Christmas Giveaway Day 9: Tender

For businesses that offer a service of any type, you need to interact with your customers. Whether they’re simply asking questions or filing complaints, a good tool and process helps you give your customers a good experience.

And web companies everywhere are recognizing that Tender is a leader in this area. Read on to learn more and for how to win a membership of your own to this great tool.

Update: A nice response again for this prize — glad to see it. This time, I chose the winners based on people who worked in a team environment supporting a business or organization. Congratulations to the following three winners:

  • Ben Armstrong
  • Adam Johannes
  • Yoana Pedroso

Thanks again to you all.

About Tender

The team at entp have done a great job differentiating themselves from the competition with their support based tool Tender. The describe the application as so:

Tender Support organizes your customer care so you can focus on delivering the best service possible.

Tender works by funnelling support requests to your Tender site. If clients contact you via email or the web form, the requests all sit one inbox for you. This streamlines your process and makes it easier for you to respond quickly and appropriately.

Streamline your support and keep your clients happy.

Streamline your support and keep your clients happy.

Add to this all the features of the app and it’s easy to see why so many teams are using this tool to manage their support. Tender includes a well designed knowledge base component, allowing your users to answer many of their questions on their own. As well, the app can be customized to match your company’s branding.

How to Enter

So, here’s your chance to win one of 3 Plus memberships to this great tool. How do you win today? Leave a comment and mention what application or service you and your team manage. And include how you currently do support. The winners will be announced at the end of the day!

And a big congratulations to our winners from Day 8 — enjoy Lovely Charts guys.

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CleanMyMac is a sophisticated all-in-one-suite utility that helps keep your Mac clean and healthy. MacHider is an innovative product intended to put your confidential information out of sight of third parties or other unwanted eyes.

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Come Back for Day 10

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  • Ryan Sullivan

    I’m the owner of Upit and I think Tender would finally allow us to support our new release to the extent we want. Right now we use just normal email (one email box, currently) but the DNS frustrates me with the Google Mail system I use. I would love to give our users the support experience they deserve.

  • Vincent

    I use currently use FreshBooks and normal email for all of that kind of stuff :(.

  • Chris

    we manage the application “how to ticket”

  • Hannes

    I only use normal email. It’d be awesome to win a pro Tender membership.

  • Pierre

    Wow, we would love to win a Tender account. We are currently working on a Mac app called Ehon ( currently in closed beta. At the moment support is *cough* email based.

  • Brandon

    We run and run all support through basecamp. Would love to try out an app that was built for support.

  • Carlos

    The same as the others, normally use e-mail for this things.

  • Ariel

    all my support goes through email. love an app that can organize it better for me. no more flags and reminders!

  • MartinH76

    I defrag with iDefrag and regularly clean my desktop and move stuff I’ve not looked at for 6 weeks onto a backup disk.

  • Christopher DL

    Right now e-mail. But me and some friends have an idea of a buisness we want to start where Tender seems like an ideal solution. Would love to try it.

  • Jey Balachandran

    I run my personal projects using Google Apps for Business.

  • massa

    We support via IM, email and phone.

  • Rick Blalock

    we run and use activeCollab to manage support tickets, tasks, time, etc.

  • Leonardo Prunk

    We are an IT company that develop web systems by demand, and that is a hell with clients complaining and asking stuff all the time, but currently our support is only via e-mail, phone and skype =(

  • Mark Dijkstra

    We use Project2Manage. But i would nice to try something else 😉

  • Tylor

    I freelance so when I send clients website or images it’s all through email. pretty much everything I do is through email and it some times gets lots. I would love something like this to keep it all in one place.

  • Benjamin

    I use Sifter ( for issue tracking.

    Its OK, but I am looking for something better- maybe this is it?

    Thanks Envato!

  • James Costa

    We would definitely be able to use it with our clients. It would go well with our client support that uses video tutorials through Vimeo and Basecamp project management – It would also help to keep touch with clients after they’ve left as they would be able to submit tickets through it, and keep our tickets organized.

  • Thomas

    I’ve started programming for mac… i heard a lot from Tender,

  • Filip Tepper

    At one project we use RT, it’s OK, but it has no repository sync.

    At another we wen’t for Redmine – it’s OK for internal project management, but I wouldn’t use it to gather client feedback.

  • Linda S

    I currently use email…

  • Dan

    I’m in the process of writing a web app that is going to require lots of support I think. And there are only 2 of us in the company at the moment! EEEK.

  • Adam Johannes

    We are a small software development company who mainly sell our own CMS to charitable organisations. We have a Support guy who drastically needs help, as well as the small development team who have been using an old version FogBugz for along time, it has got very hard to manage and I’m tasked with simplifying these areas.

  • Matt

    I work for a web solutions developer (Microsoft gold partner) and we use a custom built SharePoint solution – this isn’t customer facing though and it would be nice to extend something to customers so they can log issues directly.

  • miquelweb

    I’m a freelance webdesigner. My support goes all in email…. :(

  • Alex

    I use e-mail support for my projects right now, an app that can make life easier sounds very good!
    1 Plus membership = 1 month on Tender?

  • Nick Plekhanov

    I only use normal email. It’d be awesome to win a pro Tender membership.

  • Paul Letourneau

    Just using email right now but would love to learn more about using an app like this! Thanks guys!

  • Steve Robillard

    I currently support a datasystem used by more than 4 dozen college disability offices across the country. Until now it has been just me and I have kept most of the details in my head or in minimal email requests. Obviously if I am to grow the company much further I need to change thi. Tender looks like a good step in the right direction.

