Weekly Poll: Do You Use Gift Registries?

Chances are most of us have received a gift in the past that we didn’t really like, even if we wouldn’t have admitted it at the time. Even worse, sometimes you might get gift cards for stores you’d never normally shop at, and then you really don’t know what to do with your gift.

That’s why gift registries are a great idea, in theory at least. They let you tell people what you’d like to get, without walking up and really telling them directly, so they’ve at least got a better chance of knowing what you’d like. There’s many ways you can do this: stores usually have their own online registries, and then there’s a number of gift registry web apps, even some we’ve reviewed.

On the other hand, it can be a bit awkward to fill out a gift registry, and can feel like begging to many people. That’s why we’re wondering: have you ever used a gift registry app? Did it feel odd to you? What registry did you use? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!


Add Yours
  • I made WishyBox (http://wishybox.com) to solve the problem of coordinating gift giving activities at holidays and birthdays. I found that I was receiving the same gifts from different family members. WishyBox lets friends and family members reserve gift items to purchase from your list so that no one buys duplicates.

    One of the main reasons I use a gift list web site is because during the year, I stumble across fun things that I’d like to have and I add it to my list. So, by the time Christmas and birthdays come around, I can decide which items I really want and share my wish list with family and friends.