Create Stunning 3D Slideshows with CU3ER

The simplest way to grab a visitor’s attention, impress a client, or draw eyeballs for an online promotion, is to go with slideshows created in Flash. Flash slideshows look snazzy, are light weight and are visible on almost any web browser. But how long can we scrape through with the good old two dimensional slide and flip transitions?

This where CU3ER steps in to our rescue. CU3ER comes with a great set of features, enabling you to create 3D slideshows with a wide range of customization options to make your slideshow as impressive as possible. Let us go check it out.




Simply put, CU3ER is an easy to set up and extremely customizable 3D image slider creation tool. With its tailor made 3D designs, all your images can be given a three dimensional twist.  CU3ER a can be used to create a content slider, image gallery or online advertisement that are sure to attract a bunch of eyeballs. Sign up is pretty standard and requires email activation.


CU3ER has to two paid plans priced at $49 and $199 respectively. The former supports one domain and the latter supports upto five and you get to remove the CU3ER brand name from the sliders.



A free plan is available too but the primary feature missing from the free plan is the awesome CU3ER manager, the immensely simple to use 3D slide creator and the star attraction of the web app.


As far as CU3ER is concerned cManager is everything. It is the dashboard, it is the GUI, it is the editor and the list goes on. While free users don’t have access to this awesome tool, they can take it for a spin by clicking on the demo link in the homepage.



At first glance, cManager looks great with a minimalistic look and you will just see four icons in the left pane to control bulk of the functionality. There are four tabs to help you track the transitions and effects in the Tween. For those new to animation or Flash, tweening is the process of generating intermediate frames between two images to give the appearance that the first image evolves smoothly into the second image.

Adding Images

Using the Image Library icon on the left pane, you can upload images from the desktop to the library. Once the images are in the library you can add them to the slides you are creating.

Adding Images

Adding Images

You can a custom backdrop in the slide using an image from the library. From Settings you can control the alignment of images, their dimensions, transparency and image transform inputs.

Adding Visual Addons

Navigation and visual elements like arrows, auto play options, description of the slide etc. can be added from the Visual Addons section. While the arrows help move the slide (depending on the transition you are planning) along in either direction, auto play options help you decide if the slide has to start rolling without requiring the user to click anything.

Adding a Background Image

Adding a Background Image

Using the Preloader feature, you can add a status or progress bar indicating the viewer how far the slide has come and how much more to go. You can either use the default preloaders that come with CU3ER or create a custom one.



Shadows are part and parcel of the 3D experience as they add depth to the visuals. CU3ER allows you to create both static and dynamic (changes with the transition) shadows. Using distortion controllers, you can just start matching shadow perspective with slides.

Adding Shadows

Adding Shadows

Setting the Camera

Camera that is referred to here is a functionality that basically mimics how you will want the slide to be displayed at various angles, just like the way you do with a normal real world camera. Click on Camera button in Settings menu to start assigning X, Y and Z co-ordinates to change the perspective.

Managing Slides

Coming to  the crux of the entire process – the content (images). CU3ER offers you complete control over the configuration of the entire slide and that of the individual slides as well. Right from which slide to begin with to the duration of the slide and the number of times the slide has to be repeated (loop effect) everything is editable.

Arranging Slides

Arranging Slides

If you want the images to scale horizontally or vertically, use the Transform settings to suit your needs. You can also add a caption to the slides and link them to URLs.

Adding Transitions

Time to spice up the slides by adding transitions. You can create 3D transitions using the Flip motion at various degrees. 2D transitions like fade and glide are also available if you like to mix and match.



Using the Grid, you can choose exactly where the images should slice through during the transition. In the same manner you can also set the direction in which the slices should rotate – left, right, up, down or any combination of this four.




Timeline helps you put the slides in order and in a sequence that makes perfect sense. In a nutshell, Timeline is a thumbnail display of all the slides and transitions. Slides are represented by respective images and the transitions by grids.

Updating the Timeline

Updating the Timeline

You can either fine tune the timeline by working on the individual slide/transition or using a slide and transition pair. Just click on the + symbol to insert a new slide or transition to the timeline and drag & drop them from their current positions to change an existing timeline. It’s that simple with CU3ER!


If all things are up to your satisfaction and the preview looks perfect, hit the Export option to get  the CU3ER package with all the relevant files included in it. Upload the files to your server and impress your audience with some mind boggling 3D effects.

