Up for Grabs – Free Copies of LittleSnapper + Ember Pro

It’s time for another competition here on Web.AppStorm. Today we’re giving away some scrapbooking tools … sound okay?

We’ve gotten together with the crew at Realmac and we’re happy to be giving away five Ember Pro accounts as well as two copies of LittleSnapper.

In way of review, Ember is gorgeous web app for sharing your design inspirations with others. And for OS X users, LittleSnapper is a desktop application built to work hand-in-hand with Ember (check out this great review from earlier in the year on our sister site, Mac.AppStorm).

To get a chance to win one of the Ember Pro accounts, leave a comment here — be creative and let us know what inspires you. If you’re interested in a winning a license of LittleSnapper, tweet about it — be sure to mention @webappstorm and where you get your creative inspiration.

Good luck!


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  • I love Ember and LittleSnapper for sharing really great iPhone/Mac apps and cool websites. I also use LittleSnapper to store my icon library (and some PSD). Great combo!

    Check out my Ember feed. :)

  • I love Ember because it gives me a way to share designs, webpages and photographs easily with friends and coworkers. All of that in a very well designed and organized page. I’d really love an Ember Pro account 😉

  • Ember looks to be a online photo killer. I would love to grab an account!

  • I’m inspired by absolutely anything, from websites to nature and everything in between. Ember would be such a useful service for me because it would allow me to not only share my inspiration library with everyone but also gain more inspiration from others. And you can never have enough inspiration. It would also mean I could get at all my saved files where-ever I am which would mean I’m never more than a few clicks away from getting inspired.

    Tweeted about Little Snapper at @Jack_Franklin :)

    Thanks for the give away.

  • I have LittleSnapper and it’s been a great tool for sharing screenshots and grabs. I have used Ember and it would be awesome to win Ember Pro.

  • My greatest inspiration (as a developer) is the work of other developers. When I visit a really nice looking website, or use a really beautiful app, I think “Wow, that’s really neat”, and try to bring out my own take on the idea and see what comes out. Personally, I think that’s the best source of inspiration there can be.

  • I enjoy sharing my designs and concepts with other people I know online, as well as in the physical world so I can get feedback, etc. I also like to post pictures of my ever-changing computer setup and screenshots of my favorites apps, and of my desktop.

    Currently, I post what I can on Ember, then have to use my FTP once I run out of upload for Ember for the month, and I can tell you that “Index of /ls” is much less appealing than Ember 😛

    And, of course, it’s always good to show something funny I’ve done…I recently ripped a few new CDs to my iTunes library, and noticed something I thought was clever…
    It would’ve been even funnier if iTunes had Windows’ time estimation software—”Importing Happiness: 126 years”.

    Anyway, I’d really like that Ember Pro account!!! Thanks, AppStorm and RealMac!!!

  • Ember is probably the single best image sharing service on the Internet. And that’s with a free account. The LittleSnapper ‘connection’ make the two a better combination than Skitch, and LittleSnapper and Ember have become staples in my mac. I help write reviews for a website, and often times, I need to upload some pictures. LittleSnapper and Ember make this so easy. I also may be a bit partial about Ember because they featured my desktop screenshot in the desktops section. :)

  • 90% of my work is on the old Internet so I get a lot of my inspiration from places like Flickr, Creattica, DeviantArt and people posting links on Twitte but recently I’ve been getting loads of inspiration from iPhone apps like Converbot & Weightbot, their interfaces are graphic heaven.

    Music is also a good influence. Putting some of your favourite tunes on while working helps the creativity flow. I saw Muse @ their homecoming gig in Teignmouth UK on Friday night and been designing away to the the live recordings since.

  • I just realized this is supposed to be about inspiration. One of the most inspiring things for me is imagery. Whether that’s photography, drawings, whatever, it’s always very inspiring for me to look at something and possibly look deeper into it. It kind of makes me feel as if there is something deeper, something connected in the world, a reason for why we’re here.

