Weekly Poll: What’s Your Most Used Browser?

While we can just take a look at W3schools’ browser stats page to find current browser usage, it doesn’t quite tell a true story for individual sites’ users. Tech sites will have far different browser usage stats than other types of sites and I’d love to find out what our awesome readers prefer.

Today Google launched their new Chrome Web Store which further gets me wondering what ratio of our readers are Chrome users. Personally, it’s hard to say which browser I use more between Safari and Chrome. I divide my browsing between these two browsers based on several different factors such as general browsing, work, editing, Flash video viewing, etc.

Which is your most used browser and why? Will you be using Google’s new Chrome Web Store? Are browsers (one or multiple) your most used applications?


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  • I use Chrome mostly. Firefox and IE if some websites don’t work they way they should be. I’m glad I’m more of a chrome user. Because of the new Chrome Web Store, it’s like my own Android phone except for the web! I wonder what will Mozilla do to counter this? :)

  • I started using Chrome earlier in the year when Safari 5 was released and started killing my ADSL router on an hourly basis. That was because of a DNS bug in the initial release which has since been fixed, however it took days of troubleshooting and interaction with my ISP to determine that Safari was the culprit (one doesn’t suspect a browser could physically kill an ADSL connection for the whole network).

    Safari is back to normal now, but that incident left a nasty taste in my mouth and the switch to Chrome has been very pleasant. Quick to load, quick to operate, some awesome extensions etc.

  • Um. You do realize that…

    1) Those stats are for that website only, and
    2) W3 Schools is not affiliated with the W3C in any way whatsoever,


    I mean, come on, missus.

    • Also, I used to use Firefox 99% of the time and used Chrome only for things that tended to slow down or crash Firefox, but I made the transition over to Chrome when Firefox got slow and bloated.

      Dunno if I’ll go back for FF4; I tried the latest beta on my Macbook today and it was using 300 MB memory for one tab. Just one. Yeah, I have four gigs, but, come on, missus.

    • I think you forgot to read the first sentence of the article, Bruno.

  • I guess I could have selected Chrome instead of Other, considering that RockMelt is pretty much Chrome. I preferred Firefox until RockMelt came out – now I waste time much more efficiently. :)

  • Rockmelt needs to be there .. i know its Chromium based.. but its the best 😀

  • I was using Chrome as my main browser, but now I’ve switched over to RockMelt.

  • I use Firefox 4 and Opera 11.

  • I use Chrome for personal browsing, and FF for development.