Christmas Giveaway Day 23: Campaign Monitor

Anyone who has spent time looking into the various email campaign web applications will be familiar with the big names: Emma, Mailchimp, AWeber and Campaign Monitor. All are good tools — and good companies.

When you need to decide on which product would suit you the best, you have to look a little closer to see if there are any differentiating factors to sway your decision. Campaign Monitor has done so in that they targeted their product squarely at designers.

Update: Thanks for participating folks — and for the great comments. There were some thoughtful mentions for a lot of great apps. After looking things over, here are the 4 winners:

  • Dave Smay
  • Chris Powell
  • Jordan
  • Frederic Soler

Enjoy your stylish t-shirts!

About Campaign Monitor

This application is aimed at designers — whether they are using email marketing themselves or handling that aspect of business for their own customers. And this is a tool that is powerful in features, while at the same time, very nice to look at.

Another great example of form AND function.

Another great example of form AND function.

And the crew at Freshview — the company behind Campaign Monitor — are so confident in their product that they’ve built it so that their customers can completely rebrand it and sell it as their own product. Email marketing apps such as AshWebMail, Breeze, and selectmailer are all in fact Campaign Monitor wrapped in a custom interface.

A web 2.0 company who takes care of their people.

A web 2.0 company who takes care of their people.

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Dave Greiner (co-founder) over the past year and I can say that this is a company with great people. And a great dash of personality.

So far, all of our prizes have been memberships. That changes today (and tomorrow). Rather than give some credit towards a Campaign Monitor, Dave has contributed some of the amazing CM t-shirts. These are not even available for sale, but are given to customers for being awesome.

And we’ve got four of these great shirts to give away today.

How to Enter

If you’d like to sport one of these customer tees, leave a comment. Mention a web 2.0 company that you love and why you love them — bonus points for comments that explain how the company has become more than just an organization to you and show their personality. Winners will be announced at the end of the day!

And a big congratulations to our winners from Day 22 — enjoy ccText!

And Over at Mac.AppStorm: DEVONthink

Don’t forget to check out what’s going on over at Mac.AppStorm! Today they’re giving away a few copies of DEVONthink.

DEVONthink stores your documents, scanned papers, email messages, notes, bookmarks, etc. in one place. It has powerful search facilities, and a whole host of different ways to import your data into the application. It’s quick and easy to find a workflow that fits your process.

Read more and enter the competition

Come Back for Day 24 – The Grand Finale

We’re almost there. Thanks to everyone for contributing over the month — it’s been a blast. And make sure you tune in tomorrow morning as we announce our grand prize. It includes software, hardware and some extra goodies — over $1000 in value all told.

See you tomorrow!


Add Yours
  • Twitter – Hands down my favorite SN /w2.0 company. There are tons of apps, great little API, everyone is entrenched in their tweets. They have done a great job bringing community and being social to the web. They continue to develop features that are benefits, and that’s always awesome.

    Now hook me up with a shirt and I’ll tweet about you for a week =)


    For the range of creatively original work that they do!


    I think this is the best video hosting company out there. Customisable player, easy, sleek and quick. What more do I want?

  • Mine has to be Twitter.

    Along with using Socialite on the Mac and using ‘Lists’ wisely it is my main form of browsing the net now. I skip all of the crap and great straight to the good stuff. It has also put me in touch with great people in my field of work. I’ve chatted to Andy Clarke on the phone and even had lunch with Dan Rubin and Jonathan Snook on different occasions. Met some really great and genuinely nice people. It’s actually made my life better, seriously! 😛

    Twitter all the way!

  • My fav web 2.0 company is… APPLE

    I’m in love with the mobileme service, I use the idisk to share all of my files with clients, use webgalleries directly from iphoto to share moments with my friends and their mail service is the best i’ve found so far (even better than gmail…).

  • Wow…fantastic tees! Hope to win one…=D

    I will suggest Hootsuite…from a small twitter related service has evolved to a full suite that helps me to connect with twitter, facebook and other services with just a few clicks from pc or iphone…just amazing!

  • I discovered not long ago BrightKite. I’ve to say that it’s a really nice social tool.
    Why ? Because that helps me to communicate on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr (for photos) with just one interface.
    So why not choose Seesmic or another app? Because BirghKite is just BrightKite. I mean this is more than a web app, tha’ts a real world that lets you know new people around you.
    And they manage to do this on my browser and my Iphone, that’s really cool.

  • 37signals

    Their managment app Basecamp was my first web app I have used (beside gmail). It changed the way I organized projects and helped found our company (since we do not share an office space). After that the clients started to like it and now I cannot even imagine working without it.

    The part Iike best on Basecamp is that it is very straight forward and as 37signals say, it spurs conversation rather than control.

  • i love google cause they own the world.

  • I’m actually a big fan of caloriecount from It’s helped me eat healthier and become more active which are definetely offline activities!

  • im a wufoo fan. They have further inspired (or solidified) our use of goofball creativity in our marketing

    Also i am a huge fan of campaign monitor. FTW!

