Christmas Giveaway Day 21: SpiderOak

Anyone using a computer for more than a couple of years no how fragile your data really is. The only safety is redundancy. This holds even more true when it involves your livelihood. And to achieve redundancy, you need two things: a good plan and good tools.

Today’s giveaway could help on the second of those two items.

Update: Obviously, a lot of people are looking for good backup solutions. Glad to see such a great response for this product. Here are the three lucky winners of a lifetime membership for SpiderOak:

  • Alan Neese
  • Windy Phillips
  • Lisa Thorn

Enjoy the prize! And keep coming back — be sure to check out the grand prize on Thursday. Someone will be having an extra merry Christmas!

About SpiderOak

A good overall backup plan needs two things: automation (because you’ll never stay on top manually) and off site storage. SpiderOak can help with both.

How does free for life sound?

How does free for life sound?

This application includes a client for all major operating systems, each of which interacts with the online client for syncing and storage. It also allows for the sharing of files — giving you multiple options for accessing and sharing your date with family and friends.

How to Enter

Does all that interest you? If it does, let me know in the comments. We’ve got three free Pro accounts to giveaway — and these are not for just one year. These are lifetime memberships.

The winners will be announced at the end of the day! And a big congratulations to our winners from Day 20 — enjoy Lighthouse!

And Over at Mac.AppStorm: Bento

Don’t forget to check out what’s going on over at Mac.AppStorm! Today they’re giving away a few copies of Bento.

Bento is a highly regarded “personal database” application for OS X, allowing you to keep track of almost anything you can imagine. From your book collection to a summary of potential new apartments – it’s useful for a whole range of different needs.

Read more and enter the competition

Come Back for Day 22

It doesn’t stop here — we’re that much closer to the grand prize. The giving continues each day until our grand finale on the 24th. Tune in each day for the newest prize and keep up to date with our RSS feed or Twitter account.

  • LaToya

    spideroak would be a godsend for me. i don’t have an external hard drive so this would definitely be a plus!

  • Alex

    I really need to start backing up! Lost about 4 email – coursework – and a few other bits… Would like to get this account :)

  • webbografico

    I like it!!!

  • john

    i will really love this, i dont have any backup solution and SpiderOak would be a great help for me !

  • Steve Robillard

    I would definitely feel better knowing mine and my customers data was safely backed up offsite.

  • oykun yilmaz

    life time?! online backup system?! pro account for that?!

    whoaaa. this’d be my lifesaver… I have over 40 projects (code, design, …) at my mbp. and I could buy any external HDD for taking backup :S , I always worry about loosing datas. this giveaway would be my lifesaver.! also would make my job so easier with sharing feature (for clients).

    Thanks a lot!

    (also twitted)

  • Dan

    Sounds good, it would be nice to have data backed up on hard drives and in SpiderOak’s cloud!

  • Ben Tattersley

    Wow. this is a pretty good prize. i would love to win this :)

  • Jimmie Lin

    I just broke another USB Drive yesterday. I hope I can win so I can finally get rid of backups of backups, and so on.

  • Antonio

    I like this service. Would be great!

  • Deva

    This definitely interests me! I keep an offline backup but I need an online backup too. Right now I don’t trust my external hard disk so much…

  • Dennis S.

    One of the best things about cloud computing is online data storage. Sure, I have an external hard disk at home to which I back up — I have lost too much time and effort due to system crashes where entire months of work have gone down the crapper — but who wants to carry that around with them everywhere? With a tool like SpiderOak, I could have the peace of mind that comes with backing up, plus the convenience of portability.

  • Ankit Sharma

    Wow a lifetime membership, now that sounds like a plan! The giveaways get better each time :)

  • Valerie Williams

    Ooh! I’ve been looking for a good backup system. Would love to try this one!

  • Nick

    1) I love this blog, I’ve found so many interesting articles and pieces of software.
    2) This sounds like such a great utility, it wouldn’t hurt for me to start backing everything up!

  • Max Breakwell

    Sounds great!

  • m_s

    A lifetime of SpiderOak would be wonderful! I’ve tried various other online backup systems – including Mozy, Amazon S3 via Twin, Sugarsync, and most recently Carbonite – and nothing works as well as I need. I would love to give SpiderOak a try – and the lifetimeness of it would mean at last my online backups could rest in peace and no longer needed to be shunted from one service to another! Ah, how peacefully my data will sleep on SpiderOak’s servers…

  • Catalin

    I really want this PRO account. I recently lose all my data because my hard break off.

  • LaurentR

    I would be very interested. Thank you

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  • Mike

    I’m currently only using external drives and have been wanting to start using an online backup solutions. SpiderOak looks perfect for me.