  • Everybody knows that the internet is a place with infinite possibilities and cool stuff to see, but, our capacity for remember those cool stuff isn’t infinite. The solution is to take screenshots for further reference. But other awesome possibility that the internet bring to us, is to share this inpiration with others, and know what the people think about it. Ember make this easy for us designers, with a big list of features and a very clean, simple and cool interface, focused in what really matter: the content.
    Is a must-have in everyone’s “webapps” bookmark folder. :)

  • Interesting Giveaway, hope i win. Music inspires me most of all. it’s universal!

  • Illustrations and brilliant logo designs inspire me!

  • I get my inspiration mostly from others, but there’s always something I want to change and revamp. It ends with me creating a completely different and new design – which was the goal. But I’m always having sort of a feeling of what this website should look like, and I check some colour combinations at Adobe kuler, and if I’m totally blocked, I usually check out http://www.webcreme.com for sites which corresponds to the colours I’m looking for.
    In the end, I believe you should somewhere in your design do something you never have seen somewhere else.

  • I really think that Ember it’s a stunning breath of fresh air in the world wide web. I will use the pro account to share all my creative stuff with all my creative friends also in my blog using the wonderful API they wrote…

  • I just recently discovered Ember and have been gradually migrating everything from Evernote. Inspiration is everywhere on the Web, whether it’s an interesting background image, an unusual page layout, or impressive navigation.

  • My main inspiration source is what others do and what others don’t do too.
    So I get it from Twitter, some blogs and website, flickr and iPhone (web-)apps.

    For me music does not boost my creativity but let me focus on what I’m doing.

  • I’m inspired by the work of other web developers and digital artists, but also by art I see in museums. Just because web design is a recent art form, that doesn’t mean I can’t look back 100 years or so for inspiration. Great design is timeless, and I try to find the best looking work from any time period and let it inspire me and play off of that.

    • (As a sidenote, I also use vi.sualize.us to keep track of inspiring images I’ve found online in addition to yay!everyday. What good is it to be inspired by an image if you forget where it is and can’t find it?)

  • Most of my online inspiration comes from sites like Ember, Drawn.ca, and psdtuts.com. It’s nice to know that there are sites devoted to providing information on GOOD sources.

  • I find my inspiration through a lot of the links I receive via twitter, and my monthly dosage of .NET magazine.

    As Benjamin said above, music is also good. I tend to use last.fm and listen to neighbour radio streams, great way to find stuff you’ve never listened to.

  • I find the internet is a great resource for inspiration, but I always like picking up new books too. These are always full of old inspirational pieces from people you know as well as brand new work from people you never knew existed. Then you go off and research them and so on. An inspiration cycle!

    Great site guys!

  • i take my developing inspirationfrom other apps and sites but most of my design ideas comes from design in everyday life married with that of new web techniques and fads :)

  • What inspires me is the creativity of OTHERS and often website designs. If I see particularly nice websites design, I would like to be able to save them and have a portfolio kinda, so that I can look back and think what some of these sites have done right and wrong. I really love building websites, and I really want a chance to win Ember :) THANKS!

  • thanks

  • My inspiration is finding cool websites by chance. Whenever I see a layout I like or some really cool javascript effects or amazing graphic design I screenshot it and bookmark it (and usually tweet about it too!)

  • I get my inspiration from the people around me, mainly my family, wife and kids. They show me that everything has color and life can be beautiful, whether it is round, square, straight or zig zag. I get new ideas on a daily basis just being a stay at home dad/web designer and having my kids around, showing me stuff they create and how they act.
    Life is good!

  • I am inspired by anything made by significant skill and effort. I like graphic-exchange.com, css galleries, netdiver.net, smashingmagazine.com.

    Great giveaway!

  • My inspiration comes from reading (whether it be a book or a twitter) poetry about life, love & liberty.

  • Ember and Little Snapper:
    just the extension of the tongue when you say “Oh snap!” 😀 And then, you can share with everyone you want!
    A great feature is the snapshot of an entire webpage. Really handy!

