Weekly Poll: What Web App Do You Plan to Use More in 2012?

2012 is finally here! For most of us, it seems like each year goes by faster than ever. The world of technology is always changing, but it somehow seems that the past, oh, 5 years have brought more changes to the computing landscape than ever before. Web apps have been a big part of it, making it easier to switch platforms, communicate with people around the globe, and stay productive no matter where you are.

Web services have been a big part of the reason smartphones and tablets have become such an essential part of most of our lives, freeing us from legacy desktop applications and complicated data migration problems. Used to, getting a new computer meant copying your Outlook or other email client’s archive folders, then trying to get them imported into your new email app. Today, just type in your Gmail credentials, and boom, there’s your email ready to roll.

Most of us used web apps more than ever in 2011, as evidenced by our recent poll. Here at Web.AppStorm, most of our writers had a number of new web apps they’ve started using more this year. Even sometimes the old standby apps can suddenly find a place in our lives when we would have thought we’d prefer a native app in the past. From iftt to the brand new Typerighter app, there’s a number of web apps that I’m looking forward to using more in 2012.

What about you? Instead of a poll this week, we’d love for you to add a comment below and let us know the web apps you’re planning on using more in 2012. Whether it’s a brand new app or an old favorite, what web app do you think will make the most difference in your life in 2012?

Oh, and by the way … Happy New Years!

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  • I’m probably going to be using Simplenote more and more throughout the year, but I’m intrigued to look at the Typerighter app you mentioned… I may end up switching to that :)

    • Awesome … I’ll have a review of it up soon, and hope you like it! :)

      • Very cool, I look forward to reading it!

  • It is not a web app in the strict sense of increasing productivity, but I can’t await the beta-launch of Diaspora (http://diasporaproject.org/). It was announced for early 2012, so hopefully it will come soon. :-)

  • As silly as it sounds, I want to use Twitter more in 2012 to be more engaged with our followers and grow our userbase. Also want to try out iftt 😉

  • WordPress on the iPad (as in the web app, not the native app). They’ve made some great improvements with 3.3 so that’s it’s incredibly versatile and much better for touch-based use. Not perfect, but a definite step up from any version before.

  • asana.com

    Simple, beautiful GTD task manager with sharing and project management built right in.

  • Pintley!

  • Google earth is such a good app . The quality of the pictures there are amazing ! Great tool