Weekly Poll: <br />Do you keep a digital journal?

I’m not sure if it’s a growing trend or not but I’m more frequently hearing about people keeping digital journals (or diaries) and how therapeutic it is. I’m a pretty big fan of Penzu (our review: A Private Web: Digital Journal with Penzu), especially with the new mobile apps (our review: Penzu Goes HTML5 Mobile). I’ve never really been one to keep a journal though, so I’ve never actually tried to keep one whether paper or digital.

From the number of people I’m hearing via Twitter saying it’s relaxing and therapeutic, I may just give it a shot. One reason a paper journal never appealed to me is the security risk. Okay, well, siblings reading your journal isn’t exactly a “security risk” but it’s all perspective right? Thanks to today’s web apps, however, we can all rest well knowing our digitally recorded thoughts via apps like Penzu and OhLife are quite safe from prying eyes.

Do you keep a private journal/diary? If so, what app(s) do you use and how does it benefit you? If you don’t, why not? I’d love to hear your thoughts on digital journaling so leave a comment below. Thanks!

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  • I’ve been keeping a paper journal since the 70s! When the iPad came out I hoped to find a journal App for it, and tried various Apps … finally one has been updated to the point where it works like I want.
    I needed an App that was easy to use, with a simple way to make entries in the past so I could transfer all my years of paper journals! Why? Search is the biggest single reason – 35 years of paper books is hard to search for a specific event, especially when you’re not even sure what year.

    I’m using MaxJournal.

  • I must confess, it’s not something I’ve tried yet. I keep most of my jottings in paper Moleskine notebooks, for reasons unknown to me. Penzu does look very nice, though, and they are helping to pioneer their idea by having a whole page about why you should journal at all.

    The biggest beauty of an online journal for me, I can imagine, would be that I wouldn’t get to the end of every second leaf and make a typo~er, “spelling mistake”, and have to cross it out, making a mess of my otherwise very nicely written few pages!

  • I use Blogger to write an online private diary. I made sure I changed the security settings so it was hidden from search engines and I use it to quickly jot down what happened each day as well as my private hopes, fears and ambitions. I like that I can add photos or videos, and that I can add or edit as necessary without scribbling all over a page!

    I also write a personal one which has followers, but some people I know read this blog and I use it more as a public voice instead. The other one is private with no fear of being discovered in a drawer. This blog is also hidden from my blog roll so nobody except me can see it even if they see the menu screen over my shoulder.

    Diaries have always been popular but an online one is more secure, quicker to write and you can add other media to it.

  • With all the great web apps out there I surely wanted to keep a journal for me but my concern was the data that I establish over a period of time. Sure, some services I’d be the only person to access the data. But would they allow us to download our data and close an account which would/should effective erase all our data footprints? If a service can do this I would certainly give that a try.

  • I use Chronories. Its a GREAT app for keeping a daily diary. It records the weather, the news, emails, IMs…..anything you want. It can track your mood, even your looks. and the interface for typing your entries is simple and neat.

  • I use Ohlife.
    I do journal on Ohlife for several months now. The revenue model is keeping my mind busy asking myself how do they make money and if they don’t they eventually have to terminate this service or ask for a subscription. This make me feel uncomfortable about writing my moments and thoughts on an uncertain service.