  • I get inspiraton from a lot of different places.


    plus tons of other design blogs

  • For a long time, I was sure that inspiration comes on its own. But is does not. Of course not. I get my inspiration from several sources. And this means not only watching pictures, looking over the shoulder of pro designer and using a Mac for design :P. It is also a work you can do during the most boring things you have to do in your life. It’s just to connect various different things – totally different – within your brain and rebuild them as something entirely new. Abd actually “entirely new” means not “new”: No work, no art, no invention during the wohole evolution of the human race was invented on its own. The wheel was not a flash in somebody’s head: It was also an evolution of copying. And I think this is the whole thing: copying. This is real art – the art to copy as many things you can copy and mix them together to build or invent something which seams “entirely new” – but it isn’t. It was there, and there, and there, and there. Not connected but there. This is art – and this is all that invention and innovation and inspiration is about. We have to learn that there is no thing which was created without anything copied. Even if it was subconscious – it was. No art is free of influence. And being a good designer or artist means to make something out of several influences. And with that in the occiput I design things on my inspiration.

  • I get inspiration from a lot of different places.


    plus tons of other design blogs

  • I’ve just found out about ember today. It looks to be an amazing tool! Definitely my new go to place for design inspiration!

  • I’m not sure what inspires me. But I think most of it is on Ember. I would use it so much more but I am worried about going over my limit of images. Amazing HTML 5 work though. Just the sort of web 3.0 app we need. (3 because it uses HTML 5 and CSS 3). I wish I had enough image uploads on Ember to upload pics I snap on my phone while out and about. I like to embr.it for my friends!

  • Since I’ve read the review of Ember last week, I’ve become an daily addict! I enjoy browsing other users’ collections but have barely begun gathering my own. I’ve found so much inspiration in one place!

    I’m an artist/entrepreneur and UI designer. The design of the internet is something dear to me and I love seeing what else is out there. Welcome pages, sign-up forms, etc. can vary so much visually but still result in a singular, common goal – engaging customers. As an artist, I also love the integration of illustration and high-end typography in web design and I like that Ember has categories for those.

    What inspires me? Not just other great design, but the fact that great design ushers success for those who reveal their passions through it.

  • With your review I came to know Ember, which I didn’t know before, and I must say that I’ve been really surprised. It looks awesome! And it also looks like it works great together with Little Snapper.

    Until some days ago I looked for inspiration mainly on Deviantart and Flickr, now I have another great source of inspiration :)

    But of course the inspiration doesn’t only come from websites. It happens often to me to have inspiration while I walk, while I’m driving to work or simply when I’m reading a magazine or a book. I really think that inspiration should come on its own, but of course all these tools (also the Internet, with websites I mentioned before) can help it come faster and more often ^^

    And yeah, this is to say that I would love an Ember Pro account 😀

    Here’s also my tweet for a chance to win a copy of Little Snapper:


    Thanks for the great opportunity :)

  • I’m inspired by developers and designers who openly share their knowledge. As I learn more I try to do the same. Learning and sharing knowledge is an inspiration — made easier if you have great screenshots to illustrate your tutorial 😉

  • I love Ember and Littlesnapper because of how easy they are to use. LS has a fantastic UI, and it’s great to be able to share design inspiration with my fellow designer friends over IRC and IM. Before, sharing would involve manually screen-grabbing, finding the screen shot in my cluttered Finder, and then uploading it to some random file-sharing site. It’d be swell if I got them for free :)

  • My parents and teachers (especially Dr. Golden) inspires me to follow my dreams. I am a computer science major and do not get a chance to take many art or design classes. In the past, I just save images of products, websites, and architecture that I find inspiring in the pictures folder on my macbook. Littlesnapper would be a great tool to help me organize and take snapshots easier to spend more time on coding 😀

  • Be Creative ? Nahman, just one sentence to express that. Oh, one thing. it’s better in french.

    Little Snapper tout simplement.

