Christmas Giveaway Day 17: SUBERNOVA

There are no shortage of web based apps for managing a project these days. And so when looking for a tool that best fits for you, one ideal to have the tool be available on whatever device you use regularly.

SUBERNOVA is one of those tools that goes where you do — be it the desktop, the web, or the iPhone.

Update: Another day, another prize awarded. Thanks for everyone who contributed yesterday and here are the five winners for Day 17:

  • Jay
  • David Torres
  • Valerie Williams
  • Scott Showalter
  • Brian Vanaski

Enjoy managing those projects with SUBERNOVA!


Similar in features to other tools such as Basecamp and Action Method Online, SUBERNOVA focuses on simplicity and an attractive interface.

A UI that takes a different approach gets your attention.

A UI that takes a different approach gets your attention.

With its Milestones, invoicing, time tracking and task management, this application meets multiple needs while also keep things simplistic. And it takes a different approach to user interface — it’s not mixed in with the army of Basecamp clones available today.

And that’s refreshing.

Our Look/Review at SUBERNOVA

When I reviewed this app earlier in the year, it was the first I had heard of it. And when you see so many tools that look the same on the web today, something that’s a little different grabs your attention right away.

Overall, Subernova seems like a fairly robust tool. It offers many common functions that other tools do, but in a sometimes refreshingly different way. The ability to schedule emails and invoice reminders are handy features that can make your client communication more efficient.

They’ve also made some impressive updates since my review — the app now has a major focus on collaboration with support for multiple users and task assignments. And with clients for Adobe AIR and the iPhone, this application can work with whatever platform you care to use.

How to Enter

Could you use a copy? We’ve got 5 one year subscriptions to give away. Let me know with a comment. The winners will be announced at the end of the day!

And a big congratulations to our winners from Day 16 — enjoy daytum!

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Come Back for Day 18

It doesn’t stop here. The giving continues each day until our grand finale on the 24th. Tune in each day for the newest prize and keep up to date with our RSS feed or Twitter account.

  • Cornelius

    Is this a Mac only app? If not, i’d like to enter :O)

  • withoutink

    Id love a copy! could use it for the new small at home biz i just started!

  • David Torres

    This looks like something that I could really use! I have tried Basecamp and Action Method and both have their pluses and minuses.

  • James McKay

    My company is looking for a new project management system just now. If I won it could be perfect timing!

  • Luke

    Wow I would like to try it out 😀

  • wendyh

    Man, I could use this – project mgmt currently less than zero (but hanging in). Thanks!

  • Thibaut Ninove

    Hey. An app like Supernova is exactly what Im looking for. Would like to try it ! Thank you ! 😉

  • insanedreamer

    I definitely would like to try this for managing my team/projects. Hoping to win!

  • Sulcalibur

    I could very much do with something like this and the pricing of $5.99 is pretty decent afterwards. I’ve always been put off by Basecamps prices :(

    Awesome – count me in!

  • Lisa Thorn

    Nifty. I want.

  • Drake

    I’m a graphic designer just making the big jump from agency work to freelance. I could really use a free year of project management software.

  • webbografico

    I want it!!

  • Steve Saragian

    I could use a copy.

  • Josh

    Out of all the apps given away so far, this is def the most wanted!

  • John

    I need a good project management app to help me manage my biz better!

  • Nathan Crenshaw

    I’d love to be in the running. Thanks.

  • Ariel

    i could use this. thanks

  • Valerie Williams

    I was just looking at this app the other day. Would love to try it out!

  • Jason

    I’d love a year subscription.

  • Nick Plekhanov

    I could use a copy.

  • Michael

    Yeah, I definately could use this heavily!
    Please give me a Copy 😉

  • Bob Tozier

    I would like to try this great looking app!

  • Mikael Pittam

    Pick me!

  • Jesper Rasmussen

    SUBERNOVA looks really nice. It would love to have a subscription now that I have started my freelance business.

  • Alejandro Haydar

    WOULD LOVE A copy of this best app out there

  • Bob Smith

    One for me!

  • Jimmy Liu

    I would love to have a copy

  • Adam

    I could definitely use this!

  • Andy Meisenheimer

    Count me in!

  • Bryan

    This would be fantastic. My wife and I are both freelancers, so this would be a great help.

  • Anthony Parker

    I’d be interested in getting one.

  • Andrew-David

    Oh sweet! That would definitely come in handy!

  • Minakshi R.

    I would love a copy!

  • Mike

    Just what I need for my startup! This would help keep costs down & not to mention this would really help someone I know *cough cough* with time / project management issues.

    …..hmmmm, I think I’m supposed to be working on something right now…..

  • Jay

    Cross –Platform? Check
    Sleek looking interface making me feel like Tom in ‘Minority Report’? Check
    Time Freaking Tracking? Check
    Integrated emailing features and Invoicing? WHATTTTTT?

    This is Daylite if daylite had a gym subscription and didn’t just hangout at the juice bar looking yellow and dull, but workout all day and had a Ducati and chilled with Tiger Woods on the weekend.

    Its iCal Cousin. The hot cyborg one. Yeah, the one on the pipe. I WANT THIS!!!

  • Chris B.R.

    Looks snassy =)

  • Akhil Sasidharan

    …and, One for me too!

