Christmas Giveaway Day 14: Upload Robots

No matter what type of work you do online, everyone enjoys a savvy file upload and sharing tool. It’s part of why Dropbox has garnered so much love in the past year. Another tool in this genre, Upload Robots, also gives the same great service. And with the updates they’ve got coming down the pipe early 2010, the brains behind this file sharing application are positioning themselves to be a serious competitor to Dropbox.

Today we’re giving away 5 Pro licenses to Upload Robots — meaning there will be five lucky winners who will get a first hand look at how this service works and how this app will improve over the coming months.

Update: It appears that a lot of people like the look of this tool. And for good reason! Here are today’s lucky five winners:

  • Guario
  • Dodie
  • Robin Lundgren
  • webbografico
  • Alvin

Congratulations to each of you.

About Upload Robots

Billed as your online thumb drive, Upload Robots is available for anyone to use. You can upload a file, use the assigned URL and share the file with friends and colleagues. But for those with more permanent needs, you can sign up for an account and manage a directory of your files on the service.

Form and function in one tool.

Form and function in one tool.

And the developers of this tool made sure that performance was a key feature of this application. And did a good job of it — Upload Robots is fast!

Our Look/Review at Upload Robots

We reviewed this tool earlier this year. I came away impressed, especially in regards to the look and performance of the tool.

This tool is more than just a sexy name. It also sports a gorgeous interface that also works well — that is to say, the usability factor is high.

And without giving too much away, I’ll say that this tool will soon be blurring the line between the web and the desktop. And here’s your chance to be on the line

How to Enter

It’s Monday, so I’ll keep this one simple. Just leave a comment and mention why you’d like to win this prize. The winners will be announced at the end of the day!

And a big congratulations to our winners from Day 13 — enjoy Peashoot.

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Don’t forget to check out what’s going on over at Mac.AppStorm! Today they’re giving away a few copies of Pixelmator.

Pixelmator is an OS X only image editing tool designed with speed, simplicity and a great user interface in mind. It lacks the raw power of Photoshop, but provides a great, flexible tool for graphics editing and photo manipulation. After using it for a few weeks, I decided to make the switch for most of my graphic editing work. It’s quick, simple and definitely worth trying out.

Read more and enter the competition

Come Back for Day 15

It doesn’t stop here. The giving continues each day until our grand finale on the 24th. Tune in each day for the newest prize and keep up to date with our RSS feed or Twitter account.


Add Yours
  • I would love to use this application to show my inspiration I am gathering for my redesign of my site

  • I’m sharing a lot of different files and are working in a few projects, and it would be nice to be able to upload a file with just a clickiticlick. :)

    And it would be lovely to use when taking screenshots to upload at forums. :)

  • I’d like to win Upload Robots because these types of services really come in handy. I currently use the free version of Dropbox and it’s really nice, but I’m sure a pro version of Upload Robots is better 😀

  • I love uploading, and I love robots. How much more perfect could this be?

  • i like to have this one, so i can work for my webgraphic studies witht his tool. So i can share in a fast way screenshot with my collegues and professors :)

  • I would love this application so that I can share my work easily.

  • This would be a great tool to have to make my workflow more efficient. I have a laptop (MacBook Pro) and at work I have a Windows PC for my development. It would be great to have a way to share files from both locations and have them easily accessible at both locations. I would really like this prize

  • I would really like to win, because you can never have enough storage in the cloud! 😉

  • I want to get this app because it’s Christmas and I was hoping the kind people of Appstorm be kind enough to leave me something under my Christmas tree. XD

  • I should win because i love robots. 😀

    This look like an really great tool.

  • Love to upload things!

  • i use dropbox all the time. i dont think i could live without it, but it gives u a restriction on space if you don’t upgrade. Upload Robots would be sweet to have!

  • My company and I are always looking for new uploading apps to try. Who knows, it could replace dropbox.

  • It would be perfect for all our projects in school :)

  • I’d like to win so I can store a safe backup of things and share it across my computers :)

  • My USB-drive poked a hole in my pocket!

  • More space and cheaper in comparison to Dropbox. That’s awesome!
    I want to have that premium-acc 😉

  • I’d like to give upload robot a try because i am currently using dropbox und iDisk and am curious about every new app in this sector

  • I’d like to win a copy of Upload Robots as I am always forgetting my USB stick, particularly when I need it most!

  • I’m using MobileMe a lot for sharing files with friends and clients… just want to try something new and more robust…

  • This would be a great way for our team to share files. We are currently running thumb drives back and forth.

  • I am always working on the move, sharing technology ideas and web projects. I would like Upload Robots to follow me during my work day and work night.

  • I love to try new and great network advances, that is why I think Robots is for me.

  • It will simply make my life so much easier!!

  • I would like to win this because I have so many different files that I need to put online in order to access them from more than one computer. Using this together with Dropbox would really help me a lot.

