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  • If what you say is true then you are basically saying that wikipedia is a bad app which does not make sense. You need to use a app before you can judge it. Look at the features not the way it looks.

    You must remember with allot of the apps that are not 100% good looking you can easily change the theme of the app and make it look nice. so if looks are > the functionality then go ahead and throw away alot of the apps out there. But there are still web apps that are not that good looking but are very usefull. So i like to look at a list of features before i start judging.

    • Wikipedia is a bad app. The design is absolutely terrible. Ask yourself one question…what do you want to do when you go to Wikipedia?
      Answer: You want to search for information.
      So, why is the search field, the MOST important aspect of the page, one of the smallest elements on the page? That, my friend, doesn’t make sense. But such is open source. No app I have ever seen (desktop or web) that is open source has good design or a well thought out interface. I am waiting for the day when I see one.
      Open Office? No. Gimp? Definitely not. Gmail? Yuck. Joomla? Nope. Drupal. No. WordPress? Hmm. Sort of getting there…

  • That is exactly how I find great apps as well.

    Design is more important than ever. And frankly, at the moment it’s much simpler to achieve something great in design aspect so in my opinion, projects with bad logo & interface are just acting stupid.

    Only chance for me to use a bad designed application is that that app should be the only one in it’s league.

  • I agree with you samuel outlook should be good and eye catching and surely everyone check for the features once he/she stops but what make him/her stop is always its icon/outlook, rahter I think along with the app’s name and icon either key features or maximum two lines description should be available there to see the clear picture.

  • And for the record, the author must not be a design, because saying something like ” interesting logo which instantly catches the eye with a bright blue colour scheme, attracting you to dig deeper into the fine details” for Trello just makes me cringe. That site looks terrible. Another example of a useful site with terrible design.

  • Design is important for websites because visitors should feel comfortable while seeing the details. The site looks better.

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