  • NCB

    I manage a custom CMS and design services – currently use email

  • Mateus Pinheiro

    I use my mind and some unorganized peace of pappers. Maybe some e-mails. And that’s driving me crazy :)

    Shoudl be great onem tender memebership!

  • Stephan

    Our team is using E-Mail only….and that sucks 😉

  • http://URL(Optional) Mateus Pinheiro

    I run a one-man design agency and, as i’m starting, i use my mind, papers and some e-mails. I’ve to tell you: driving me crazy :)

    Should be great one tender plus acc 😀

    Tks ;D

  • Federico Soria

    We work at, it could help some of our clients to create a great customer service with out the need of hiring an entire development firm.

  • Yoana Pedroso

    We are a mutli-va team and use e-mail, Tender might be cool!

  • Daniel Groves [Erixx]

    I own Erixx. We currently work everything via email. Considering giving all company members invites to Google Wave to move it all onto there.

  • admin

    Tender might be cool. I would like win it.

  • Steve Saragian

    I just log into my web-master account and read mail that way. This sounds like a time-saver.

  • Coding Staff

    We run and would love to try out this tool.

  • Sean

    We manage, and currently handle support through a simple help forum on the site itself. But Tender would be so much better and give our users better support. Would love to win a license.

  • Jeff

    I also use email

  • Édouard Brière

    I run and I currently run all my support by e-mail. I would definitely like to give Tender a try.

  • Mike

    We use Basecamp, Zendesk, Tin Cans, & String!

  • Mike Kemp

    My group admins an entire school districts website and computers. This would be great for managing all the various sources we get help requests from.

  • Gary Calhoun

    I currently only use normal email

  • Riccardo

    Services: Jumpchart.

    Support: E-mail.

  • Josh

    We used email only, Tender seems like it would be a good change!

  • Saulius

    I run and I support my costumer by normal e-mail

  • Hasan

    We are currently constructing an onlin application for restaurants! I aint sayin anymore. It’s a secret. This would make it a lot easier for us to provide support for our potential clients…

  • Daniel Lopes

    I have to services:

    Today a support with email and github tickets

  • billstickers

    parking auction – support by request tracker and basecamp

  • Michael X.

    I use openAtrium and E-Mail.

  • Scott Wasserman

    We do web development and Mac and iPhone applications. For support, we have chat that goes through AIM and also email support.

  • Michael Latta

    I use email, and cell phone for support of custom sites for the most part. We are developing some web/iPhone apps that will require support aimed mostly at larger business customers. Tender would be wonderful once we went live.

  • Matthew Vince

    We manage Trackclass ( and we just have a single email to handle support. Nothing special at all.

  • Kickbutt

    Call is more practicable in my country

  • Darren

    Asap is the app and we use redmine for the issue and bug tracking, and use general email with specific subjects so emails can be sorted into categories… pretty ghetto.

  • Morgan Schweers

    I am the sole developer of an open source Java application, JBidwatcher, and I’m slowly building out a Rails web app to be associated with it (named, uncreatively, ‘My JBidwatcher’). The application allows monitoring eBay auctions, placing bids, buying, and organizing items. It also allows sniping, a.k.a. bidding at the last minute, which is the major function most people use it for.

    I currently support it using Lighthouse, a somewhat customized Beast forum, and copious amounts of email, and I’m always falling behind and having to give up on responding to messages older than a month. :(

    I’ve considered Tender before, especially since I’m a fan of the work done by the entp folks, but I haven’t been able to get over the hump of feeling like I’d be paying to add a fourth place to I have to provide support.

    If it were free for a year, I could easily see giving it a serious try and pushing my users to post over there instead of on the forums.

  • nanochrome

    Started to create mac apps……….. Tender would be great for support!

  • Prashant

    We’re currently in a private beta for an application for designers called DesignSvn. We’re actually trying Tender with the beta and previously used email.

  • Mihai Neacsu


  • Alec

    I only use normal email. It’d be awesome to win a pro Tender membership.

  • Rick

    I run a small web development firm, right now everything we do is handled by google apps which does the job pretty well bu this sounds quite nice

  • system32

    I only use normal email.I would be very happy if i win Tender membership..Thanks

  • Ben Armstrong (9miles Media)

    My team manages a SAaS product called Cornerstone9, which is a small, easy-to-use and cost-effective Content Management tool for small churches, non-profit organizations, and schools. We currently have a very simple ticket-management app that we made in house, and this would be a huge step up!

  • oykun yilmaz

    Cool Giveaway! perfect timing, I was considering about such service nowadays. ProjectPier for management and phone-email for support :/


  • Karan

    Currently we are using Email as our main support application.

    Looking to change this in the coming year.

    A win will be highly motivating for the required shift.

  • Max

    We are working on a specialized form of wiki (in dev.) and create websites for our customers. Currently we support our customers via mail or via the good old phone. :-)

  • Kim Røen

    Me and my design company (ZoomID) are currently using the built-in support mechanisms in Freshbooks to deal with our support issues, but I would love to see what an app built for the purpose of support have to offer.

  • Praj

    We use a customised solution based on osTicket( ) , but we would love to try Tender. It seems like a very well rounded solution..

    Fingers crossed

  • Matt S.

    Here at we manually manage our own support through web forms and then email. There’s a better way …

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  • Phil Wilson

    Right now we use email and a grossly unfriendly trac install to manage all of our support. I want Tender.

  • Mikael Pittam

    We use th good ol’ reliable email and phone. However, Tender could bring us to the next level.

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