Our First Giveaway

One free year for two lucky winners.

I’m thrilled to let you all know that we have our first giveaway ready to go. Andrew Wilkinson, Creative Director of MetaLab, graciously offered 2 free Corporate memberships to their super simple, extremely gorgeous invoicing app Ballpark. These free memberships are both good for one year — a total value of $2376.

In case you missed it, I reviewed Ballpark last week and I know that whoever wins this prize is really going to benefit from this tool.

If you want a chance to win this free membership, just leave a comment and mention how you would use the application. The competition will run for one week — I’ll announce the winners on Friday, September 4th. Be sure to subscribe or follow us on Twitter to find out if it’s you.


Add Yours
  • I will use it for giving a try in online invoicing instead of a desktop application for my freelance webdesign activity. I think it’s a great idea, you can reach your invoices all around the world.

  • I would use this app to do all the invoicing for my company. We currently send about 50 invoices a month, and this would be awesome for us!

  • I will use it to do invoicing for my small freelancing business, I’ve been looking for a great tool to get me started and this looks like the one!

  • I would use this to bill my design clients. I’ve been using freshbooks, but would happily try a new system.

  • Hello

    I will use this great app for shareing with my graphic designer mates, with whom i just started a small freelance company with.

    We’ve been looking for a tool like BallPark since we started, but nothing really beats BallPark.

    We currently have about 10-15 unique custumors pr. month.


  • I’ll actually using Excel to create my invoices and it’s a “pain in the a**” so I would be really happy to switch to an app built for easy invoicing ! Thanks for the opportunity !

  • i would use this to send invoices for my freelance/mini company. Would come in handy. better then using a desktop app.

  • I would like to improve my mobility by not only managing my invoices at home on my Desktop PC, but also on my Smart Phone while I’m on the road.
    Another benefit would be the possibility to directly save an estimate while I am at a meeting with the customer.

  • It would definitely help me out as I am just starting my own side business and need to get my foundation under me to start billing out.

  • We currently use blinksale but I’m really digging this interface better :)

  • I have been using FreshBooks for freelance projects, however, after reading the review, would love to give Ballpark a try. The commenting and social aspect of the app look very intriguing.

  • I would use this as the reporting foundation of my new consulting business. It would be fantastic to have this. The interface is so great looking and easy to understand!

  • I would use Ballpark to better invoice my clients instead of using the basic billing system we currently use.

  • My wife is just getting into her own freelancing web development business. It will be a great surprise gift for her to get up and running with what seems to be an excellent tool!

  • I’m a freelancer based in switzerland.
    I saw the video of ballpark and I think it’s awesome!
    i would like to use it for my own freelancer business.

  • I currently “roll my own” invoices, but this would help with consistency between invoices and estimates, as well as allow for growth. My clients are everywhere, and I hope to be soon myself, along with team members.

  • I’m a freelancer and have been eyeing Ballpark for a while. I would use it to add a level of slickness and flexibility to my freelance and non-freelance (I’m in a partnership) web development and design.

  • After trying out the Free plan, I must say that Ballpark is officially my favourite invoicing app, online or off. While the “Corporate” plan on offer is way-overkill for my freelance web design business (I’d much prefer 5 years of the “Freelancer” plan), if I won, I’d be so happy to be rid of MYOB for good and use Ballpark for all my invoicing from now on.

  • This would be ideal as a new partner in my business stays over 180 miles away from me! He has come on board to run the financial side of the business, but I currently use a desktop app for invoices/quotes etc. Using BallPark would mean we could both access the parts we needed knowing its 100% up to date and current!

    Okay so I might take a while to fully grow in to the corporate package, but it would be brilliant to know I could use it without worrying about limitations for a year! :)

  • I don’t understand… is this WebAppStorm or MetaLabAppStorm?

  • I am in the process of making the big jump from agency work to freelance and moving across the country, and it’s already a bit scary. A free membership to Ballpark would make that a bit easier.

  • I manage a network of designers and developers who are all currently using separate systems for billing and invoicing. We plan to double our size in 2010. I would like to use Ballpark to provide a consistent experience for our team and our clients. Ballpark’s intuitive interface, helpful collaborative features, and great looks are huge selling points.

