Nicereply: <br />Five Account Giveaway

We recently took a look at Nicereply and how easy it is to obtain customer satisfaction and feedback directly regarding email communication, with nothing more than a simple link in your emails. The Nicereply team has been generous enough to offer five lucky Web.AppStorm readers free Beautiful accounts for one year life!

Read on to see how you can snag one of these great Beautiful accounts!


The concept behind Nicereply is simple; obtain customer satisfaction information and feedback directly from your email communication, effectively eliminating the need for an entirely separate system to handle such a a task.

Nicereply Home

Nicereply Home

Making it easy for your customers to share their feedback in regards to your customer service is vital for a few reasons.

  • Gives you the opportunity to improve your customer service quality.
  • Gives you and your employees motivation to do better and improve.
  • Gives business owners a greater ability to monitor employee customer service performance.

Beautiful Accounts Giveaway

As I mentioned earlier, the Nicereply team has been generous enough to offer five lucky Web.AppStorm readers Beautiful accounts free for a full year life. The Beautiful plan is priced at $499 per month and allows for unlimited agents, so these are pretty amazing giveaway accounts! Thanks Nicereply team!

For your chance to snag one of these accounts, simply leave a comment below letting us know what support or helpdesk system you use so the Nicereply team can work on integration with those systems. Alternately, you can let us know approximately how many support emails you handle on a daily basis and how Nicereply might be able to help with these.

Winners will be selected at random and announced this coming Friday, October 29th.

Please Note: Envato staff or people who have written more than two articles or tutorials for AppStorm are ineligible to enter.


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  • I’m a huge fan of GetSatisfaction and UserVoice

  • We only use GetSatisfaction.

    Thanks for the chance.

  • Awesome! I seriously do think this can make my life so much easier. Supporting about 10 to 20 customers a day. Sometimes they are complaining, for 90 percent they just complain and don’t tell why. Curious about their experience. This can help me. Awesome app anyway!

    Ciao guys!

  • I use only UserVoice

  • so far, we’ve yet to make a decision – have looked at GetSatisfaction

  • We have been using GetSatisfaction and we’re starting to grow very rapidly as a business. I love how Nicereply works and I would really love to try it out, but I can’t afford to make the leaping investment right now. It looks like it has a highly appealing sleek and user-friendly design.

    The one most deadly type of customer is the one that leaves without telling us why. This would make it so much easier for that type of customer to let us know without actually having to speak to us, and in return we could actually improve on whatever they have a valid issue with! :)

  • RT from Best Practical.

  • NiceReply looks amazing! Cool :)

    Btw, I usually use GetSatisfaction and sometimes UserVoice.

  • Great!
    I am using UserVoice often.

  • I am using getsatisfaction and uservoice and a homegrown system.

  • I used phpBB or vBulletin for tech support. Regular Gmail for direct e-mail support. And then I have a Virtual assistant on standby with Skype for actual voice communication. Though then again, NiceReply may help make my Gmail look a lot better.

    On a side note, isn’t Gorgeous supposed be prettier/more beautiful than beautiful? Or did I get my English comparison wrong?

    • Your English is great, it’s just that it’s the most effective plan, so it’s gotta be Gorgeous! :)

  • We currently use plain old email :(
    Apple’s, a imap account server and a series of smart folders.
    Could really use a upgrade…

  • Its still plain old email here. Ancient but it works.

  • I use Gmail as Email Support.

  • We use Zendesk. It’s not cheap but it’s great to have all support communication gathered in one place.

  • We’re also using UserVoice.

  • I have used Get Satisfaction and Zendesk in the past,.

  • I’m still using plain email…

  • We think about switching to Tenderapp.

  • Wow!
    At the moment I haven’t got anything like Nicereply – still using plain old e-mail…, but I’d be very happy to use Nicereply!

  • Hi, I’m also using plain old email, but have integrated with outlook so that i can receive the support email constantly. On a daily basis i would receive around 20 – 35 emails and I’d would like to give my customers a more efficient and practical way of them giving feedbacks. As currently if any of my customer want to give a feedback they would have to re-write another email.
    This current method is not an elegant way of receiving feedbacks and its time-consuming. So I believe that attaching a nice link on every email, like Nicereply is providing, will really improve my customer service.


  • For support we use Mantis (for bug related support), GetSatisfaction, vBulletin and phpBB (support forums) and good ‘ol emails. WordPress and MediaWiki power our helpdesk/knowledge bases.

  • We have been using WHMCS and Kayako for last 2 years. It would be great if Nicereply is integrated with them. Getting customer feedback and maintaining client satisfaction is our top priority as a hosting and digital media service provider. Nicereply will help us achieve that.


  • NiceReply looks soooo awesome! Right now our company has been using just plain old email for all support inquiries, and let me tell you, it’s a headache.

    Like Shelley said before, the deadliest type of customer is indeed the one that leaves you without giving you a reason as to why. This system would make things so much easier for our growing corporation.


  • We just started to use GetSatisfaction.

  • I’m use GetSatisfaction.

  • We just use plain email and our customers are even complaining that it’s not as organized as they’d like, not to mention our staff aren’t happy about plain-old emailing either. This would be really helpful for us, thanks for the chance to win & the review!

  • Our company is using a support email to handle customer complaints and bookings. It really has to be the most disorganized method ever, and I’m so fed up with it. NiceReply gives me hope for our company’s future, though, so things are lookin’ up!

  • I am using email. Planning to switch to Twitter as a customer service communication platform, similar to @ComcastCares. Perhaps NiceReply may be what I need. A license for life would be nice.

  • This looks pretty sweet.

    i use GetSatisfaction

  • Hi!

    We are a company from Taiwan. Our main sales web hosting, web site is WordPress, through WHMCS, vBulletin, Livezilla Live Chat to provide technical support, we intend to use GetSatisfaction, or related services, hoping to use the Nicereply features!

    Best Regards,
    Hostev Studios

  • I am use OS Ticket.. but I would be VERY NIIIIIIIICE to have Nicereply 😉

  • I’m running a design agency in the Netherlands(Amsterdam). I have used getsatisfaction but it didnt work for me, because it wasnt email friendly. I think this could work very good and hope that you can integrate this with getsatisfaction.

    I handle 45 emails on a daily basis and i hope nicereply can help me get structure in this timeconsuming process.

    Thank you Nicereply!

  • Thank you!

  • We are now with Get Satisfaction

  • Currently use Google Apps. This would be great!

  • Right now I don’t use any system because of my current low email exchange, usually 5 per day. But this number will increase as our start-up grows, so winning a Nicereply account now would be great!

  • Right now, we’re using BetaEasy – it’s not too bad…!

  • ZenDesk and Get Satisfaction are the top on my list.

  • Still using plain old email…

  • I’m using email as support channel for my clients. This is the old way but the effecient one. That’s why Nicereply would be perfect for me. :-)

  • Currently using email.. ;|