Weekly Poll: <br />Do You Use Desktop or Web App Invoicing?

It seems we’re reviewing a new invoicing web app every month and it’s quite amazing to see just how many options that are available. It seems there are nearly as many invoicing web apps as there are task management apps, and there’s a lot of those!

Just recently we’ve reviewed several very promising invoicing web apps, some that even included giveaways.

In fact, our Blinksale giveaway is coming to a close in about 8 hours. If you haven’t already, check it out and get your entry in.

With as many invoicing web apps as there are, there’s probably just as many desktop apps, and really fantastic ones. Some people and even larger organizations don’t trust cloud computing just yet, and maybe rightfully so. Personally, I couldn’t imagine doing my invoicing anywhere else but in the cloud as I love the benefits it offers far too much.

What about you? Do you prefer handling your invoicing and billing on your desktop system or in the cloud with a web app? I’m interested in hearing why, whichever your preference, so let me know via comment below. Thanks!


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  • I use “On the Job” for Mac. Love its simplicity, ease of use, built in timer, and easy template manipulation. Hasn’t been updated lately, but it’s still great. If “Billings” had better template creation I might switch, but right now it’s just not intuitive. Not really interested in web apps for this process as I don’t always have internet access available.

  • Formerly used desktop accounting software (QuickBooks, PeachTree) but now I’m using Invoicera, which is online invoicing. I like it well enough that I wrote a comprehensive review of it. And … hosting a Giveaway of a few paid subscriptions.

    I can see from the poll, more and more people are giving cloud-based online billing a try.