  • justinwohler

    I am actually on my 1st freelance design/development project that requires invoicing/quotes ect…. As a young freelancer any discounts or free stuff is always of value!


  • Elliot

    I want it!

  • Derek Slenk

    As a growing website design company I would love this

  • Andy

    I will be the leader for a youth camp in Norway this summer, hoping to use this with my planning team!

  • Gary Calhoun

    I would love to win this!

  • Gary Calhoun

    i wanna win!!

  • _dom

    Holy Crap, I would love to win this.

    I took a Project Management class at The Art Institute of Portland this term, and we had to present on various tools. I chose to look at tools ran through AIR, and fell in love with Subernova. (It helped that the class was wowed by the slickness of the program.)

    Anyways, I thoroughly enjoyed using the program during the trial period, and am really excited about the latest release and the ability to have multiple users. (The one negative of not having multiple users on projects during my presentation).

    So here’s to a chance of winning. I hope I win, I would love to use this tool more, especially since I’m graduating soon!

  • Riccardo

    I’d love to win…

  • Mike Moran

    This would be fantastic for me since I am just starting my freelance career!

  • Samanta

    We could really, really, really use this where I work.

  • millca

    Oh yeah, count me in on this one! Subernova and Beyond!

  • Ibish

    I’ll start a company soon, would be nice to have this ready =)

  • Brian Vanaski

    I’ve been wanted to give this a try, couldn’t think of a better way than with a subscription.

  • Scott Showalter

    Wow, I hadn’t heard of this app before but it dang near embodies what looks like the perfect app for our team of five.

    Collaboration with team members or clients on projects, milestones, tasks and links.
    …The amount of control this system offers in this department is impressive. Simple isn’t always best. We could stand to overhaul the way our team currently collaborates. Skype and Google Apps can only take you so far, it seems.

    Automatic Email Reminders To Your Clients For Overdue Invoices
    …Absolutely phenominal. We use QuickBooks, and If there’s one thing that disheartens me about accounting, it’s the fact that the huge accounting platform that QuickBooks is does not support this one simple thing! We seem to be plagued with outstanding clients, and not in a good way. Why is it that they feel like they can wait until day 30 to send their payment, or worse: pay late and think they can get away with shirking their late fees?! Currently we have 4 severely overdue clients. Squeeky mouse gets the cheese, but using QB for accounting makes this downright agonizing.

    Email Reminders for nearing and due project / milestone deadlines
    …Brilliant, extremely useful.

    iPhone Version
    …I’ve noticed that it’s so much easier working on a device that forces you to focus on the task at hand. The whole team has an iPhone or iPod touch so this works out nicely.

    Scheduling Emails To Clients
    …Mmm, need this desperately. Thunderbird with Send Later just isn’t cutting it, as scheduled emails are frequently getting stuck in the outbox without ever getting sent out when scheduled to.

    Time Tracking
    …Nice. We couldn’t squeeze Harvest into our budget, unfortunately, so this is indeed useful. Using gCal is really only good for working in 30 minute increments, which doesn’t always suit our workflows. Even so, it can still be fudged with. Never a good thing.

    So, yeah. Throw us in the hat for this too. :)

  • Ethan Wright

    I could use that, I’m doing a number of projects with different companies, and could definitely use this!

  • Tyler Johnson

    oh fo sho!!!! Ill take one of those. I am such a disorganized web developer,,, it would be a big help!

  • Class

    Hmm…let’s see, lately I’m testing such web apps, before this “giveaway” I didn’t know about this SN…so could definitely give a try.

  • Vik

    Could defo use a copy of this app to keep myself organised. Would really help keep my team organised with my next iPhone game project!

  • Ariyo

    Would be awesome to win this.

  • Albert

    Me wants

  • Jeff

    I would like a copy!

  • Emerson Matson

    I am so excited, I hope to be using this sometime soon; if only I would win one! 😛

  • Scott Wasserman

    I would love to have this!
    Thanks so much!

  • Hbiloo

    I’d like a copy

  • Daba

    Looks great and is just what i need.
    Please enter me! Thanks

  • Noah Hendrix

    Sounds great

  • djflippy

    /me wants :)

  • oykun yilmaz

    perfect timing for such a great giveaway!

    Recently I have trouble about managing my freelance projects and invoicing, currently I have many projects running on same time from different clients, and a outsource coder. I tried few open-source solution, but not happy. A short while ago I tried SUBERNOVA and loved so much, ui is gorgeous. It would be so great Christmas gift for me if I could get a license from you. Obviously I will have many projects in 2010…

    Thanks a lot! Hopefully I will be one of the lucky guys.

  • Vinod

    I could definitely use this one with its milestones, invoicing, time tracking and task management features. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Vinod

    I could definitely use this with its time management, invoicing, time tracking and other awesome features. Thanks for this giveaway.

  • Vinod

    I could definitely use this with its time management, time tracking, invoicing and other awesome features. Thanks for this giveaway.

  • Neil Emrich

    I could really use a decent online project manager, please pick me!

  • Hazim

    never heard of it before, so I looked more into it on their website looks impressive, would sure come in handy for going big next year 😉

  • Hasan

    Would love to have this, perfect for my new project that i’m working on. An online system of sorts :)

  • Alex Abbey

    My school newspaper

  • Will Dawson

    Yes Please 😀

  • Tylor Skory

    Count me in!

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