  • Hootsuite by far! It’s Twitter, Facebook, auto RSS updates, URL shortener, stats, search and more all in one. What more can you ask for? Plus they listen to their customer base and you can actually talk to them with ideas.

  • is an awesome site. Good for networking duh lol

  • I would agree with most of the folks here — Twitter all the way! At first, the idea seemed ridiculous but somehow it all fitted and it just rewrote history as we know it… just look at the role it played during the Iran elections!

  • I would agree with most of the folks here — Twitter all the way! At first, the idea seemed ridiculous but somehow it all fitted and it just rewrote history as we know it… just look at the role it played during the Iran elections!

  • I would agree with most of the folks here — Twitter all the way! At first, the idea seemed ridiculous but somehow it all fitted and it just rewrote history as we know it… just look at the role it played during the Iran elections!

  • I would agree with most of the folks here — Twitter all the way! At first, the idea seemed ridiculous but somehow it all fitted and it just rewrote history as we know it… just look at the role it played during the Iran elections!

  • I would have to say facebook, I only started using it this year & it has helped me to interact with others.

  • tweet tweet

  • I’m a big fan of both and Being a small business owner, I find the pairing to be just great for my workflow and paperwork process.

  • nice giveaway. Never really used a campaign monitor.. never did a email campaign actually …heh

  • It has to be twitter. I love the simple interface and the fun with which they operate (fail whale!) – I love the email update that come from straight from Biz Stone and I am overjoyed at how I can used twitter alongside email and other communications tools.

  • My vote goes to dropbox without question. The best service (excluding Campaign Monitor) I have used this year.

  • Google is best web 2.0 company and web 3.0, 4.0 and all future names :) Because every day everyone on all platforms using google services.

  • A brilliant service, beutifully designed and feels so much less spammy that youtube. Vimeo is to youtube what facebook was (circa 2007) to myspace. It is a pleasure to be part of, let alone use.

  • Wave by Google. Why? Because we desperately need email to be re-invented. It’s like a horse-and-buggy rolling across the Internet.

  • BackBlaze ( is definitely my favorite web 2.0 company this year. Their software is sleek, the backups just work, but most importantly, they’ve got a great staff! Their personality really comes out in their blog. One of my favorite posts in their blog describes how they built their storage pods and how to build your own — how neat is that!? And it sure inspired my confidence in their backups and staff.

  • is the hottest new app on the block.

    The logo is uber-cute and the app makes copyright management a breeze, for free.

    Also, I believe Myows is using CM for their newsletters too!

    (actually I’m sure of it, I run the app)

  • Newism, Web design and Development company. I love these guys for having me for work experience during the year. Newism has become more than just an organization by getting out there with fellow web designers and developers in Newcastle, Australia to create Bits and Pixels, a social meetup.

  • CM is a good tool but the templates feature is a bit clunky for clients to use satisfactorily unless they are prepared to accept a very structured newsletter format.

  • Just because It’s fresh & new, I think I will vote for But they would be nowhere with out the likes of Twitter et al.

    So I change my vote for Twitter. Do I really have to explain? The world will never be the same now that twitter is involved.

    Plus I like the 2.0 bird

  • seriously man, a t shirt?

  • I’m going to throw this out there and say Hulu has changed TV as we know it. They had an ad in this past Superbowl and this year their market has sky-rocketed! Considering they started in 2007 i would say this is HUGE. is TV when we want it and where we want it. It doesn’t get much better than that.

  • grooveshark!

  • I’ve been using Campaign Monitor for 3 years : don’t know better Saas response for emailing campaigns…

  • Thank God for Twitter.

  • Without a doubt: Dropbox. I *never* used to back up my personal files on a daily/weekly basis, or heck, ever. The only time I ever had files on my external hard drive was just when I was going to do a fresh format and needed to save everything over.

    After almost having lost five years of websites, graphics, personal photos and more… I decided that I just couldn’t afford to have another scare happen or worse-actually losing my data. I researched and looked over so many companies earlier this year and nothing gave the options and affordability that Dropbox provided.

    I don’t need to pay $50/month to be able to use it on multiple computers to sync my files throughout, I don’t need to pay an outrageous fee for a large amount of disk space (I have the 50GB plan which is more than enough for my website files, photos and misc files. I don’t save music or movies as these are 100% replaceable.)

    The best is that when I do my contract jobs that require some in-house work and remote work… I don’t need to lug around another laptop, flash drive or hard drive. I’ll just sync those files and access them through Dropbox itself since I can chose the option to select various files and save it as a zip. Score!

    No more stressing on a hard drive dying and losing my files or forgetting to backup. Dropbox = saved my [nerdy] life.

  • web 2.0?
    one of the best site has to be macheist who design beautiful puzzles that are only around for a few days. so much work for just a few minutes of our enjoyment. They bring so much new to the table every time

  • twitter.

  • 24 days of emails that didn’t have any actual content in them – i had to unsubscribe from the feedburner. just thought this was worth mentioning if you are thinking of doing this again.

  • I like the auto responder function of Omnistar Mailer