Christmas Giveaway Day 6: CannyBill

There are some applications that focus on thing and one thing only. Then there are others that focus on a few items, giving you the ability to manage multiple facets of your business in one tool.

CannyBill fits into the latter category. And we’re giving away three memberships today.

Update: Wow — what a response for a Sunday. Thanks to you all for participating.

After reading about so many businesses, it was hard to choose just three people. But choose I did — here are the winners:

  • millca
  • Carl Crowther
  • Jason (from Wajig)

The prizes will continue tomorrow morning — see you then.

About CannyBill

If you’re unfamiliar with the service, CannyBill is focused on automating your invoicing and billing. With the app, you can allow customers to pay for your products online with a credit card. And you can even sell SSL Certificates and Domain registrations.

Besides serious business features, the app has a clean interface.

Besides serious business features, the app has a clean interface.

Even further, CannyBill makes it easy to set up order forms to sell your products and services to customers. Add in the robust API and integration with industry mainstays like Basecamp, Campaign Monitor and Quickbooks, and you’ve got a full featured business tool.

How to Enter

We’re going to award three contestants today. To get a copy, leave a comment before and mention your business. What kind of product or service do you offer and how will this tool help you? The winners will be announced at the end of the day!

And a big congratulations to our winners from Day 5 — enjoy riding the Wave.

And Over at Mac.AppStorm: Espresso

Don’t forget to check out what’s going on over at Mac.AppStorm! Today they’re giving away a few copies of Espresso.

Espresso aims to simplify the workflow of web designers, providing a streamlined set of tools and techniques which allow you to focus on designing. The feature set includes a great package of tools.

Read more and enter the competition

Come Back for Day 7

It doesn’t stop here. The giving continues each day until our grand finale on the 24th. Tune in each day for the newest prize and keep up to date with our RSS feed or Twitter account.


Add Yours
  • Awesome. I am a freelance web designer on the side. This app would definitely help me get organized. I currently don’t have a nice, clean way of sending invoices to clients, and this would help so much.

  • I do graphic and web design. I can design (I think) pretty nice web sites.

  • My company is Erixx []. Erixx is a school-enterprise company based at writhlingotn school, near bath.

    What do we do? We design. Erixx is a web design company run by a huge range of people, some as young as 13, and others (like myself) are 17/18. The company is currently run by myself being in the final year of 6th from.

    This tool would be a huge help when invoicing our clients. Currently we have to wait on paper invoices to go between ourselves and clients, and then wait fro checks coming back. It is a very lengthly process.

    I hop we are considered for this competition,
    Daniel Groves.

  • I used to work as a freelancer ( ), but recently changed paths and now work in a partnership. Specialising in Web & Graphic design and also iPhone apps.

    I’ve been looking into a better system and this would help out loads for our start up :)


    ~ Sul

  • I’m a college student about to start freelancing with graphic and web design.

    I have a local presence, and clients, but no real way to handle the money yet!

  • We create layouts for gamers & clans. We`d love to manage our income with CannyBill!

    CannyBill would ease the way our customers pay and we´d be glad to find out about other chances it offers us :)

  • I´m planning to sell some specialized nutritional stuff and knowledge. Would be nice to have some testing it it fits my needs

  • I am a Freelance Designer and that app would be very helpful to me in Invoicing and keeping track of balances.

  • Hmmm! Sure are a lot of Web designers here. Count me as one (been doing it professionally since 1996), but I’m heading in a new direction. Like CannyBill, my reconfigured business will be multi-faceted, including how-to ebooks, online classes, and instructional podcasts, as well as several membership sites. This app would fit quite well.

  • I do graphic/web design and web development.

  • I am on Webdesign/webdevelopment business.. working freelance.

    CannyBill would easier things for sure :)

    Good contest!

  • As a general contractor, we spend far too much time tracking who’s paid and who’s not. This looks to be great!

  • I freelance web design. This app would be great for billing. Also, the ability to register domain names and stuff sounds nice :O

  • I run a design shop, called Scout Design, in the heart of Prince Edward County. CannyBill can cut down on my invoicing time and let me focus on my clients!

  • I’m and freelance webdesigner

  • I do freelance web and graphic design ( and CannyBill would certainly help me balance the books a little better. Thanks!

  • My business provides complete online marketing implementation services, including print, web, mobile, social, and email application design. This tool will help us have our clients easily pay for those one-time services (including domain names which we used to just register for them) but where it will shine is the recurring billing/invoice reminder feature as we move several of our services over to a retainer structure to stabilize our income. One thing we’ve really been missing from our workflow is the ability to accept partial payments on an invoice – we tried it with another invoicing application and it cost us and our client a measure of inconvenience because it did not work.

  • Wajig is a startup where we will design and develop websites and allow our customers to manage everything themselves with an easy to use interface with a full development and production environment for each customer. Everything will be “up in the cloud” and therefore managed with ease. We are in the process of transferring all our signups to online based and this would not only make the payment process easier, but also allow our customers to manage their monthly payments and account history.

