• http://otixo.com Shannon

    To manage all your online files from a single app, try http://otixo.com . Otixo supports Dropbox, Google Docs, Box.net, SugarSync, MobileMe, FTP and WebDav.

  • http://aaronjholbrook.com Aaron Holbrook

    There’s a way to set up Chrome to have multiple session profiles – I’ve read a little about it, but haven’t gotten around to setting it up, should definitely check that out.

    Other than that, you forgot: use different browsers.

    • http://techinch.com/ Matthew Guay

      Actually, I’ve got that in a Quick Tip box above. Just might be the best use yet for IE … keeping up with those extra frustrating accounts 😛

  • http://twitter.com/misterparker Alex Parker

    Sounds great. I have been using DomainBrain for my biggest password management struggle (almost a hundred domains, each with a ftp login, hosting login, database login, cms login etc) it gets tough fast.

    But i have been meaning to try 1password for a while now and venture away from AllSecure.app

    Thanks for the post.

    • http://techinch.com/ Matthew Guay

      You should give it a try. I used LastPass for a while on my PC, and was constantly frustrated by the odd, outdated UI and weird interaction with sites. 1Password came out for Windows, and I gave it’s trial a shot and was amazed how much easier it made it. I’m now using it on a Mac, and it’s even nicer. It’s a huge time saver for me, that’s for sure!

    • http://www.hammyhavoc.com Hammy Havoc

      1Password is incredible. It is one of my favourite applications. I never saw the need for it until I actually tried it out.

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