  • Pingback: Christmas Giveaway Day 21: Bento | Design City()

  • Pingback: Christmas Giveaway Day 21: Bento | Design City()

  • Tylor Skory

    I am interested!

  • copper

    In another life I was a DR specialist and I always cringe at how poorly protected my own data is. . . maybe a dr heal thyself kind of moment

  • Alan Neese

    A lifetime backup solution would be a great way to start the year off right! You guys are the greatest.

  • Windy Phillips

    Between the files for my personal and work (many of which are design files that have had hours of work put into them) finally having a solution like this would be ideal. Would love to score an account. And lifetime pro account to boot? Yes please!!!

  • Cameron Hess

    Wow, SpiderOak looks like a great web app- perfect for what I need. Great find Appstorm! I agree, this would make everyday backup and sharing needs much easier for the web developer / designer type like me. And thank God for the possibility of spending less time on things like this- as there are not enough hours in a day.

  • Online Backups Review

    We don’t need a free account, but we helped spread the word at

    Merry Christmas!

  • Justin

    I could seriously use this! I do backup to an external drive, but I’m not backing up offsite. I have a lot of client data that “should” be backed up offsite…

  • Cherie

    My husband and I have had several debates on this very topic: What is the best methods of backing up our client work, pictures of our child, etc…

    The sad thing is, besides backing up to a local hard drive, we have yet to do anything.

    This would be a huge help to us and ensure the safety of our work and memories.

    Thanks for this giveway event, Envato.

  • Andrew Possehl

    Offsite backup would rock my socks!

  • Mihla

    I’ve been using an offsite automatic backup system since I lost all the data on both my laptop and my backup hard drive at the same time. But, free is always better!

  • miller asbill

    Looks like a great way to ensure we keep all of our precious computer files. Oh I’d love this as a christmas present!

  • Sjan Evardsson

    Lifetime membership? Of course I am interested. Throwing my hat in the ring…

  • Peter Cuce

    I’ve tried a couple of different online backup systems, but none of them had the flexibility and ease of use I was looking for. One of them, Time Warp, sent nag messages even after I removed the software from my Mac. Really annoying.

  • Anthony Parker

    Sounds very nice!

  • Dan P

    lifetime package? epic. Subscription services always piss me off.

  • Chris Clinton

    I am currently using two laptops, a desktop and two portable hard-drives, SpiderOak would be a godsend. This would drastically reduce the amount of copying that occurs on a regular basis in preparation for trips and projects.

  • Joseph

    That would be awesome!

  • Roxanna

    Absolutely! Having experienced hard drive failure in the past, it would be great to not have to constantly think about backing things up. Thanks!

  • Hazim

    I am a graphic design student, I move my work around a lot between school and home, recently my external HD got damaged on my way to school, and now I am trying to save up for a new one. I am using drop box at the moment, but then again it’s the free version.
    An online account would be such a great help, considering that I don’t own a laptop it could be a life saver when it comes to moving files around.
    Obviously it would also be great to save some money and skip buying an external HD (at least for a while).

  • Vik

    Lifetime??? Awesome!! Would love this for my offsite backups.

  • Robert

    Lifetime! SWEET!…

  • Bryan

    Oh wow! I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. Always wanted to try SpiderOaks out but I couldn’t really afford it.

    An account that lasts for a lifetime would be amazing. =D

  • drumman358

    I’ve been looking for a solution like this. I would love to win the free subscription.

  • Matt B

    I’m always advocating for having a backup. The majority of people don’t. I’ve seen real-world failures of 5 hard drives in the past 5 years in my tower so I know the importance.

  • DansNetwork

    I’m very interested due to the fact that it should work well on all of my computers (Mac, Linux (Ubuntu), and Windows)!

  • Alex

    I would love this, the amount of times I have lost important work! Recently:
    Coursework – that was a bad one :(
    Quite a few other things….(For some reason TimeCaptule did not have them which was strange)
    Would really help!

  • Lisa Thorn

    2 busted hard drives, and I accidentally wiped my Time Capsule… please… somebody help me…

  • Jason B

    This would be fantastic! Especially the historical/version file storing!

  • Adam

    Yeah I’ve almost lost all of my honeymoon pics once. I would love this awesome tool!

  • Ethan Wright

    Please, I hardrive crashed a year ago, and I lost thousands of dollars of data, please…..

  • ShaMac13

    A lifetime pro account? Amazing! This would be a blessing for me – I don’t have an external hard drive or the money to buy one, and my flash drives are full to the brim. When my hard drive fried, I lost almost everything – I don’t want to go through that again!

