Weekly Poll: Do You Like the Windows 8 UI Design?

Microsoft’s recently released Windows 8 brought one of the most drastic changes to user interface design that many of us have ever seen. Doing away (for the most part) with traditional UI elements, Windows 8 emphasizes text and colors in a “natively digital” way that’s unique, at the very least. It’s exciting to see Microsoft try something totally new, and fun to see developers making new PC apps again.

Interestingly, the Windows 8 design (formerly known as Metro, now referred to as Modern UI or Windows 8 UI by Microsoft) has already started influencing web apps. It wasn’t surprising to see Microsoft’s own Outlook.com and Skydrive sport the new UI design. What is surprising is how many new web apps we’ve come across with Windows 8-inspired designs, including the PDF editor PDFZen and Fotor, a simple photo editing app. The Metro design translates well to the web, and with so many PC users making the switch to Windows 8, we wouldn’t be surprised to see more apps sporting similar designs.

Problem is, everyone doesn’t like the Windows 8 design. What’s your opinion of Windows 8’s design, and are you looking forward to seeing more apps sport the clean font+color only design?


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  • I LOVE IT!

    It’s the future!

    The best OS since Mac OS X 10.3 Panther

  • I loved the daring of and the design philosophy behind Windows 8’s new UI. And i really really wanted to like it. But since upgrading the more I use it the more I hate it.

    The UI is crippling for doing actual work. Its fine for an internet appliance (remember that term?). But not for anything serious.

    Fortunately I’m running it as a virtual machine, so I can just restore my pre-upgrade snapshot and go back to XP any old time.

    • I’m working seriously with it (Photoshop, Illustrator, Autocad) on a desktop with mouse and keyboard, and I have not problems.

      What do you mean?