    Making a transition like this isn’t easy (people are resistant to change). Winning this prize would outweigh the inconvenience of making the switch and win Ballpark a long term customer. Hook me up!

  • I just spent an hour cobbling together my project management, invoicing and payment system for billing clients, working within the limits of free accounts.

    One of these subscriptions would save me a huge slice of time every month and let me get on with actual work!

  • I am a small business owner and right now I use Excel and Word to manage my invoices. I’ve already signed up with Ballpark as a personal account to try it out and I’m enjoying it.

    I would be using Ballpark to manage my clients and being able to add my time tracking as attachments to invoices. I am also very interested in the PayPal payment option. It would make my life a lot easier to manage.

  • I would use it for the good mankind… and of course to invoice all my lovely clients….

  • I’d use Ballpark to play around with its wonderful designed UI.
    Maybe I’ll use the “Invoicing”-Feature, too 😉

  • Awesome Software! Hope I win 😀

  • I’m completely new to freelancing and haven’t had many clients yet. So far I’ve just been sending Paypal invoices to my clients for payment. I have noticed that this definitely is not the way to go. I will use Ballpark to build up and maintain my business in a professional and serious manner.

  • I’m part of a very small company that specializes in design and development of websites and web applications. I’ve always treated it as a secondary thing to my primary career, but lately things have been starting to pick up to the point where we need to get organized and seriously think about moving to this as a mainstream source of income. Having access to an invoicing application like Ballpark would make this job much easier for us, and ensure that we aren’t wasting time coming up with fancy invoices and new methods of tracking customers. Instead we can focus on doing what we do best, and have applications like Ballpark take care of everything else.

  • After wandering from billing app to billing app for over a year, my freelance design business needs that final touch of polish and beauty from something amazing to really push it to the next level. MacFreelance was alright, and Billings has been bearable. But BallPark has been in my sights for months now, and I would love to put it to good use.

  • Fantastic looking app. I could really use this for my business.

  • Ballpark would be a great addition to my freelance toolkit.

  • I’ve really been enjoying my trial period with GetBallPark. I’ve joined their GetSatisfaction group and I’ve been active in suggesting new features, pointing out tweaks and giving due praise for their awesome application.

    I’ve used Blinksale, InvoiceMachine, FreshBooks and many others and GetBallPark is a clear winner.

    Would love this prize.. Thank you!

  • This is several weeks that I search a online application worthy of quality for a price affordable. I’m looking mainly with a clean interface and the need to do more than 30 estimates/invoices per month with client management and integrated payment with paypal. The all with a connection secure through a SSL encryption and with simplicity.

    I think the application I need and what me satisfies the most is Ballpark.

  • Having access to this application would give me the opportunity to finally break free from my current invoicing system. I could actually be independent of a certain machine (for when I travel) and still have the ability to invoice when I need to.

  • Right now I use the Timewerks app on my iphone for all my invoicing/time tracking. Although it is a nice and convenient app, having an actual full-blown invoicing app would save me loads of time and effect in my business.

  • I would use it for my user experience design company i run. I use a desktop based software right now but having the ability to pay the bill online is killer. I think this product has great potential.

  • Great looking app! I would love to use this for my business.

  • Would love to use this :) I was fired recently & and am trying to build up a freelance biz.

  • This application is actually quite amazing! It would be very useful for my freelance design firm.

  • I would use it to help what’s becoming a hectic thing to do, invoicing people and keeping control over all our clients and people in our team. It started off with just me but now as I’ve had to find other creative people from across the globe keeping track of all of them from within one place would be great.

    Great first giveaway guys!

  • This application looks amazing! Would be very useful for my freelance design firm.

  • I’ve been looking for an easy tool for invoicing. This would be the perfect solution for my business.

  • Awesome app! Would love this for my freelance company!

  • I would use it for my freelance work I’m trying to start :) (I was fired recently)

  • This app looks awesome! Would be great for my freelance company.

  • I am a freelancer. This will definitely help me for invoicing and estimates.

  • I’m starting a web business where I will need to send frequent invoices to realtors. My business plan is set up to keep the barrier to entry very low for my clients (realtors). They can sign up for the product without paying anything. But I won’t create their product until I receive payment. After the client submits the order, I will email an invoice and after I get paid, they get their product.

