Weekly Poll: How do you Save Articles to Read Later?

You’ve heard people debate for years the merits of Macs versus Windows PCs, with the occasional Linux user letting you know why they’d use neither. Nowadays, it’s much more common to hear people debating the merits of iOS versus Android, with the faint chance of hearing someone stick up for Windows Phone or Blackberry. Most apps don’t attract anywhere near this level of loyalty.

One category of apps does seem to attract a rather loyal following, though: reading apps. Popularized by smartphones and tablets, apps that let you save articles to read later, anytime, have become increasingly popular. Instapaper and Read it Later (which was just rebranded as Pocket) have lead the category for years, with Readability, Evernote’s Clearly, and even Safari’s Reading List mode joining the fray.

I’m personally an Instapaper fan, and use its app all the time to catch up on my online reading. It’s especially great on an iPad, but even from the browser, it’s a great way to read anytime. What’s your favorite way to save articles to read later? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


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  • I have used Read It Later for many years until it was relaunched as Pocket last week. I was worried about the security of my data there now that it has changed its business model. Now I use a combination of Pinboard and Instapaper instead. Links are saved into Pinboard’s “Read Later” section first, and if the articles require careful reading, I use Instapaper’s bookmarklet to extract the text or send them to my Kindle Reader.

  • I’ve just recently switched from Read It Later/Pocket to Readability, which I find has a much nicer design and works well on my Android phone.

    I’ve also started using ifttt.com to automate the process of adding articles to my reading list. I can now add articles automatically by favouriting tweets including links on Twitter. I also used ifttt.com to create a process for friends to add articles to my reading list by using a specific hashtag and search.

    Readability’s gorgeous design and easy-to-use keyboard shortcuts definitely make it my favourite.

  • I use instapaper for stuff I want to review, readability for stuff I like to read carefully and pocket I use when I want save videos or other not so important, but more fun or artistic content.

    • I use all but Instapeper. I use GetSpool to watch videos later… offline.

  • I’ve used Instapaper for awhile on my iPhone, but recently switched to Pocket since I love how it looks (justifiable text, FTW!). Also, their Chrome extension is brilliant!

  • Notice how the icons in this poll’s icon are arranged so that it looks like they say “Readability > Instapaper”.

    That statement is not true, by the way.

    • No statement was made. You made the assumption.

    • That is very funny. Actually, I’d say the exact opposite: I use Instapaper daily, and only tried out Readability for testing :)

  • I use Pocket to read most things later. I use Readdability to read things LATER later, and I use Spool [getspool.com] to read more like instructions on how to do things AND videos for later. Yes, Spool downloads videos for offline viewing.

  • Just recently I got into using Pocket but more for saving stuff for later reading. I’m loving the Android app! http://androidtipguys.com/2012/05/save-articles-to-read-them-later-with-pocket/