Win a Free Ballpark Subscription from AppStorm!

We’ve just closed our giveaway, and congrats to our winners: Jordan, Connor, and Jussie!

Need a slick new way to track your time working, create work estimates, and send out invoices to your clients? Ballpark, the invoicing tool from the Metalab team, is one of the nicest online invoicing apps you could find.

It’s beautifully designed, much like Metalab’s Flow task management app. It’s simple to use, and works great wherever you work: on the web, or on your iPhone. Best of all, you can let your clients pay their invoices directly with PayPal or Stripe.

Ballpark usually costs $12.99/month for a solo account with unlimited invoices and estimates, but we’ve got three 1-year accounts for our readers. All you’ll need to do leave a comment below letting us know what you’re currently using for time tracking and invoicing (or why you need to start using time tracking), and you’ll be entered in our giveaway. Want an extra entry? Share the giveaway publicly on Facebook, Twitter, or, and share a link to your post in a separate comment, and you’ll get extra entries in our giveaway for each network you share on.

Hurry and get your entry in; our contest will close on March 6th, 2012!

Envato staff or people who have written more than two articles or tutorials for AppStorm, or existing users of Ballpark, however, are ineligible to enter.


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  • Currently I’m using Pancake for time tracking and billing. I like it because it’s a self hosted solution, but I wonder if Ballpark might be better? Hope I win!

  • I’d love to have a free Ballpark subscription because I really love the flow and the design of the app. I work as a designer and I love pretty and neat stuffs. Currently, I’m using Paypal’s invoicing app.

  • I don’t currently use any time tracking or invoicing tools, I usually just put them together in pages manually. Would be great to try Ballpark

  • Billings. Love it, but want something web-based.

  • Hi!
    Actually I’m not using any, so this could be a great opportunity to start using one.

  • I currently use (a web app) for my time-tracking and invoicing needs.

  • I’m currently using Billings Pro for my team and generally like it other than the server issues and slow fixes. I’ve been considering Ballpark for a while as an alternative and would very much like to make the switch for a year or more. We currently subscribe to Flow and absolutely love it.

  • Using Pancake at the moment, nice self hosted solution that covers most of my needs. However, Ballpark looks amazing!

  • Currently I am using Harvest, which is great. But, would love to give Ballpark a shot. I’ve heard a lot about it. Getting it for free would be amazing.

  • Currently using the clock in MacOS and a spreadsheet. Have looked at Billings but it just feels overly complicated for what I need it to do.

  • I am using FreshBooks right now and while I’m happy with that platform, there are some features that are sorely lacking. I’d love to check out this alternative!

  • Id love to win this, currently I’m using just a spreadsheet for time tracking and I manually create an invoice and convert it to PDF format so winning this would make my life a lot easier.

  • I’m using Billings now but love the look, feel and functionality of Flow; and would love to give Ballpark a try. Also, I would really like the convenience of having my invoicing and time tracking in the cloud!

  • Currently I’m using PayPal for invoicing. As a designer I really should be using something nicer, but I felt Billings just made it over complicated. Maybe this would be best?

  • I would love to win a Ballpark subscription because I am just about to start my freelance career and being able to track my times and use PayPal to get paid would be very helpful and very useful to me. Thanks.

  • I’m currently a student looking to start a career in freelancing. This would be be a great tool to have, as it would make the whole time management and invoicing process just that much easier.

  • Using OnTheJob and love it.

  • Currently use Harvest and WaveAccounting.

  • I actually use Ballpark right now… it’s awesome.

  • Hey there,
    I am a sixteen year old user interface designer who works with a lot of clients. I would need such a great time tracking service to get all my stuff managed. It would be very cool if I win a free one year subscription.

  • Not using any time tracking tool at the moment but would love to try ballpark.

  • For my freelance work I currently am super basic and keep track of my time in a lame Google Spreadsheet! Hook a girl up!!!

  • Billings is really complicated as well as Harvest. Ballpark seems to be the way to go for me. I’d really like to win this thing!

  • Seriously, I used a stopwatch. And not even a digital one, but an actual old stopwatch from when I was at school!

    For invoicing I was creating the invoices in, get this, APPLEWORKS 6! Seriously! This really screwed me up last week when I upgraded to Mountain Lion only to discover that AppleWorks doesn’t work in Mountain Lion. I had to go back on the last 8 years of invoices and reformat them all to PDF. So now I am looking at online invoicing systems which I should have done years ago!

    (Yes, it’s true I am lazy!)

    • No way… Appleworks 6?!? That’s awesome :)

  • Hi I use iOS MoneyWiz Bils and would love for Mac

  • I currently use google docs spreadsheets – but definitely enjoyed trialing ballpark – would love 1 year free to allow it to become part of our day-day workflow!

  • I just use Pages to create PDF invoices at the moment. Would love to get my hands on a subscription to this – it looks sooooo nice! I never win anything so this might be my lucky day :-)

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  • I currently use my iPhone’s stopwatch. Kinda is annoying, I’d love Ballpark.

  • Using Freshbooks but looking for an alternative.

  • I use Freshbooks for invoicing and Toggl for timetracking. I’d like the ability to have more than 3 active clients in my account. I hear Ballpark has more options for customization of invoices too.

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  • Use Billings now and it is very complicated.