    The nature of the product is that there is a base price with several paid upgrades. And realtors may want to purchase more than one of the base because they have several home listings, resulting in multiple orders from a single client. As you can see, there could be a big variety in what is invoiced.

    Like any startup, the plan is for this to grow. It’s not inconceivable that I may be sending several invoices a day (probably not in the first couple months), or that the invoice may change if clients upgrade. There is great potential to have client dialog around the invoices, one reason I really like Ballpark.

    The thing is, I’m bootstrapping this venture. I’d possibly start out at a lower plan but I’m concerned about the lack of security encryption. I want to accept PayPal and I want to ensure security throughout the entire invoicing process. It’s hard to afford the top plans until I have paying clients.

    The payment process for clients needs to be smooth and professional out of the gate. I can’t afford to just email my own PDFs or use something that feels lacking. Ballpark’s attention to detail is exactly what I need and fits with the feel of my own business/products. I’m hoping to launch in about a month so the timing is perfect!

    In addition to being an entrepreneur, I’m a self-employed artist. I’ve been using a sub-par online invoicing system and have been looking for something new. I read the review of Ballpark last week on this new blog here and am very interested, especially for the real estate-related business. But I’m also going to use Ballpark for my regular day job as an artist. I will hold a separate account to keep the branding differentiated. I’ve used my one free invoice this month to test it with a client and I am very pleased. I will upgrade to a paid account once I need to send more invoices (perhaps 10-15 a month). Winning the giveaway would not replace my artist account.

    Anyway, great work on a great business and product!

  • I’d use it to manage clients as a freelance videographer. I’ve got plenty of friends who use (and love) it, and I’d like to be able to use it myself.

  • Would love to use it as my new invoicing app. I’m currently using another web-based app, but I’m not 100% satisfied, and Ballpark looks awesome!

  • I would use it to start my freelance business. Currently checking different invoice software’s, and this would help me a lot.

  • I would use Ballpark to make money and then give it to one of my lucky readers.

  • I want to try using it instead of Billings to see how much easier it can make my life.

  • I would use it instead of Billings to see how much of a change it can bring to me.

  • I just put in my two weeks notice at my current day job so I can return to being self-employed full-time. I would use Ballpark so I can look at a gorgeous user interface while also getting things done. I’d also like to use Ballpark so my clients can have a great, professional user experience while spending their money. :) I feel that giving clients a top-class invoice that’s easy to read and respond to is a respectful, courteous way of doing business that many people overlook. Ballpark makes this part of doing business effortless.

  • Was looking for in-expensive and free resources for my Freelance career.
    This application would definitely be of great help

  • I am building my first company and one of my biggest concerns is billing. I just signed up for a free account and I can already see how useful your service is going to be!

    If I win I promise to use your service only for good, to protect the weak, defend the helpless and to cash in via your service and paypal. Muahahahah!

  • I’ll use it to amass a great wealth and take over the world. Or something like that.

  • I will use BP to improve my billing process as it’s kinda old school right now. A professional touch.

  • Sweet. I would use this side by side with quickbooks, so i can send invoices, and get paid online.

  • Count me In

  • I’ll use it to make my clients drool over my beautiful invoices !

  • I will use it for my freelance invoicing now. And will use it for my firm which I’m planning to start soon.

  • I would use it to get my business off the ground. I have some existing clients, but I would like to manage their contact information better, manage my invoices, and use it to potentially send proposals faster to bigger companies.

  • I would use Ballpark to free me from the grips of Intuit and hopefully make life just that much easier.

  • I will use this app to perform invoices and switch out of my current system. I currently send many invoices and estimates and this looks like a great app to do so with.

  • I would use it to replace Freshbooks. I like the simplicity of the app akin to Outright. Gives me exactly what I need sans the things I don’t. Good stuff.

  • I would use this to consolidate my invoicing which is currently a combination of MS Office document templates and a free Freshbooks account. I’ve been getting quite a few more clients lately and this would save me a ton of cash not having to upgrade to a paid account elsewhere.

