Weekly Poll: Do You Use Google Docs for Collaboration?

Google Docs actually is quite a nice office suite, and can be quite useful for putting together the documents and spreadsheets you might have otherwise made in Microsoft Office. The integration of Google Drive has made it a bit more confusing to navigate, but the individual apps themselves remain some of the nicest examples of high-quality web apps.

While the apps work great for individual use, they really shine for collaboration. I was initially skeptical that I’d ever need to live-edit a document, but have found dozens of reasons to do so in the past years. From writing group reports together in college to keeping up with our AppStorm article schedule, or from translating a song to planning details of events, I’ve come to rely on being able to co-edit documents with others online.

That’s why I was wondering if our readers use Google Docs to edit documents with others, or just to create their own documents. How do you use Google Docs? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!


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  • My fiance and I use Google docs for all our wedding planning. It makes it easy to access the documents from desktop, laptop or mobile phone to look up information and or update. And it is great that we can be in the same document at the same time. Our planning has been much easier with it.

    • Very awesome … as my fiancĂ© and I are doing the same. :)

  • Since I am a teacher, my third grade team uses Google Docs to create lesson plans together, create presentations for lessons and share to make life easier, and I make all my notes, letters, and homemade worksheets on Google Docs because I can access them anywhere at anytime!! I Love Google Docs!!

  • I have been using Google docs since its inception and since MS word or Open Office on my PCs has become obsolete. I like the fact that I can be on any type of computer be it a Windows, Apple or Linus machine to use Google docs. I was a heavy user of MS publisher and Open Office Draw. Now I am using Google Drawing instead. Here is one of my drawing: https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1gWduHWV0Nx25KUhdAnMG9cPmDokEUDzSvDQKqN7cGac/edit
    Everything you need to know about Google drawing is mapped to this drawing. Google drawing is not as easy to use as MS publisher or Open Office Draw (but it is quite powerful). I use it because of it is stored in cloud (ie accessible any where I go).

    Just as MS word or Open Office is programmable, Google docs can be programmed using JavaScript. In fact the whole Google ecosystem (docs+ sites + gmail + maps + calender…etc) is programmable. Many Google docs users are unaware of this. I have written a few programs. (https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1nKAOLSsXAc8NgRqemB_VtuMICdgA5oYBpu0X0F8HZq4/edit)

    As a heavy user of google drawing, I wish google will make google drawing programmable. I am still waiting (or hoping) that google will soon port its desktop version of sketchup (3D drawing) to a web base version.

  • Our entire team has signed up for Google Docs and we use it when we have documents that need to be looked at by multiple team members. I can’t say we use it all the time, but the option is always there and I love that we can share and set read-only restrictions or allow others to edit. Google Docs had absolutely made collaboration easier.

  • I use Google Docs a lot for school projects. Recently, my team used it for a class presentation and it was a lot easier with the constant updating and we didn’t have to all use just one computer.