Weekly Poll: How do you manage tasks?

We’re kicking off a new weekly poll today, getting our readers opinion on a different topic each week. Hopefully this will give us all a chance to talk about a relevant issue, share our thoughts, and generally have a chat in the comments!

Task management has been a popular and reoccurring topic on Web.AppStorm and rightly so. It’s a topic we all deal with daily, yet we all approach and handle differently. Today’s powerful web apps make task management a breeze, even fun sometimes.

I’m always trying to get others to make the switch from paper-based task management to a web app, yet you’ll still find a stack of sticky notes, at the ready, on my desk. So we’d like to know, how do you manage your tasks? One of the plethora of amazing web apps available? The tried and true paper method? Or maybe you’re just so darn smart you can do it all in your head?

What’s your preferred method? If a web app, which one? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments below. Thanks!


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  • I have a home office and an Office office and in both I have giant white boards where I outline my tasks at hand, big projects, tasks for the day or week… etc.

    • I used to do that as well. It worked very well for me. When I moved I got rid of the whiteboard and haven’t bought another yet.

  • Remember the milk, in combination with yellow notes

  • I stopped using to do apps because they kinda jinx my productivity. Only in those days I schedule & plan ahead, nothing gets done. I tried, Toodledo, RTM, Things etc. but nothing got done. Tired of seeing the numbers in Red piling up, I chose to use my brain instead. True sad Story.

    • Haha, out of all the task management apps I’ve tried, I’ve not really ever been able to stick with one for longer than a couple months. I always end up reverting back to sticky notes and plain text files on my desktop, lol.

      Currently I’m using Nirvana, which is the web app I’ve stuck with the longest. I’m about to see how Producteev will work with my workflow though.

  • SimpleTask FTW.

  • I use mind mapping software. Personal Brain 5, MindJet MindManager 9 and Novamind 5. This allows flexibility for additional information to be linked to the task.

  • I use todoist.com for a while and I like that.

  • I use The Hit List on my mac, although I’m sorely missing some sort of iPhone companion app. It’s a great app though.

  • combination of both. with web aps and desktop’s app..

    • I use The Hit List on my mac, although I’m sorely missing some sort of iPhone companion app. It’s a great app though.ccxzccxc

  • outlook notes synchronized with my blackberry but often end up writing stuff on a peace of paper

  • I use TeuxDeux for most things I need to remember (except Uni stuff, I’m working on my own web app for that :D).