

Timeline View and Piechart

Timeline View and Piechart

Since the tools to create the resume were mind blowing, I wasn’t expecting the output to be anything less than awesome. And the resume turned out that exactly the way I thought it would be. You can send out the resume in two different ways. First, you can mail the direct link to the web version of the resume at Kinzaa.

I strongly recommend you to use this option as it retains most of the goodness of the nfographic resume. The timeline view of your career and the piechart highlighting your roles for each job are two of my favorites.

Resume in PDF Format

Resume in PDF Format

Alternatively, you can download the resume as a PDF file and send it as an attachment. This version is definitely better than the conventional resumes we create, but is not as gorgeous as the web version. For example, the pie charts and the nice timeline didn’t make the PDF version. The preferences which have been neatly marked have been replaced with a list of words. If you have chosen quite a few, they might end up looking like a bucket list.

Final Thoughts

It goes without saying that I have now become a fan of Kinzaa and the entire concept of an infographic resume. There couldn’t be a better way to make the employer understand the vital parts of your career in a single glance. I am pretty sure everyone from the recruitment team are by now bored by black and white, A4 sheets that are as bland as the paper itself.

However, I am not quite sold on the idea that these types of resumes are the future. While different, not everyone in the corporate jungle might be a fan. In an era where even the wrong color choice for your tie could cost you an interview, you might not want to take the risk of being too different. For instance, it could work well with the startup and technology companies, but not in other domains. Use your discretion while using an infographic resume to make sure you don’t get noticed for the wrong reason!

Share Your Thoughts!

How radical are you usually when creating a resume? Think Kinzaa’s infographic resumes can distinguish you or is it just too weird and nerdy?


Kinzaa’s goal is to ensure that your resume accurately reflects your talents, strengths and experience in a format that takes minutes to create and seconds to review.

  • Julia Altermann

    Perfect timing for the review, thanks for bringing this to my attention. So glad I don’t have to come up with this manually :)

  • Scott Danielson

    Great review, this looks fantastic!

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  • JobSeeker

    Too bad you chose this one. is the choice of professionals – easy to use with a professional looking output. It worked for me and can work for you too. Check out this one:

  • Dr. Peril

    Interesting, but not visually exciting… at least not following the link to Felicia Day’s resume on (ok, there might be some bias happening here, I love the Guild and Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog)

    I think I’ll probably make use of if I were to use a tool like this. I don’t now if it does everything you’ve mentioned Kinzaa does, but it’s much prettier!

    Thanks JobSeeker (even if you are a bot…)

  • Kinzaa_infogrfx

    Thanks Justin for a great review! We’re working on making the PDF version better. Hopefully in the very near future.