  • Blinksale = Too simple
    Freshbooks = Too hard

    Ballpark is *just* right.

    I know I sound like Goldilocks, and like her, I couldn’t afford to use Ballpark as an aspiring designer, as it usually is when you find the perfect solution for your needs. Having an entire year? That’s what’s right.

  • I am about to make the big jump from working for an agency to freelance. A free Ballpark account would make that jump a lot easier.

  • Yeah, that looks awesome & very slick indeed…

  • Hi, i will use it for my freelance business. i want to try ballpark

  • I’m so sick of Freshbooks, please please please let me win.

  • I’d give it to my dad for his private practises haha!

  • I’d enjoy using Ballpark to handle all of my development invoices and estimates.

  • I would use it to take over my very manual and labor intensive system I have in place for my freelance design work. It could be the revelation I am looking for.

  • I’m a high school student who is ecstatic about web design and would be extremely thrilled to receive such an awesome app. After reading the review on it, I know it will be a great experience. I will use it to help organize all my clients billing, as well as any extra work done. The paypal integration will be very useful. I know this will help me in my growing web design career. As of now I keep track of all client bills in an Excel Spreadsheet (pathetic I know). So, If I win this I know it will help me a lot. This invoicing app will help me organize all my clients a lot better.

  • I would use Ballpark to make one million dollars 😐 … why make billions when you can make MILLIONS…

    Seriously, I am a freelancer, and would love to use it to interface with clients. Currently, write my own proposals/estimates, and bill using Billable App.

  • I would ditch all my Pages invoices and restore order to my billing system.

  • I have not yet started my business. Why is that you ask? I am investing most of my money into the university and I have little cash left over to invest in any sort of invoicing tool. This would help me at least get started with doing some jobs while I go to school and I could save up the money I make with the free trial to purchase a subscription after the year runs out!

  • Awesome! I have looked at BallPark for a while but because I just started out freelancing, so the income earned is not sufficient to afford the membership for a year.

    I have used Freshbook but it is a free account with a limit to the number of clients. I have been wondering what I would do if clients increase in number during this year. Now Ballpark gives away two free corporate memberships and it is really awesome. We can invoice more than 5 clients and send more than 5 invoices per month: it gives us less to worry about! Also, it would be easy to manage invoices, estimates and clients.

    I would use Ballpark to send estimates and invoices to the clients – it enables me to see whether they are accepted or paid. It is easy for me to manage the invoices instead of having to go through the excel or text to figure who pays and what amount is paid for. Not just excel or text but it will replace Freshbook.

    Thank you for the chance to win Ballpark membership!

  • Sweet, I could use this to help my little web design company get a little more organized financially. That’d be just swell. Hope I win.

  • I will use this to invoice clients on the go, and more importantly to revise and edit invoices and estimates on the go, as a freelancer I meet with clients often out at their place of business or around town and projects always change on the spot, so it would be nice to be able to send them updated invoices and estimates right away.

    the sooner they get them , the faster i get paid :)

  • I would start to give really professional invoices.
    Actually i mix up lots of free tools to make a simple invoice for my projects.
    With Ballpark i would be able to do this for all clients using a single platform.

  • I have seen Ballpark in the past and love the simple elegance of the interface. I will use it for my freelance web design that I do on the side.

  • I would use this for my newly started design/video production services. My partner and myself are in need of a good billing system and after reading up on (and clicking around the site for) ballpark, I think it would be a HUGE step in getting our company going and keeping it rolling smoothly!

  • I would love to have an alternate solution!

  • I would love to use Ballpark. I’ve been with Billings for a couple of years now, but have been contliplating a move to a web based application. This would be fantastic.

  • I’m a freelancer from ALBANIA in Europe I would use this kind of things for my very first time. Me and 3 other freelancers have come together to make a design shop so it would be grate if we have this tool and use it for the first time because as we read from webappstorm it’s really easy to use and we like good looking too :)

    I hope you help us in this you adventure.

    Thank you
    MK Team

  • I would definitely love to use this, great interface, simple to use and all in one place!! What more could you want!

  • I’ve just left my part time job and gone full-time freelancing for my own web design business. This would really help to get me organized and looking professional!

