Weekly Poll: What do You Think of Google Now?

Google started out as a search engine, but over the years it’s amassed quite the set of web apps for dozens of purposes. If you use Gmail, Google Calendar, Maps, and Search, then Google has tons of data about you, enough to let it rather smartly predict what you’ll need to know and when you’ll need to know it.

That’s what Google Now, the new Android feature that’s finally come to iPhone and iPad users this week by way of a new version of the Google Search app, is. It shows you directions for how to get home when you’re supposed to be heading home, lets you find out if something else has happened about a news article you recently read, and so much more. In many ways, it’ll keep you from searching on your devices as much, and perhaps eventually on your browser as well since it appears to be coming to the web sometime soon.

It can be nice — some swear by it already — but if you don’t use Google’s services to run your life, it’s rather pointless. I’ve just tried it out on my iPhone, and was unimpressed when it didn’t even pick up the appointment I had this morning. It’s neat, still, but not nearly as lifechanging as many seem to think.

That’s why I’m wondering about your thoughts on Google Now. Do you like it, and do you think it’s something you couldn’t live without today? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


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  • It could be a lot more useful. For example, i fly a lot and have all my flight details in my Google calendar but it completly fails to pick these up.
    It needs to have much better integration with other Google services like calendar to be useful.
    The time to home/work thing works well and when i’m abroad it gives me the correct links to translation/weather here and home/exchange rates and places to visit but, as i said before, the lack of integration really lets it down.
    As for privacy, i’m very conscious of what i put into any online tools or services so if it’s out there, i put it there and bascially have no-one to blame but myself.

  • Google Now’s vastly overrated. It’s no Siri replacement and I prefer to use individual apps for my various needs.

  • I am not going to feed the beast. I want nothing to do with Google.

  • Unless I’m missing something, it would be good if it was aware of when I actually travel. I don’t need to know how long it will take me to drive home in the middle of the working day, or how long to get to work when it’s 7pm at night…