Weekly Poll: Why Evernote?

The world’s not lacking for note apps; there’s tons out there, enough that when Google recently released a new one, the world collectively yawned. There’s just so many ways to keep notes already. There’s the plaintext geek favorite Simplenote, the always stylish Springpad, and Microsoft’s OneNote — the desktop app that made quite the nice transition to the web.

You’ve likely got a notes app built-into your OS of choice, too. And another in your email client. Even Dropbox itself makes a pretty compelling choice, as you can store plain text files in it and edit them as notes anywhere.

And yet, Evernote remains the crowd favorite. It lets you take notes about anything, throw in files, pictures, web clips, and more, and search through it all effortlessly. It lives in the web, but also has native apps for practically ever OS out there. It’s even in a Samsung fridge. It seems cluttered, with everything in one place, formatted text mixed with plain text and PDFs and everything else. And yet, it works – and is beloved by millions.

So, for those of you who swear by Evernote, what is it about the service that you love the most? We’d love to hear your thoughts — or your dissenting views if you hate Evernote — in the comments below.


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  • I really don’t know but Evernote simply works like wonders…..

  • For one, I’m locked in. There’s so much stuff I’ve added to Evernote over the years, just the thought of having to migrate it all to another app feels unbearable.

    Then again, nothing comes close to Evernote’s desktop app in terms of functionality and power. It is one of the biggest reasons I’ve stuck around with it for so long.

  • Even though there are quite a bit of friction to make it fit on many of my needs I still love Evernote. There is something with this app that’s not explainable in text that’s keeping me a paid customer for the past few years. I sincerely wish they listen and try to reduce the friction points a bit less before another solution hits the market and then I had to decide.

  • I use it because I have secure access to my data both online and offline, on all my devices, automatically. I can also use it on a plane, with or without an Internet connection. I can search my PDF files as well as text in pictures and now my MS Office docs. I can use it to take and organize notes and I can securely share a note with one person, a team, or the world. The other advantage is that my max storage grows with me. By utilizing my upload quota, I don’t pay more per month to store a continually growing collection like I would with apps like Dropbox and Box.

  • I think that Evernote is simple the best, so it’s my first one. I have also developed my own http://workingoodway.com concept based on it. Onenote I use some at work, to share with colleagues cause MS is the acknowledge software there. I like soringpad, and I would love finding use for it too.

  • I used to have everything on Evernote. But I’ve found that OneNote answers to my needs. So much stuff you can do. It doesn’t have a solid app just yet, but I use Google Keep to scribble stuff when I’m on the go anyways.

  • Having all of my notes everywhere, on every device… and even if i don’t have any of my devices (which is unlikely) I can still use the web interface… that’s invaluable.

    I’m able to get information IN quickly (direct entry, email, web clipper + other apps) and then i’m able to retrieve that information OUT quickly (evernote search is awesome).

    I can share any of my notes… & I can choose wether those people can collaborate on those notes.

    I use it at work… planning events and projects
    I use it in my freelance business… keeping all my notes relating to clients in a seperate notebook
    I use it in my personal life… to keep receipts & product manuals, plan holidays, job hunting… everything!

  • Evernote! Evernote! Evernote! Evenote is my go-to app for teaching. Love its flexibility. Love its ability to tag and organize. Love its ease of use. Love that I can take pictures, record audio, link documents, and so much more. The fact that I can access it anywhere is a huge bonus. I find that its ease of use with other applications continually improves as well. It’s perfect for communicating with parents and SO MUCH MORE. Google provides many pluses, but I find its biggest challenge is in organization. Google drive is hard to organize and use effectively. Evernote has transformed my teaching.