  • syphadius

    both of best worlds, you can backup at home, but then add extra security on the web, that makes it portable at all times, that’s the key point imo.

    good luck everyone!

  • Ricardo Giesta

    Me me me pick me!

  • Bryce

    I’ve been looking into online backups, this would be awesome!

  • Andy M

    A lifetime membership to SpiderOak, WOW! I would definitely like to win this! My family is pretty bad about backing up the computer. This would help greatly.

  • Hannes

    It would be simply amazing if I would have access to a SpiderOak pro account!

    I’ve always been scared of data loss. Backups are a lengthy, annoying process and there’s still always a slight chance that something DOES go wrong. I have a couple dozen of projects on my HD and I would be so sad if I’d ever lose any of them – years of work went into them.

    My installation of vista is totally messed up (for an unknown reason…) and I can’t create another backup because my external HD is full! (Filled with… backups). The last backup that I had made was from 5 months ago. *panic* My messed up copy of vista could decide to give up on life and die any time – that would mean losing a damn lot of project source code.

    Even if I don’t win I’d probably look into buying a SpiderOak pro account, although my dad doesn’t trust online backup services at all. Myself still being a teenager without a credit card, he has the final say for purchasing things online. A SpiderOak lifetime subscription’s awesomeness would probably convince him that online backup services do not contain the slightest scent of evilness, but rather, are heavenly!

    So yeah, all in all I’d be ever so grateful if I could have a lifetime membership.

  • Eric

    Does all that interest me? Yes. Yes indeed.

  • Moe Levin

    This looks great. Loose hard drives are a problem for me as my computers get a lot of wear and tear. A backup program that’s easy to use would be an oasis in the desert of otherwise complicated softwares.

  • Brooke

    oh my Gosh! I just recently set up SpiderOak to automatically backup my candybar and punakea databases, it kicks so much arse. I HIGHLY recommend this app. every time I add an icon to candybar or add a file to punakea, it is immediately added to the online backup. it all happens in the background, and I get no lag, no slow down at all on my MacBook Air. you dont notice at all when a backup is going on. I’m using a free account now, so I would LOVE to win this pro account :)

  • Pier Luigi

    I’m very interested. I just searching a service like this to backup and synchronize my macs!
    Really hope to win :)

  • iSnake

    Very interesting!

  • Damien McKenna

    Pweeeeeze? =-)

  • Levi Breederland

    Quite interested!

  • Vincent

    Wow, this would be very nice :O

  • Paletta

    I can’t believe it…with SpiderOak I won’t loose all my University projects again because I haven’t done a backup!
    Please Santa Envato Clause..choose me! =D

  • MJV

    I’m interested. :)

  • Troyenne

    Oh yeah, I am definitely interested, thank you.

  • Matt Milam

    Nobody can have enough back up. I just recently lost a 250 gb hard drive and was looking for a new solution. Hopefully i found it.

  • Abe Jellinek

    I really need to back up. I recently lost 200 hours of work because my HD failed.

  • Patrick Becker

    spideroak would be a godsend for me

  • adam

    I just recovered (emotionally) from a crashed hard disk. This would solve my worries in the future!

  • Guario

    Most definitely interested. I really need a good back up solution and this seems to fit the bill perfectly.

  • Pascal Hos

    This is of great interest to me. I’ve used other services before with mixed results.

  • Rod

    Apps new and innovative R always welcome on scene. If I was to receive a LTM to SO I will extol WebAppStorm’s virtues wherever I go. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  • Jon Walker

    Spideroak would definitely be a huge plus for me. Having an offsite backup is crucial to making sure your data is safe.

  • Andrew D

    I use dropbox to backup all my school files, and backup my entire hard drive monthly. Having a bit more storage on the web would be nice, so I’m hoping to win a copy of SpiderOak.

  • Nicholas LeBlanc

    This would be an awesome Christmas treat! Would definitely be better than my external hard drive with Time Machine backups :).

  • Hbiloo

    A lifetime free backup solution? That will be great. I’m in :).

  • Akhil Sasidharan

    Yes, I am! 😉

  • Alex

    Lifetime membership for such a great service?!
    I’m definitely in!

  • Irimia

    .. and the winner is .. :)

  • insanedreamer

    This looks sweet – especially the cross-platform functionality (in my family we have all three platforms so combining backups in the cloud instead of running multiple backup applications would be so nice), and the sharing (could replace Dropbox). Would love to win :-)

  • Austin Grice

    Although I have an offsite backup solution for myself already, I really need to get one for my wife. She has amassed I don’t know how many pictures that need to be backed up.

