Personalize Your Twitter Profile with Themeleon

If you’re interested in getting more creative with your Twitter profile, chances are, you’ve either chosen a stock theme, created your own theme or went in search of backgrounds to use in your theme. Either way, there’s an easier way to get the personalized Twitter theme you’re looking for that’s a whole lot more creative.

If you’ve been on the design page in your Twitter settings, you might’ve noticed a little something about Themeleon (Thee-mee-lee-uhn, like Chameleon). Themeleon, by COLOURlovers, has more than 600K seamless background patterns and more than 1 million color palettes! Although those numbers sound daunting, it’s fun and incredibly easy to use. We’ll take a look at quickly personalizing a Twitter profile just to our liking.

Twitter Endorsed, Colour Approved

If you take a peek at the Design page in your Twitter settings, you might notice a little snippet in the sidebar, “Get more creative.” What does that mean to you? Well, for one, it’s easy to find the next time you want to change your profile design. Second, it’s officially endorsed by Twitter so you know it’s a quality, trusted web app.

Themeleon is officially endorsed by Twitter

Themeleon is officially endorsed by Twitter

Customize Your Theme

Alright, I headed over to my Twitter account -> Settings ->Design and clicked Check out Themeleon », which just takes you to the Themeleon website. You’ll see a drop-down box with the three simple steps, a couple links to follow @COLOURlovers and tweet about Themeleon, and a COLOURlovers advertisement. The important stuff is below this, so just click Hide for now.

Themeleon Home

Themeleon Home


Don’t let the page design fool you. Although it looks almost like a normal Twitter profile page, it’s just the Themeleon web app page. To get started editing our Twitter theme, click the Login to Twitter button.

Login to Twitter

Login to Twitter

If you’ve already logged into Twitter and have it set to remember you, then Twitter will ask if you want to allow this application to access your account. I’ve clicked Allow and have been redirected back to the Themeleon app, which looks almost just like my Twitter page. This is a great way to see exactly how the new theme settings will look on my actual profile.

Themeleon Editing

Themeleon Editing

Design Editing

Customizing your theme is pretty straight forward. Select your background options, either from a pattern or via uploading an image. Five of the background pattern colors can be customized to fit your taste.

You can choose to tile the image you upload, which is useful for custom patterns or smaller images.

Next, select your desired color palette for different page elements such as text, links, sidebar, etc. You can choose from pre-built color palettes or create your own. I like that they included similar colors as it makes it a bit easier to find the right color when you’re close but not quite there.



Once you’ve created the theme you want, just click save changes. The theme will be applied to your Twitter profile and you’ll be directed to your Twitter home with the option of tweeting about @COLOURlovers and Themeleon.

Final App Thoughts

The main advantage to using Themeleon is the selection of patterns and color palettes to choose from. Background pattern colors can be quickly customized and there are quite a few patterns to choose from. However, I felt that the app needed further improvements.

When browsing through the selection of patterns, I actually felt like they were fairly limited but more importantly (at least to me), I wanted to view more than four patterns at once. Viewing so few patterns at once makes me feel like I’m peering through a tiny window to find just what I want among a large selection of items.

When browsing through the selection of color palettes, I wasn’t quite sure what to think. My first reaction was a sudden flashback to a time when Myspace was popular and everyone wanted to customize their page, resulting in eye melting color combinations. There were a few color palettes I thought were nice, but nothing I wanted to replace my current theme colors with. In the end, I selected the colors myself to create the palette I really wanted.

Overall, the Themeleon web app is a great idea and has a lot of potential. It has some improving to do but it’s on the right track. Know of any other great ways to customize your Twitter profile? Let us know in the comments below!


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  • Nice and well written review. I love this twitter app.

  • Awesome app! I just nominated you via Twitter.

  • I was on my way to change my twitter background. Now, that I have found this, it makes my job easier. Thanks for the timing 😉

  • It has some improving to do but it’s on the right track

  • What a useful app! This will really help my Twitter profile for sure. Thanks for sharing this

  • i need help desperatly. the 1st themeleon design i made that took me hours to pick out the pefect design i liked is not saved in my themeleon account. today i was playing around and made another and when i saved it the old one isn’t saved on the top where all the designd should be saved but it show when i sign on though twitter and shows my profile w that design. when i hit “save to profile” it will either say there was an issue and click the button again or just keep buffering and nothing happens. please please tell me you can figure out how to get my original design back. im an art, interior design and graphic design student and i love the fact i can play the designs of my twitter account but i can not find the original design in the millions on there everyday.
    my twitter name is- laladorazio and i can explain the design if need be as best i can. i hope there is some way we can fix this.