  • Hi folks,

    I run a little webdesign company in France, I use to edit invoices/estimates in Zoho, and I’m considering havin’ a try at Ballpark, mostly because of its communication phylosophy (keeping track of all “financial” messages around a topic).


  • Honestly I am currently looking at a better way to invoice for our business now that we have sales agents in 3 states. Currently headoffice looks after all the invoice but I am looking at getting the sales managers to invoice/quote on the go cutting down on the office workload. This could be the answer!

  • This is an amazing application! Would be great for my freelance company.

  • I would use this to bill my design clients

  • I currently use FreshBooks free account. I would like to win this. I will use it for all my invoicing needs.

  • I have been researching on-line invoicing/estimating products. Ballpark has come up more than once, getting great reviews from my business partners. The PayPal integration would be a huge benefit for me. I am still doing paper invoices and it is time to make the switch. Thank you.

  • I will play make-believe I have a big animation company. All year long.

  • I’m trying my hand at part time freelancing and I am currently looking for a way to keep track of my finances.

    At the moment I’m looking at the benefits that ballpark has over billings (which is cheaper but seemingly less powerful)

    If I were to win this I’d be able to decide just how important Ballpark’s extra features would be to me when I do finally take the plunge and go freelance full time

  • I’m a sixteen-year-old, working on building a business for my future. I freelance right now, working for multiple companies, and I’m always looking for ways to manage the administrative side of my business so that I spend more time producing professional grade design work. I would love to use this app for tracking my time on projects and invoicing the companies I’m working for. I’ve used a number of time management/invoicing products, but I think this one really stands out. I would love to use it in the future!

  • I deal with clients all over the country and an online invoicing application would be ideal for my company. It would make life so much easier.
    Hope I win one.


  • I would use Ballpark to help make my company more money! I run a Pay Per Click management company and our biggest weakness at the moment is being able to effectively communicate with out clients over their needs and expectations.

    The reason why Ballpark would be perfect for us is because of the ability to actually comment and communicate easily with clients over estimates and projects. This is a feature I have not seen as well done anywhere else.

    I guess this sounds almost like a sales pitch but in all honesty, I would use Ballpark exactly the way it was designed to be used – as a better way to manage clients and invoice.

    Thanks for consideration.

  • I currently use Billings for invoicing but a web based solution would be a great asset for my agency startup. Count me it 😉

  • I have been reading about Ballpark and would really love to use it for my small startup company. Ballpark would definitely help increase communication between us and our clients as well as having a more professional way of providing our clients with estimates and ultimately invoices. BP would be a great asset to our company especially in its early stages. Keeping my fingers crossed…


  • This looks awesome! I’m a freelance web designer and have had trouble completing everything on the “business” side of things. Quickbooks creates such droll looking invoices, so this really looks like an excellent alternative that is easy to use.

  • I would use BallPark to track estimates and *hopefully* convert them into invoices. I have tried almost all of the others that I am aware of – none of them quite feel like “home”.

    Hope I win, if not – Congrats to the winner 😉

  • I am fresh from graduating high school and do not plan on going to College. Well lets rephrase that College would be an option if i was currently making a feasible income. I am currently trying to get as many Design/Webmaster Jobs as i can. So far it is slow but still some what reassuring. I think once i get my name out there business won’t slow down. But i am currently setting up my “Infrastructure” with various tools and services. I have come to some conclusion on Mailing List products, Organizational Products, But Invoicing products is something i have struggled with. Nothing seems to be up to par accept a few of them which are out of my current price range one of those included is Ballpark. If i were to receive this prize I’m not saying it is going to launch my career is a Freelancing Rock Star by any means, but Every Rock Star needs an Accountant and i believe Ballpark would do the best job for that.


  • We will use Ballpark for our small company to sort our nitty gritty of invoices and estimates and send numbers to holiday 😉

  • I have so many invoices to track atm. Could really use the help.

  • I would use this for my freelancing business as something this amazing to use and professional looking would greatly influence my clients considering I’m a college freelance developer. Would be awesome back to school present :)

  • Basicly; To invoice clients

    I’ll use it to replace my freshbooks account for a while. Cuts costs, and gives me the ability to save a little more for the iMac I want :)

  • I would use this to get a grasp of online invoicing tools. It would make the perfect replacement for my (hated) desktop invoicing method. Moreover, it will be used to bill people I work for as a freelancer.