  • Inspiration can be in everything that you look at, but with an understanding that the design that we see around us in nature is not only not accidental, but very much purposefully created for us by the one who created us, that inspiration comes to life in new and fantastic ways! Sure, if accidental — mere happenstance — it all can be simply inspiration. But if created out of love, designed specifically for you and me out of such care and passion, so should we be encouraged to use such care and passion, such love, when we design. Putting our hearts into our designs only makes since, as we are created in God’s image, and thus are loving, creative people!

    Design is not accidental! Not ever! You cannot just boot up your computer and find a finished website ready to go. If we can look at nature and think for an second that it — which is obviously designed better than anything that you and I can design — is accidental, what kind of appreciation can we expect for our own work? Sure, we are not better designers that God, but would you like to think that you cannot ever get close to producing design on par with something merely accidental?

  • I use Ember (free account) for studying/finding/sharing sweet iPhone/Mac apps and cool websites. It’s truly an inspiration to use and search. I have been wanting to buy LittleSnapper as well, what a great combo! Ember Pro would give me no limitations on my postings and make me try even harder to be a great designer. I’m browsing emberapp.com right now.

    Check out my Ember feed.

  • Oooh. I’ve played with the LittleSnapper trial, and it’s a pretty sweet piece of software, especially for someone like me who has bookmarks full of inspirational websites :)

    Tweet: http://twitter.com/jacobbuck/status/3825638139

  • im inspired by music and stuff

  • I love to use ember to see where the current graphic & web design trends are heading. It is great so when ever I design a site or graphic I have a loose idea of what is “in” in the design world.

    Cheers, Evan G

  • When I initially stumbled upon QuickSnapper and LittleSnapper through the MacHeist bundle I read over the description a few times and thought, ‘What the hell is the point of that?’.

    Now I have LittleSnapper on my Mac and my iPhone and it’s so incredibly awesome. IMO it’s the most convenient, simple, and attractive way to share awesome interface screenshots, incredible web design, or just other random tidbits.

    Totally be pumped for a pro license.

  • I love ember and littlesnapper (osx and iphone) because it lets me share photos and web snaps on the go. I would love to be able to upload unlimited amounts of snaps with the pro account.

  • Ember for me has become an invaluable tool. When beta testing maps made for the Marathon engine, Aleph One, Little snapper allows me to quickly add comments and point our design flaws in said maps. Embed then allows me to share those marked up images with the map making crew and let’s them find their own galleries using Ember/LittleSnappets tagging system. For me Embers design aesthetic is also far superior and easier to use than that of Flickr so it has become almost a requirement of mine when sharing images.

    • The misspellings (“Embed” and “LittleSnappets”) are unfortunately due to my iPod Touch’s AutoCorrect.

  • Three things inspire my design work: Trainers/Sneakers, Food & Emotions. There’s nothing I love more than an open conversation especially if it includes fellow designers. Ember would enhance my way of thinking about design and release some new inspiration into my work!

  • I’ll love to get an Ember account !

  • I never win anything. How’s that for an answer? 😉

  • Ember is a great place to find out about new and cool site/software, I’ve found very cool pieces of software using it. Littlesnapper is a great way to take cool looking screenshots!

    see my ember account (Free) Here:http://emberapp.com/nanochrome

  • I really could use a warm roaring fire to help me get going in the morning but maybe just an ember would help me get going faster in the morning!

  • I really like them and never get chance to have them. I am going to win this get Ember and LittleSnapper for free.

  • I’m giving Ember a try, I already like the interface a lot.

  • Today I got my Macbook pro. I am really excited with this fantastic tool. Quite honestly this is the first time I’ve heard of Ember. It looks pretty good. LittleSnapper is very impressive. I would love to get my hands on that.
    Speaking of inspiration, well I feel Inspiration is everywhere. Waiting in line at the groceries store, I enjoy the packaging on the candy bars. Nature has loads to offer. People, I believe every person on this planet has their story and thats what makes us unique. A lot of stories about people inspire you. Its very interesting. Fantastic designers out there, so much talent in the world. Good companies inspire such as Apple, adobe, google, envato :) and many more. This isn’t some shameless promotion its a small way of showing my gratitude. Thats about it. Thanks

  • I just love saving the best of the web in a collection. Each site has some creative new design element to bring to the web, and I appreciate that. With LittleSnapper and Ember, it makes putting all those elements together a whole lot easier, not to mention more fun!

