Win a Free Screenbird Pro Account!

We’ve just closed our giveaway, and for once, everyone that entered won! Congrats! :)

Need a great way to record your screen and share the videos with others? The new web app Screenbird just might be what you’ve been needing.

Screenbird lets you record anything you see on your screen — your whole screen or just part of it — right from your browser, on Windows, OS X, or Linux. You can then share your videos online through Screenbird or your YouTube account. Screenboard even lets you capture audio, pause and redo parts of your recording, and more. It’s a great solution for recording your screen and sharing it with the world, and should be a handy tool for, say, creating training courses or presentations, or just showing off your Minecraft world.

Screenbird is free to get started, but if you want to record longer videos, keep your videos indefinitely, or collaborate with others on your videos, you’ll need a pro account starting at $9/month. Except… we’ve got 10 one-year pro accounts for free to giveaway to our readers! Just leave a comment below, letting us know how you plan to put your Screenbird account to use to enter our giveaway. Then, you can share the giveaway on your favorite social network, and add an extra comment here with a link to your post about our giveaway for an extra entry.

Hurry and get your entries in; we’ll be closing our giveaway on April 3rd, 2013!

Envato staff or those who have written more than two articles or tutorials for AppStorm are ineligible to enter.


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  • I’ve been regularly teaching online classes with Skillshare. I would definitely use this host some of the pre-recorded lectures and livestreams.

  • I think I can record coding tutorials or my typing videos.

  • I am a digital artist as well as a tech enthusiast. I have been wanting for a while to start a creating Photoshop tutorials that really cover areas that almost no other tutorials out there cover. I have noticed a big lack in information available about certain areas of the digital design process. There are thousands of tutorials available about skin softening, photo retouching, and Photoshop tools. These are really great for someone just learning the software but I continually see designers and enthusiasts struggle with what to do with those tools and techniques once they learn them. When would be a good time to use a tool and what would be the best tool for a certain situation they have. Basically I see people struggle with how to take the idea that is in their head and break it down into elements that work within Photoshop.

    I have degrees in computer animation and fine arts and have been a Photoshop user since it was first released on PC. I wanted to combine these different backgrounds to show people how to take an idea and flesh it out into a “Good Idea” and then how to plot out that idea and break it down into elements that work inside Photoshop. I want people to understand there is a difference between a good idea and a good idea that is marketable and able to come across well to others. Then I want people to see exactly how I break the project down into small parts and tackle each one of those parts one at a time. I plan on doing the by recording full project demonstrations/tutorials from the very conception of an idea all the way to the completed deliverable package.

    I also work as an IT consultant and am an avid pc and photog enthusiast. I would love to also show people what hardware upgrades really do make a difference and what ones are really not needed. I can show people the best preference settings for their systems and what types of cameras and gear you should be using for different types of work. I really want to help bridge the gap between the design and the hardware world so as people grow as artists and designers they know the best investments to help expand their operation. I think it could be useful knowledge for even some of the biggest designers out there.

  • Sqelé – Thanks you

  • I’m a network admin and this would help teach my users to use certain features or programs.

  • I do screencasts on different websites and stuff and this would be really helpful to me. Really helpful.

  • This might be a good resource for creating instructional videos for our intranet.