Pixza: Pixel Gaming in <br/>Real-Time

Pixza, a new really real-time multiplayer game, will likely appeal to those of you who already push pixels whether for profession or just fun. The game has a very original concept that will certainly appeal to many Facebook gamers.

We’ll take a look at Pixza and how to play this pixel loving real-time game.




While Pixza is fun, especially with a group of players, it’s not likely to appeal to the FPS lovers out there so if that’s what you’re looking for, don’t get your hopes up. Like I said earlier, this is a pixel (block sized) pushing game designed for real-time, social interaction integrated into Facebook.

Facebook Login

Facebook Login

A great aspect of this game is that it does not require any third party plugins, such as Flash, to play. It’s run with JavaScript so you won’t have to worry about Flash crashing your system or some other browser-plugin complicating things further. What else does JavaScript-only mean? Well, with some additional development, it would be playable on devices like the iPad.

Game Play

Once you’ve logged in using Facebook, simply start a game by challenging one of your friends. Set the game-start delay time, whether new players should be auto-assigned and whether it will be a private game.

Start Game

Start Game

The game will begin once your set delay time has run out. Once the game loads (only takes a few seconds), you begin selecting pixels and moving them into position over the letter on your board. Your opponent sees a different letter, which overlaps with yours. The idea is to fill your letter first.

Fill Letters

Fill Letters

You might be thinking that’s relatively boring, but there are additional “features” to the game such as creating Super Pixels. There are a variety of different Super Pixels you can create to disrupt your opponent, all of which are creative and entertaining.

Super Pixels

Super Pixels


When I challenged a friend of mine, Kailoon, it was a very slow start between just the two of us. It was perhaps better that way for our first game so we could get familiar with the game. By the time I started figuring things out, other players began joining in and suddenly the slow pace of the game rapidly increased.

Watch an actual game, recorded at a slightly faster rate, to get an idea for how the game works and how groups of players affect its pace.

With six total players (3 per team) the game had reached a pretty quick pace and I realized how quickly games could be completed and just how fast paced games could get with 10 or more players. While you won’t get the fancy graphics of FPS type games, this is a game that will appeal more to those interested in strategy.


As you win games, you win more pixels. You can also purchase additional Super Pixels should you find yourself low on “ammunition”. What does this cost you? Pixels.



Along with gaining (or losing) pixels with each game, you can level up to unlock additional Super Pixel capabilities.

Final Thoughts

Pixza is brand new, developed over the last year by Jason and Kishore; two Computer Science and Engineering students fresh out of school. It’s safe to say that many more features and improvements have yet to come but the game has a lot of potential right out of the gate, not to mention being entertaining.

The idea of pushing blocks around isn’t all that exciting, but the real-time and deeply social aspects of the game are what make it fun. In-game chat is available so you can work with your team mates on your strategy and little message bubbles appeared in game from team members, though I haven’t figured out how that was done yet.

I didn’t delve too deep into the game, though it’s certainly not complex or difficult to learn, so be sure to check it out and play at least one game with more than a few people. As I previously said, the base concept of pushing blocks around isn’t exciting, but with additional players, creative Super Pixels and the game’s strategic possibilities, it can certainly be captivating. I’m certainly interested in keeping an eye on this game’s development.

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  • http://jasonbosco.com Jason

    Thank you very much for the down-to-earth review Jarel! We’ve got a good response in the past few hours, with some people already addicted to the game – they’ve played more than 20 games back-to-back :)

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  • http://www.martinvaresio.com.ar Martin

    In-game chat is available so you can work with your team mates on your strategy and little message bubbles appeared in game from team member