  • I’m a freelance designer, and would use this to manage the invoicing and job quoting for my freelance business.

  • will use to give it a go on online invoicing… will be a good experience i am sure.

  • I am tired of paper mail invoices!
    Save me and give me one account 😀

  • I want to paperless help me go GREEN Envato! Your my only hope.

  • Would like to give online invoicing a try…

  • Well.. personally I will use it for invoicing.
    If I liked it as explained by WebAppStorm, I will promote it on my own.

    Tuts+ network really changed me a lot.
    Thanks for everything specially Jeffrey..

  • I was researching on paperless business apps and particularly in invoicing and client directories. Although I tested more than 15 of those apps … I missed BallPark. It looks great but the pricing is a bit higher compared to the competition.

    Nevertheless, our new company definitely needs a web app like this.

    and by the way, all the best with your new section on AppStorm!


  • I’ll probably give this a try regardless of whether I win the free copy. Looks great!

  • As I a high school student, running my own technical support service can get a bit overwhelming. I would use it to manage all of my clients and invoicing. This app is so slick!

  • Currently I handle freelance jobs very casually and invoice-less. This would really help force me to be a bit more professional.

  • How would I use BallPark? To send all my invoices, of course!

  • I’ve never used online invoicing before. I’d definitely use it so that I’d have access to all my important info no matter where I’m at.

  • I’ve been looking at online invoicing for a little while and had finally decided to take the plunge! This would be a massive benefit to me for keeping track of all my freelance projects. Quality tools make it easier to do a quality job! Good tings.

  • First of all, thanks a lot Envato and Ballpark for such a great and useful giveaway!

    Ballpark will help me to manage invoices and estimates for my clients in a better and easier to manage way. Not to mention, professionally too :)
    This will also help my clients to have access to all their invoices at any time they want.

    Ballpark will bring a very great positive change to the way I work.

    Thanks a lot again, and best of luck to all the participants :)

  • My freelance “side” work has grown quite a bit outside of the 3 client max for Freshbooks’ free account. Since I prefer Ballpark’s beautiful design and nice user interface, I’d much make the switch and a free corporate account would be great!

  • Me and a partner are gaining clients by the months and we need to update our client company contact. This would be great. Our clients would go through Ballpark and would see what an amazing idea it is.

  • Can’t wait to win! :-)

  • Currently using blinksale, but the MetaLabs gang makes such slick interfaces, I am sure it would be a great upgrade :)

  • A couple of my college friends and I started an app/web dev company right out of school. This looks like the tool we’ve been looking for to help organize our billing! Good luck to all who enter!

  • Wow, that looks awesome! I’d love to have at this for a year- would make keeping track of customers (who’s paid, who hasn’t) so much easier.

  • I am not your average 18 year old web design entreprenuer. I am trying to grow my business while still attending The Art Institute of Pittsburgh-Online Division studying Web Design and Interactive Media. I am in need of a invoicing software tool for the fact that I have clients currently, and get mixed up and confused witht the money they owe me. I can’t have that happen with the increase in tuition these days!

  • As a web and desktop developer, it’s really important to have a good time-tracking and invoicing system. And what better system than Ballpark, not only a beautifully designed and easy to use invoicing system, but something accessible from any computer so you can update on the go?

    Well, I don’t have the money yet to spend on Ballpark, so I’m hoping to win a free year and really impress some clients… 😉

  • I mostly do the traditional paper invoice, but my web design business has mostly been local jobs, so I’v had no need for something like this until now, when I’ve started to get jobs from out of town and abroad, so this would be a very nifty way to get more and more job oportunities outside the local spectrum.

  • MetaLabs UI wins me over every time and Ballpark is no exception. I look forward to using Ballpark as my new invoicing application for our web services company located in Calgary, AB. Love seeing a Canadian company rocking so hard. Keep up the great work guys.

  • I’d love to use this app for my business since I’m doing a lot of my invoicing caveman-style with word and excel.

  • I’m a freelance designer, and would use this to manage the invoicing and job quoting for my freelance business.