Do You Use the iCloud Web Apps?

When Apple first announced iCloud at the last WWDC conference, it was unclear at first if iCloud would even have real web apps so you could check your email and calendar from any browser. The first iPhone shipped without native app support, relying instead on web apps to fill any functionality gaps, but the success of the App Store in iOS and OS X has made web apps a much lower priority for Apple’s platforms.

Then, iCloud finally trickled down to the public with iOS 5 and OS X Lion, and we were excited to see that iCloud not only included web apps, but really high quality web apps that were beautifully designed. They’re just about the closest imitation of their sister native apps we’ve ever seen on the web.

Problem is, most people just use the native apps on iOS or their Macs already. Plus, many of us already have our mail, contacts, and calendar in Google’s cloud, and don’t overly want to switch. That’s why I was wondering if you use the iCloud web apps. If you have an account, and have never tried them out, you owe it to yourself to go to and take them for a spin.

Question is: will you keep using them there, or will Mail, Calendar, and Address Book on your iOS device or Mac come calling again?


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  • iCloud is beautiful and I so desperately wanted to use them to stay in the mac ecosphere but while they are perfect for newbies they are no use to power users. You can’t use a custom domain like Google Apps. I was able to get it so I could use a custom SMTP in iCloud so I thought I’d just forward all mail from Gmail to there. But alas, though custom SMTP works in iCloud you cannot access that custom SMTP in Mail on the iPhone so that doesn’t work.

    Most importantly it doesn’t scale. If you are an internet power user and have say 30 or 60 thousand emails in Gmail, iCloud won’t work. I have that much since I work for a web company and email all day and my email dates back to 2004. I migrated all my old mail into Apps. In Google Apps you can have one email or 100k, and it still runs just as fast. With iCloud if you have high number of emails searching breaks and sometimes get 500 errors or never does it. Such as marking all emails as read, Google Apps does without a sweat, iCloud crashes.

    There are tons of other benefits of Google Apps, but those two are the deal breakers. And the biggest advantage of iCloud was it was pretty and Google was ugly. With the latest design, Google is awefully pretty. Sure it’s not Apple pretty but now it’s close enough.

    Apple could custom domains which would solve one problem though they would rather cater to normal users and brand addresses.

    The other issue I don’t see them ever catching up with Google with.

  • I do not own a Mac, so I just use the iCloud Web-App.