  • wrzr

    Sounds amazing! I’m currently using Dropbox – just for a few documents. Being able to keep everything safe (for life!) sounds like a godsend!

  • FiZ

    I’ve been trying to find a good remote backup service for a while now. A lifetime membership would just send me through the roof.

  • bill

    oooh…i’d love this.

  • Brad Parnell

    I would love this!

  • Mikael Pittam

    This will definitely help out our expanding business. Lots of hi-resolution images and vector files. Thanks!

  • Pedro Lobo


    I personally use a free account to help me stay synced between home, work and accessible elsewhere with the added bonus that I always have my data backed up.

    the downside is I have to be selective what I have on Spideroak due to the limitation.

    A pro account would be…. I can’t find the words..


  • Matthew

    Definitely interested!

  • Stoian Kirov

    I love this kind of gifts! :)
    Usually most of the gifts can’t help me, but this one looks great!
    I hope i win 😉

  • Johannes Schmitz

    Spideroak would be great for me because I am using different Computers and everything is out of sync all the time. So this would really help me.

  • Eric

    I would love to give SpiderOak a try :) I’ve have tried SugarSync, DropBox and LiveMesh.

  • Sean

    I’d feel so privileged to win a lifetime membership with SpiderOak. Online backback has become increasingly popular these days and this system is the best out there. It offers automatic back-ups so that I wouldn’t have to worry about constantly forgetting to back it up. What more could I ask for?

  • Vadim

    Want to try it!

  • bakhtier

    It is great service. and the giveaway is awesome. Great gift for holidays!!!

  • Mark Dijkstra

    niceeee, well i must have one!!!!

  • Mark Dijkstra

    niceee, well i must have one!!!

  • bakhtier

    I guess I am late :((

  • Alan

    Wow. this is a pretty good opportunity. i would love to win this

  • Tony S.

    This would be an incredible addition to my backup workflow!!!! Right now, I take an external hard drive to work with me once a week, as my second backup copy. This would alleviate that need!!!!!

  • Riccardo

    Dropbox is very nice, but Spideroak is the best!!!

    I’d really love to win :-)

  • Owais

    There’s been a lot of comments already, but for sure this has to got to be the one giveaway I personally would want the most. So here goes:

    Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please ……

    Oh, and a cherry on top. Or a strawberry if you don’t like cherries. :)

  • HBB

    yes, i am interested in SpiderOak.

  • daniel

    You can also try SpiderOak for FREE for LIFE with 2GB of storage, just head over to and give it a try!

  • Jason A.

    Lifetime membership, this sounds awesome! I want to win!

  • Sina

    I already did a lot of testing with it and it works quite well. With a lifetime membership I will be forced to tell them the hickups. At the moments they got some problems with NAS, so lately i was annoyed and stopped using the service…

  • Sean Branam

    WOW! Spideroak is so awesome. I love the security with it and the way it works with all my geeky systems.
    Please let me win!!!
    I’m a hard working father of 3 and can’t afford to pay for something more than the free 2GB.

    thanks and keep up the good info :)

  • Neil

    This would be the BEST Christmas present ever. Love SpiderOak would be amazed to have a lifetime sub!

  • DavidB

    awesome giveaway, glad I stumbled on this. Fingers crossed for a really cool Christmas pressie with this one.

  • steven yi

    I am totally interested!!!

  • Aymará

    I would love to win this!!! I love how spideroak works 😀

  • Carlos

    Spideroak looks incredible, a lifetime membership would be just the perfect gift!

  • Michael X.

    Would love an extra backup solution additional to my external hard drive :)

  • Johan Jensen

    Man, that sounds great! =D

  • Regiter

    Sweet, this would really help out my backup situation.

  • Jim

    I would really love this!

  • Redd

    Hey! I’m actually currently using SpiderOak (the free version) and I can vouch for its awesomeness! This would be a great gift for me if ever I win!

  • Chrisw

    SpiderOak would come in handy….I always struggle keeping up to date with my backups

  • Alex

    Yes! This is definitely a nice giveaway! My dropbox can stand anymore backup! Please, I’d love to have one of those wonderful lifetime membership!!!!! I’m not too late, am I?
    Cheers guys!

  • jamy015

    Well, if you have a copy to spare, i’ll be glad to get it :)

  • John L.

    Sweet! Count me in as one of those very, very interested.

  • James

    Oh yeah, using an online backup makes so much sense…especially as SpiderOak seems to have not only backup, but also sync and sharing across many platforms.

    Count me in.

  • Paul Duncan

    Lifetime!? oh yes please.

  • Lee

    This would be awesome to have!