With so many options to customize the slide and transitions, the possibilities of creating fresh and unique 3D slides are endless. Considering the cost of hiring a Flash developer, at this price point CU3ER is a steal, saving lot of time in the process. Just go for it!


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  • what i love about cuber is its ease of use. i can set up one in a few minutes for my site or my clients’ website. not to mention the cManager which makes it alot more easy to update each slide!

  • That looks amazing. I actually like the distinct look of the presentations best. As designer I often need to make presentations, and these look definitely new and fresh to steal the show.

  • have been folloeing cu3er from its starting days… always liked the cool transition effects and the ease of using it… :)

  • It’s a wanderful app to show pictures on the web ! Love it !
    and I need some offline features , such as to show the slides with a presentation CD.why not include download optin ?

  • Wow. I like how simple the backend appears to be :) worth trying out.

  • wow, Great App !!! I really like it !

  • I adore the look and features of cManager. Now its really easy to get it going.

  • The backend admin panel is sweet. Great job guys at Cu3er!

  • Beautiful platform with great interface and tons of settings! Very stable and really fast! Also lots of fun to play around with :)

  • It looks stunning! I can’t wait to get my hand on it. Just pick me:-)

  • I am a web developer in a travel agency and this program will really help me attract visitors for our site. Aside from that, I really love graphics design… and I simple love this web app! :)

  • A lot of our clients are asking for Flash integration in their websites. This tool will make that possible, in the most gorgeous way!

  • Really would love to use cu3er on my web site front page. Effects are amazing and admin panel is easy to use with lots of great options!

  • So here is my try to win a pro account :)

    What I actually can say about the free version – it’s a simple to setup, amazing flash slideshow. You don’t even have to understand a bit of flash and your able to setup a full customizing slideshow. great!

    But what pulled my eyes only a few cm’s away from screen was the cManager. Holy damn shit what a freaking app! Releasing a flash slideshow was never easier – and never had a more attractive interface. Thanks to the developers.

  • Stunning, beautiful and extremely flexible. The cManager is fabulous. I’d like to use it for an upcoming project.

  • The thing I like the most about CU3ER is that you can integrate it in nearly every CMS or website. It’s like universal.

  • The thing I like most about CU3ER is the ease of use and the boldness of it all. It really gets the users attention which is obviously the main aim, it also looks bloody groovy!

  • I love how easy it is to make stunning 3D animations! I’d use it on all my sites!

  • I like it because it’s nice and it has free version. 😛

  • Looks really cool!
    Will try it out when building my next marketing site.

  • I like how easy it is to use and how beautiful the slides are!

  • One of the more best, most beautiful, and polished carousels I’ve seen.

  • I like examples one and three on their website. I think they would make excellent galleries, much different than what’s out there now.

  • I like how easy it is to edit three-dimensional objects. I work with 3D CAD a lot, and I know how hard it is to specify a point on a 2D screen. CU3ER does an excellent job.

  • That looks amazing and has greate customization functions!

  • Even though I am predominately a front-end developer with a healthy aversion to all things Flash, I accept that there is still value in it. The latest advancements in HTML5 and CSS3 have done great things towards filling in the hole that Flash has been filling, but even so HTML5 falls short on several critical areas, and so Flash is still needed to fill those gaps. CU3ER is a great example fo filling that gap. With sharp 3d graphics its UI features are sure to be a fantastic enhancement to any site. I know I’d love to have a copy handy for some projects.

  • Wow wonderful !!!

  • I was still using the first version :) That did the trick. But this is a whole new level of WOW :)

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  • Hello,
    thanking you.
    I liked the 3D touch and want to win.

    Mr. G.T.

  • I like the fact that it has a control panel. CU3ER is really nice, but the whole idea of a control panel behind it really makes it stand out. Shows the quality of the development.

  • 3D slideshows – awesome. Great concept.
    Please coune me for the giveaway.

    john d

  • Hi,
    Thanks for this giveaway opportunity.
    I just loved the 3D designs and the much powerful cManager. Can’t have imagine it would be so easy, yet efective to produce such nice 3D designs.
    Appreciate if you count me in this giveaway.


  • Cu3er is an amazing slideshow. I’ve used the free version without the manager and it’s still impressive.

  • My favorite thing about CU3ER is how easy it is to use the system and add new images+effects.