  • I do web design and tech help.

  • I’m studying to become a freelance web developer. The ability to charge credit cards and other items on my tight budget would be great for my customers.

  • sweet give away! we are a web development company with some 200+ hosted accounts on our dedicated server. Billing is messy. we often find sites that slip through the cracks on their yearly renewals.

  • i do graphic design, web design and marketing. would be great to have a tool like this. especially the credit card charging.

  • I’m a freelance web developer and something that helps keep track of billing would make that part of business a lot easier. I’ve tried several different systems but none of them have been all that successful for me yet. Let’s give CannyBill a try!

  • I’m a freelance web designer. I don’t currently have a great way to invoice clients. It looks like CannyBill would fit the bill, so to speak.

  • I am a freelance web designer and would love to have this to help with clients and keep tracking of costs.

  • I’m a young freelance web developer (high school), and I really haven’t found a good way to send out invoices easily every month! Up until now I’ve been printing…mailing…waiting for a check to come back to me. This would help me out immensely!

  • I am a Digital Imaging Specialist and I don’t enjoy invoicing & billing, so I hope this helps.

  • I am also a freelance web designer / developer

  • I create layouts for gamers and esport clans. My customers would be thankful if they had an easier way to pay. I´m looking forward to find out whats possible with CannyBill.

  • I’m a freelance web developer and designer so this would be great. I wouldn’t have to worry about the problems I’ve had in the past with this sort of thing. Thanks so much for the opportunity. :)

  • I am a freelance webdesigner and UI designer.

  • With my company Quick Swish:, I develop brands and logos for various clients. This app would greatly improve my overall presence and work flow. Here’s hoping!

  • I am also a freelance web designer/ developer

  • I’m a freelance web designer….

  • I’m a web and graphic design freelancer ( and would use the app to make the payment process SOO much easier.

  • iPhone/Mac Developer and Web Designer/Developer

  • I’m a website developer but I also do a lot of work in emergency medicine, and this would be an amazing help for both!

  • Our company is called Two Socks we offer commercial printing and graphic design services as well as web development.

    Invoicing clients current is dificult to say the least and the vast majority of it is left upto one of our employees that knows MYOB (I hate that program). Currently we are looking for a more complete solution that can just export jobs back into MYOB at the end of the month or something to that effect. This could be a solution to our problem so I’d love to try it!

  • Being a graphic/web designer makes billing & invoicing a daily issue, so CannyBill would be a great help.

  • Hi.. I’m a doctor. I’m a public health practitioner. This tool helps me in my surveys, surveillances and questionnaires so i can gather data more efficient.

  • I am a freelance web developer, and I’m working on a project, that I want to sell as a service start from early 2010. So, CannyBill will be very useful!

  • I’m a freelance designer just starting out and I real need this app to be able to get organized and actually prove to my family I can make it.

  • I’m a web developer working with a friend who is also a web developer who have a small site trying to grow bigger to do web development.

  • I am a web Developer, and this would help me to sort out my clients who are not paying me for the work I have done for them, I can hopefully with this app send them invoice’s and give a time scale for them to pay!

  • I’m doing freelance web consulting. I’m currently restructuring the way I do things to make my system more efficient by consolidating services.

    Cannybill would help with the first step of putting some services together.

  • Wow, there are a ton of us web developers out there who could use help with their business back end. I have not seen CannyBill before so I’m thankful to today’s contest and I sure hope I win. What a great service that would certainly help me stay way more organized than I am currently. Who wouldn’t like a service that helps them get paid easier and faster?

  • I am a Graphic Design student at the moment, over the Christmas break I’m planning on setting up my freelance business. I was researching different billing system, and this one seems really impressive, it would be amazing if I could win a license since I wouldn’t be to afford it otherwise.

  • I’m a freelance Copywriter/Web Designer.
    Cannybill would be perfect for me to bill my clients and keep track of things, for sure.

  • Freelance graphic designer.

  • Hi,
    I work for a web developing agency called Guerrilla Website Design in Leighton Buzzard UK. We currently have paper time sheets / invoicing. We have been meaning to develop something similar for a while but didn’t have time.

    Cannybill would help us alot. So fingers crossed.


  • Favorite app would have to be Quicksilver.

  • i am a freelance Joomla consultant/developer and so i do things Joomla wise.

    About Canny Bill, i have had no experience in it, but i do have quite extensive experience deploying the e-commere or e-shop Site Builder & Shop Builder by ( and i am most impressed and my clients most happy with it.

    So when Canny Bill, a product by the same people, was introduced carrying similar philosophy and style as like Trading Eye, i was even keen on becoming a sales/support agent for Canny Bill. I would say above all the concept that i like about these products is sheer simplicity. Cheers to all.

  • Thank you to everyone for taking part and congratulations to the three winners. I will be contacting you today.

    There has also been some excellent comments posted so to anyone that didn’t win this time, please feel free to email me directly at wladimir at and I can organize a discount code for you.

    Thanks again.