Christmas Giveaway Day 11: Carbonmade

There are many different types of web applications now focused on helping you get exposure to your skills or your work. And each may offer a different approach. One that we’ve appreciated in this space is Carbonmade. Constructed to be a blank canvas to show off your work, it’s simple and focused design appeals to me.

If you feel the same way, here’s your chance to win a Whoo membership for one year. We’ve got five to give away today.

Update: Glad to see so many people want to use Carbonmade — it’s such a great tool. It was tough to choose only five, but here are the winners:

  • LaToya
  • Jonas Pelzer
  • Malcolm Bastien
  • Peter
  • Tylor Skory

Congrats folks! Enjoy showing off your work with Carbonmade.

About Carbonmade

Billed as “a lickety-split online portfolio sans the headache”, the team at Carbonmade is giving you an app with a little personality while at the same time, getting out of your way and letting you show off your mad skills.

A clean and focused interface results in a clean depiction of your work.

A clean and focused interface results in a clean depiction of your work.

A fun app to use, Carbonmade walks you through setting up your portfolio. When you’re done, the result is a page that is focused on your projects and the work you’ve completed.

Our Look/Review Carbonmade

I reviewed the application recently and came away impressed. My overall impression sums it up nicely:

Any application of this nature should put the focus on your work. The 3 man team behind Carbonmade did a smashing job of making sure the app is there to help you, but gets out of the way when you’re ready to get down to business.

If your work is creative in any way, a tool like this can be so beneficial. And why not choose one that is attractive and easy to use.

How to Enter

So, if you think you’d enjoy this tool, leave a comment below and tell us what you’d put in your online portfolio. Be creative!

The winners will be announced at the end of the day! And a big congratulations to our winners from Day 10 — enjoy your virtual assistant with

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Come Back for Day 12

It doesn’t stop here. The giving continues each day until our grand finale on the 24th. Tune in each day for the newest prize and keep up to date with our RSS feed or Twitter account.


Add Yours
  • In my portfolio I would put my best photographies and some web design works.

    The drawings that I did when I was 5 won’t be uploaded, don’t worry 😀

  • some web and graphic design work. but i would mess it up picasso style

  • I would put my web design, programming, and graphic work.

  • I’m still searching to find that certain catapult, launching my virtual repertoire of artwork, graphics and web designs into the digital ether. Carbonmade would surely help me contributing my design ideas and solutions to the vast community of pixel architects – in the most elegant package!

    P.S. horizontal scrolling pages are the new lens flare

  • i would put my design work in my portfolio as well as illustrations

  • I would put my “decadence” photos of post-industrial places.

  • Design work and a barrel of monkeys!

  • I have a ton of web work, but i think it would look cool to put all of my club/party/special event flyers into it, it would look more like an art gallery!

  • I would put a bunch of web design, ui design and motion graphics work (if it allows video – if not, stills from the videos).

  • I would put my web design work.

  • My portfolio has only ever gone as far as deviantart even after 6 years so this would be great! Like above it would be for my web and graphics work, I would really benifit from a proper portfolio to broaden my scope of clients and show off my work more professionally.

  • I would put my graphic design and web work.

  • In my portfolio I’d put my web design work.

  • I would put my design/development stuff as well as my resume.

  • My portfolio Is loaded of photography, I didn’t know the tool, but seems very powerfull

  • I would obviously put all my print design in my online portfolio as well as a picture of what I had for breakfast each day!

  • What I’d put in my portfolio are all the different blogs I’ve written for and hopefully that would act to show diversity in not so much what I know or what I can write about (not much :) ) but more so just what different things I like to get involved with and do writing for.

  • In my portfolio I would put my web design, and some graphic work.

  • i would write about my life

  • I was just thinking about my portfolio!
    I’d include websites, programming and a little design!! . I’d love to have a simple yet beautiful layout!
    I’d also like to have links to my blog and some interesting links =)

    Thanx 😀

  • I would use it for my design portfolio, including web design, print design, and branding.

  • I would put all my web design work in there, plus I’d add all my Photoshop graphic design stuff as well!

  • It actually wouldn’t be for me. I would give the prize to my sister inlaw as a gift. She’s an amazing amateur photographer. I think it would be a great spot for her to showcase her work.

  • I am using WordPress as a portfolio, but WP isn’t exactly the best tool for that. I would love to fill Carbonmade with all my web, print and flash work!

  • I want to build my own, but if this is good, I’ll be able to spend my time doing more paying work!

  • My work for 10 years online.

  • I would post my web and graphic design projects. I’d make it look all rad.

  • Ill put pictures of my cat… and other arty stuff…

  • I’d put all projects I’ve designed (and really loved) and leave out what those projects turned out to be at the end after my client’s input and suggestions.

  • I’m a painter and i work with prints and web… i need carbonmade acount to put all the works on the carbon-gallery-thing 😉

  • I would use it to show the world the genius I am. The designs of Andy Warhol cry theirselves to sleep when they see mine desings….HAHAHA(Supevillain Laugh)!!!

  • I would put my web design works and mockups.

  • I would put pictures of Ms. Kittie and Mr. Pickles, my pet iguana.

  • I have a fairly modest, but accumulative, amount of GUI/icon work to showcase.