  • Dropbox is great to sync up some files between work and home, but a Pro Upload Robots would rock the casaba.

  • I like upload my stuff on the web to share with my friends 😉

  • I enjoy dropbox but could use some more space and some of the pro features. and competition is always good 😉

  • I never win. So I want to win! :)

  • i’d like to win upload robot because i am the first commenter this time!

  • Just so that my 500gb of data-crash won’t happen again! *sigh*

  • i was not the first one to comment, so i’d like to win upload robot, because i am too slow on my keyboard!

  • I use UploadRobots all the time to ferry around my files between home and school, and getting a Pro account will let me use it for a lot of other things too!

    Also, I’ve never won anything, so it’ll be exciting!

  • Dropbox is great for syncing files, but not really for sharing them. Upload robots would defo plug that gap for me!!!

  • I love the interface and would just love to show it off!!

  • Because I love it !

  • This would be perfect for managing all my workflow with my clients!

  • I’d like to check out the competitor to dropbox. Great tool for collaboration

  • I am already addicted to dropbox and if Upload robots is even half as good i could combine the two to take over the world! (or just be really productive….)

  • it would be awesome to win this because other people I work with I could easily share files with them instead of sending them 5 megaupload links which becomes pretty tedious.

  • This would come in really handy for showing clients different concepts, without having to email them. This really does look like a great tool.

  • Um yes I would like to get this. Basically my harddrives just started failing and I don’t know how long they’ll last. This would be a HUGE help! :)

  • Well I’d like to win because I can do with as much backup space, syncing and sharing as possible. As I don’t have Time Machine setup (yet) and send a lot of files back and forth for work. Also share a lot with family members :)

    ~ Thanks

  • I want to try “Upload Robots”, its idea is clever, I would like to see how it competes with Dropbox…

  • I have so many different computers that I use. I would love to be able to share files between all of them without having to make sure I carry my Thumb Drive everywhere. Basically it would increase my productivity.

  • want to check this out, see if it’d be useful for clients

  • this looks sweet. do want. 😀

  • I would love to win because I’m constantly on the move. Having an online storage and being able to share files with my co-workers is definitely a must have, not to mention how much it helps in improving productivity.

  • My external hard drive is filling up and I could use the 120GB of space.

  • It would be very helpful for quick backups of my important files and sharing stuff with people.

  • Using a Mac at home (with a HFS+ Formatted external HD [exHD]), and Windows PCs (and laptops) at school makes it really hard for me to share files with Windows users. I can’t connect my exHD because Windows can’t natively read HFS+ volumes. And it’d be such a chore if I had to install this software that enables Windows to read my exHD. It’s such a bother too and otherwise old-school to bring USB Thumb Drives as well (because they either get lost or get destroyed). This service could surely ease the process for me, as I can store important files on the internet and access them anywhere (btw, Dropbox is too limited for me as of the moment).

    I need ’em Robots! Haha.

  • I’d really like to win it because I like the idea of not having to run a custom client (ala dropbox) for file sharing….

  • I’m using dropbox now for 8-9 months now. It’s a quite simple and handy tool.
    But: competition is good for business!

    So, I would give Upload Robot a try! Definitively!

  • I’d like to win because Upload Robots is usefull and simple to use.

  • It looks cool!

  • I would love to win this because I’ve lost atleast 4 or 5 thumb drives in the past year and the 2gb i have for dropbox are getting filled up!

  • Extra and more space then what you already have can always be handy.

  • As a designer I am always passing files to clients – would love to have a simple way to do this

  • I’d like to have a sleek web-based service for file storage that I can access anywhere. Thanks!

  • I would love to compare Upload Robots to DropBox, but I’m sure I won’t win this. I never win! :(

    • Ah, Alan — don’t be so pessimistic!

  • I want uploading my fav stuff to the cloud!

  • I need more space for all my stuffs! icon sharing, blueBird theme sharing, all kinds of stuff :)

  • I find Dropbox subscription plan a pain and sometimes it’s not even worth it…
    Upload Robots seems like a nice alternative, so I would really love to get to know it :)
    Happy 14th of December!

  • I would like this prize because I always enjoy free space in the cloud!

  • I would share my files with friends and family

  • I like to send stuff over a series of tubes

  • Sharing files both large and small with clients and coworkers shouldn’t be a huge hassle but it usually is. Upload Robots looks like the perfect service to make sharing hassle free! Sign me up!

  • I’d like to win this contest since it would make my work easier since I need to upload a lot of content and as an active user of both internet and general technology I’d make sure to make good use of it! Thank you!

  • its just an awesome service. thats why!

  • I need more space.

  • I use approx 4 different comps so sharing between all of them can get messy at times. Not to mention they are a mix of Mac’s & PC’s.

    Besides, I like anything with “robot” in the name. They will go well with my robot legs!!!

