Weekly Poll: What Apps Are You Thankful For This Year?

When you’re always looking for the greatest new app, sometimes you forget about the awesome apps that power your life. The apps you use day in, day out to make money, stay in touch with family and friends, be creative, stay informed, and more are the most important apps, way more important that that new app that might come out tomorrow and just might revolutionize your life … or not.

Funny thing is, apps that you use all the time can fade into the background, and you’ll almost never think about them. It’s easy to take for granted the apps we use most. From your web browser to your bookmarking app, there are apps you use every day without thinking about it, but you’d be hard pressed to live without them.

Today’s Thanksgiving in America, which makes a great time to stop and think of the things you’re grateful for, no matter where you call home. Our team has rounded up some of the apps we’re thankful for this year, and we’d love to hear from you. What Mac apps are you the most thankful to have around this year? Perhaps an older app that’s stood the test of time, or a newer app that’s recently become essential to your workflow. Either way, we’d love to hear about it in the comments below!


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  • Gmail: All of my mail in one inbox with great keyboard shortcuts? Yes please!
    Dropbox: Can’t work without having this thing here.
    Penzu: Great journaling app.
    Diigo: Highlighting web pages is one of the best thing ever. The ability to export my highlights means I can archive them for later use, but having them accessible everywhere and share-able makes Diigo a treasure for working with web pages.
    Workflowy: Cool online outliner with an iPad app, I like it, too bad there’s no OMPL import/ export.
    Instapaper: Bookmarklet really helps me save thing for later perusal.
    Pocket: Use this for pages with media content only, but also really cool.
    IFTTT: Most apps don’t support sending to Diigo but do for sending to Delicious, so I use IFTTT to take the hassle out of it for me.
    Ctrlshift markdown editor: found at http://www.ctrlshift.net/project/markdowneditor/. It’s how I take markdown notes on the go when I’m on a computer that’s not mine.

  • Forgot to mention simplenote! My favorite way to keep notes right now. Also, Evernote is a good way to keep files (mainly PDF) and tag them too, it’s what I use to archive class notes and assignments after I’m done with a quarter to clear up dropbox space.

  • Ad Block (Chrome extension)
    Stylebot (Chrome Extension)

    (No comments, my english is not very good)

  • Reeder
    iA Writer

  • Adblock plus for Firefox
    DownloadHelper for Firefox
    Send to My Cloud for Firefox

  • Chains.cc

  • Evernote
    Coda 2
    Google Chrome