  • fellowweb

    Uh… backup is something we just realized we’re missing when we couldn’t find some holiday photos anymore. :(

  • riky luigi

    I ‘m interested A LOT

  • loli

    Backup would be great!

  • Carolyn

    Over the past four years, I have lost four hard drives, simply because of poor ventillation of the MacBooks. How utterly disappointing!

    Would be thrilled to no end if I were to win a SpiderOak account. Would feel truly blessed to have it be paid up for life!

  • Chhansen

    Wow, could really use that :)

  • davale

    I’ve been trying to implement a fool proof backup scenario for some time now and this would absolutely make it a breeze.

  • Carl H

    I would love that. Pick me!

  • joshua sierk

    after getting a new laptop, & JUST after loading all software & tweaking everything & configing my linux partition, when everything was PERFECT, i had BAD SECTORS. lost about 100g of stuff that i was meaning to back up. this is why i need spideroak. 😀

  • Alex

    I desperately need offsite backup for all my files, especially pictures
    If my laptop is stolen right now I’m done

  • Henry Bennett

    Sounds wonderful!

  • Nick

    That sounds great!!

  • xmen9999

    I love this.

  • Avdi Grimm

    I just used SpiderOak to recover some files I accidentally deleted earlier today (I have a 100GB account). I’d love a lifetime membership!

  • LeGaS

    I have an external HDD for backup, but this sounds really nice! :)

  • Mike

    Im in dire need of a backup solution not only for my work, but for personal files as well. Especially photos as the wife is somewhat of a photog.

    If my life on the computer gets erased, do I even exist anymore?

  • Aidan

    Got reasonable onsite backup for my files but this would be superb.

  • Gary Calhoun

    i want to win this

  • Mugunth

    Spideroak’s zero knowledge encryption system is the real deal. Even spideroak guys can’t see my data! Name a web 2.0 company that doesn’t infringe your privacy? Spideroak differs and sets a new standard.

  • Brent Alexander

    I could really use this. Really.

  • DrStimme

    Now this certainly would be a lifetime I’d actually look forward to serving…

  • Murat

    Sweet! Count me in as one of those very, very interested.

  • Brian Hannah

    Oh my goodness – I really have to look into this SpiderOak solution – I’m fed up with the other backup solutions. I would love to get a free month or year – that would be a great Christmas present :)

  • Aaron Parker

    I am fed up of losing work, and I know how important my projects are to clients and so losing work on a project will set me back indefinitely and therefore I have been looking for a decent backup solution, and I am thinking various different backup solutions is the way forward… However I need somewhere to start and this sounds great! Lifetime too?! I think that is simply awesome!

  • Greg

    Using SpiderOak right now, but the 2GB limit on free accounts is virtually nothing. The possibility to back up ALL of my important documents for graduate school and the occasional job would give me great piece of mind.

  • Jonathan Pfeiffer

    Yes, please!

  • Kevin

    Oh wow!! I really am in need of this. I’m searching for a good offsite backup solution since a long time.

  • drew

    SpiderOak looks like just what I need! Really need a backup solution

  • Vanessa

    I really want one! It would be so great to win!

  • Geraldine

    Woah! This sounds totally awesome. It’d be really nice to get lifetime backup…. 😀

  • Hey Monkey Design

    Lifetime!? Great googly moogly! I would love this!

  • Gaspar Garcia de Paredes

    woah! I want!

  • Duane

    Three housefires within 1/2 block of my home in the last 8 years (most recent last week) certainly lift up the need for off-site backup!

  • Vinod

    My message is not being posted since the past several days. Why?

  • Sean

    in for 2!

  • Spartacus

    Now that’s a really good givaway. hope to win this one.

  • Andy Burchett

    i’m interested

  • Rikard

    Wow! I need that SpiderOak!

  • Ivo

    Backup, Sync and Share. Too good to be true.

  • kickbutt

    I’m interested! Pick me!

  • Ivan Tolmachev

    I am interested! A backup system that does it all for me!? Gimme :)

  • Stefan Liden

    Sounds great! Perfect for all my non-project related stuff (for which I use subversion), it is living dangerously right now. :-)

  • Dean Neitman

    One can never have too many backups of their precious data… including this one who would love a free SpiderOak membership 😉

  • AFonseca

    SpiderOak helps me be a better student. With it I can have all my research, documents, etc., with me at all times, be it on my big, old Windows notebook or on my brand, new Linux netbook.

  • ChiliPepr

    MozyHome works pretty well for me – on both Mac and PC. Their 2nd level support is good.

    Use the following link to get 20% more space on a free MozyHome 2 Gb account:

  • Pedro Lobo


    Any update on who was lucky enough to win such a great gift???


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