  • Sometimes it is just not convenient to carry around a thumb drive. It’s much easier and safer to have documents I am working on be accessible online. That way, whether I’m using Mac or Windows, or whether I’m at home or at work, I have access to the same files. Upload Robots would be a welcome tool to have.

  • i want this so that i can share my work with clients and get their approvals more easily.

  • Well, a good looking websharingapp would be perfect 😉

  • i wish a pro-account couse i think it’s a usefull service

  • Just this morning I had need of this type of service. I needed to share a 200mb file which left me stumped. I eventually figured out how to use Dropbox’s free service but it then forces the other end to also get a Dropbox account. Not a big deal but not exactly ideal.

    So I would love to try Upload Robots out!

  • Would love to have this as a tool for communicating with clients and backing up essential files.

  • Because I can’t get enough of utilities that let me send crap to people easily.

  • For the ease of use, of course!

  • This should be pretty useful :)

  • I´m a designer and sharing files with clients is a really important part of my work
    So i need upload robots to bew a happier person
    please? =)

  • i have several macs so i need a place where i can sync my stuff (@mik84)

  • PLayed around with the demo and it was great

  • I like Uploading crap to annoy people with.

  • Love Cloud based stuff. Upload Robots seems to be one of the nicest out there.

  • I would love to win upload robots i’m always working with data and this would make my life a breeze.

  • Love to test it out!

  • I need to test new things! :]

  • Do want because the GUI looks gorgeous

  • A USB drive I can use from anywhere without having to carry something around physically? Sign me up!

  • Since I’m administrator of one of the biggest German iPhone and iPod Touch websites (>15000 unique visitors per day) I often need to upload files to a server… Since my second ftp server is limited because there are 4 test-environments on it, this would be the best thing to upload files.

    And because I don’t work (18 years+student) a dropbox premium account would be too expensive…

  • Over the past few years I have PURCHASED approximately 5 jump drives. Over the past few years I have LOST approximately 5 jump drives. I am not yet on the cloud completely, and this seems like it would be a HUGE step in the right direction.

    Thanks guys!

  • Their service is a really great service to upload some big files I can easily access from others computers.

  • I would love to try this out and it would be cool.

  • Right now I’m using Dropbox, but I want more!
    Good luck fellows!

  • I’d like to win Upload Robots because these types of services really come in handy. I currently use the free version of Dropbox and it’s really nice, but I’m sure a pro version of Upload Robots is better

  • Better look than DropBox, but will it be better? I’m eager to know!

  • I’d use upload robots to share code between computers :)

  • Robots Pwn All Noobs.

  • I simply love the UI. I’d love to try it out!

    Today is my B-day, I hope it’s my lucky day as well.

  • So I can upload my plans for world peace and ideas about how to increase commetns on Web.AppStorm

  • Because there can never be too much backup storage!

  • I could use an application like this. Please……

  • Over the last 5 months I lost over 14 flash drives ranging from 512mb to 32GB because they are all so tiny and I keep forgetting them everywhere I go. One time, I lost a drive that contained the only copy of an important work document (thankfully the flash drive was encrypted with Truecrypt).
    Upload Robots would be perfect me since I will never have to carry a flash drive ever again.

  • As a designer/illustrator at a natural history museum, I’m constantly looking for ways to share images, plans, photos, sketches and articles with a variety of collaborators (scientists, carpenters, contract artists, writers, etc.) on a variety of platforms. An online thumb drive would be fantastically useful for keeping reference files organized and available.

  • i love dropbox and i like to give upload robots a try

  • UR would simply be a fantastic way to share some digital photo books with my friends.

  • Hoping something 😛

  • I’d like to win because it’s really slick.

  • This looks great! I’d love to win it because I am yet to find an easy way to just upload the things you need online, and Upload Robots looks like the perfect simple solution. Plus it’s stylish! :)

  • I want to win this prize because, as a student, I’m always working on projects at school and having to bring them home to work on as well. With Upload Robots, I will no longer need a flash drive and constantly have to sync between computers multiple times a day.

  • I run a small web design company and growing fast! I need something like Upload Robots to help me work with my designers and clients in sharing files from remote locations as we are all always on the road. Since seeing the product i’ve wanted to give it a bash :)

  • It would be super useful for storing my files for school, and to show off and share my work with my friends.

  • I’m very intrigued. I’m currently a major fan, but I’m always searching for the best thing. I have a few issues with dropbox, so I’d love to see if Upload Robots will become my next favorite thing ever!

  • I would use this to share project files- the large allowable upload size would be fabulous! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  • I love upload robots because it helps me a lot in uploading files every hours!

  • Because I’m sick and tired of flash USB drives… I keep losing them!

  • Wheo 😀 I Won, Thanks Web.AppStorm!

    • Same here! Thanks Web.AppStorm!

  • i’m in! I really think this is the best file hosting website on the web. I really want to win!

  • I sooooooo want an upload robots account because I am fed up over unreliable upload services that keep losing or clearing out my files!

  • I want this too!