  • Brilliant writing inspires me. I read masterful works like the The Richest Man in Babylon and Walden; Or, Life in the Woods and the words just leap off the page and draw me in to blissfulness.

  • My main inspiration comes from nature. I usually base my design and style around what nature hasn’t come up with yet. This way I manage to get a very natural feeling in something that might be completely unnatural but still based upon nature. It’s hard to explain xD

  • iPhoto for designers. Great too for quick and easy capture, instant access to and easily able to share found images. There are always images that I have not seen before that surprise me, that inspires me.

  • What inspires me? To be honest… WOMEN ! Ember… sounds a lot like amber… which is known for its color and beauty… just like women! I guess the two make the perfect combination!

  • Ember. What else?

  • Love Little Snapper and Ember! I have been using them a lot for capturing/sharing screenshots in my web design work.


  • Currently, I have a bookmarks folder labeled “Inspired.” Every time I come across a new web page that I find to be inspirational, I bookmarks the site and save the bookmark to that folder. The bookmark’s title serves as a little note about what I liked on this page. Though a functional solution it is by no means ideal. Ember sounds like an very nice way to keep stateful copies of those sites in a way that allows me to easily tag, browse and annotate.

  • Little Snapped inspired me to update a bunch of documentation that I kept putting off. The screen snapping and fast editing / highlighting rule!!!

  • What’s better than browsing trough ember without the adverts and uploading as many images i like, creating as many collections i can!?…..exactly…I can not think of anything else 😉

  • Ember looks awesome because unlike flickr it is specifically built for sharing inspiration. I get inspired daily by just walking through the streets of NYC.

  • I spend hours each day as a graphic designer looking for inspiration on the web. Round corners, amazing colors, creative typography — that’s what inspires me. As a designer I would love to share with others exactly what has inspired me over the years, and years to come.

    Your sites, MacAppStorm, WebAppStorm, and AirAppStorm are sites that are also inspiring to visit daily. Always new content, helping me to see where the web is headed. It’s exciting to see what’s going to happen with the Internet, and an honor to be a part of it!!

    Burn on, Ember!!

  • Over the weekend, I discovered what really inspires me. I am inspired by smoke. Smoke is just amazing when you take the time to just stop and look at it. If you burn a stick and almost immediately put the fire out, the smoke that remains just leaves me speechless.

  • Great apps.

  • my god, all these post just inspired me to use those software !!!

  • always keeping track of inspiration with littlesnapper, and what a great complement to have Ember to backup all your inspiration.

  • One of my big inspiration is the beautiful marshland surrounding my boarding design school, but especially the many fantastic multiethnic people who lives there with me, are a huge daily inspiration. I really don’t know what I’ll do without them.

  • I’m actually inspired and transformed by the different way people sees the same thing. It’s like sightseeing the world through the eyes of another.

  • Oh my god….. I want Ember and LittleSnapper…. they are going to solve my life!!!! :-)

  • LittleSnapper and Ember go hand in hand some of the best things that Mac users love to play with – poor pc folks

    Ember makes my creative juices flow on overdrive.
    I cannot imagine what a Ember Pro do for my creativity, hmm…. scary but intriguing!
    And don’t get me started on LittleSnapper… Icing on the Cake! is all I can say! :)

    EmberPro + LittleSnapper = ♥

  • Ember is such a great place for design inspiration, infact, it’s now one of my favorites.

    Check out my ember feed:

  • For a copy of Little Snapper, my tweet of what inspires me:

  • I wish for an Ember license. I’ve been using ember for 3 weeks! and I find it’s really inspiring!
    Thanks AppStorm for all those give aways!

  • emberapp makes me feel so close to other artsnappers out there…
    i’d love switch to pro

    my ember feed:

  • I use littlesnapper for about 2 months. I love this app. But I don’t like the online service which built in this app. I want to upload my pics to Mobileme.