  • I am learning Photoshop, but it’s hard to get people to view my works 😐

  • I’d fill it with my work, add in some funny descriptions, and probably some random things that I’ve been drawing. But first, I need the app 😛

  • Being a student, I have a few web page designs that I would like to put up along with my photographs. Being able to show my work to my professors and potential clients using Carbonmade would be very keen indeed.

  • Photographs, design work, website work, typography, quotes…hope this can handle all that!

  • Mainly I’d put my web design/graphic design portfolio– plus some of the piece we’ve done for our church.

  • I’d like to add all my client work and some personal pieces…

  • I would put in my fotos and my 3d renderings.

  • My photography!

  • My sketches and prototypes! Beautiful!

  • I would put in my Web Design/JQuery/Graphic Design/UI art, etc.. stuff!

  • Save the world from bad design, of course! Jeez.

  • I would share my typographic creations!

  • I’d actually use it for my wife’s Interior Design portfolio. I’ve been slacking on getting her site/portfolio up due to time constraints and this looks like it would be a perfect solution.

  • I would use it to display Webdesign Work and Photographs.

  • Design work & photography + feeds of my social networks.

  • Probably pictures of my breakfast so I can post them on Twitter.

  • If I win I may go bat balls crazy and add every primitive doodle of a design I have made from the age of 5 to my portfolio. I will try to restrain any such impulses, if lucky enough to win.

  • I’m using Carbonmade’s free trial right now for a preview of my work from photographing New York Citys most wild, exclusive, night clubs and underground parties .. if only I wasn’t a broke college kid who spent all his $$ on photo equipment I could afford the Whoo upgrade .. help me out appstorm! :)

  • I would put a collection of the best tacos I’ve made

  • I would share my digital art and designs. And pictures of my vast collection of star wars memorabilia FTW

  • with carbonmade, i could show the world that pen lines are as cool as ones & zeroes.

  • My most funny jokes !

  • I would do a portfolio of all my graphic design and illustration work. Which I have quite a lot of, and they could do with being organised in a nice, carbonmade way!

  • I’d put graphic designs, logo’s, photo’s of fungus and other things that would melt your eyes..ôô

  • Photos – I would put the work that I have done for non profits and my personal photography.

    Illustration – I would put all the ones that didn’t get accepted into iStock. (and maybe a few that did.)

    Video – I would lovingly place my short films and advertisements.

  • My web design work (case studies) and possibly some of my photography.

  • I’d take advantage of those Whoo! features and use it as a portfolio for my videos and photos!

  • I would like to create a website called “Creative Resources” – where I will take re-usable items and make projects for parents/teachers to do with their kids. The materials would be super simple and I would make a sample/photograph it and post directions. Possibly a project every 1-2 weeks and some seasonal/holiday ones too.
    Besides being ‘artsy’ – I’m on a huge RE-USE (Reduce, Recycle) kick that is helping me see ‘trash’ and recycling items in a different way! All the items that I would create would come from items in my recyle bin!

  • I would finally let the world see the robots that do the work for me, including the final result of their work.

    Don’t even ask, because I will not give up the G14 spot that I get my robots from!

  • I would put photos of my Lego Collection 😀 also photos of my lovely family, also web design/development works and graphic design, 3d design works. and Thanks words to web.appstorm for this lovely giveaway. : ) thanks!

  • i would use it to show my mad skills!

  • I would put my typograpphy illustrations up

  • In this dismal economy I’m realizing that I need to pour some extra time into promoting my business and this would significantly decrease the amount of time I would have spent on designing my own online portfolio from scratch. As typically happens to us all, I spend way more time promoting and helping other businesses grow and not enough time to promote my own. Carbonmade was made for people like me!

  • Photographs, videos, and web design projects.

  • I would put my web design and my iphone app too.

  • One white page with a custom logo in the center. Period.

  • I’d put in my web design work. I could also put my singing in. No, I’ll stick to my web design work.

  • I would use Carbonmade to put all my design works now that i need to get a job as a graphic designer. I will just upload the ones I think are best designed. This is a must, i have to win this! :)

  • Definitely diverse works from life experiences showing different side of myself as a creative person. Sharing my thoughts about my surroundings, and the way I react and generate ideas from how I feel about this world.

  • I just graduated from school (3 days ago!) after 5 years of advertising at university.

    This would be a great bang for starters!

  • I’d put my web and print projects.

  • I’m in desperate need to show of all my great underwater photos from Hawaii. Oh, I miss them wrecks!

  • I would show others that

    hey ! I am not lazier, lets look into my work [ with proud feel ]

  • I would love to showcase my web projects, along with some of my attempts at graphic design on photoshop :)

  • to display Photographs.

  • Well, It is as simple as showing a hungry man for a small piece of food…Yes I am a graphic designer from India..and I yes I would be very glad if I sumhow gt the one year subcription of CARBONMADE…wow …without any paid subscription we cant upload all our work so,,,I NEED THAT ……ok ok I knw thr are many others who offer free unlimited space …but overall CARBONMADE is much more better thn those sites….
    thats it…
    My friends call me Lucky (my nick name)…so now I am testing my name..
    and one more thing, u guys are doing wonderful…I mean everyday thrs sumthing very interesting with u to giveaway…cheers keep it uup…

  • I’ve been struggling with creating a rockable online portfolio. I’m more of a print and photo guy. HTML for me usual means Had Too Many Lastnight. If I can show off my work to potential clients in a appealing and friendly way with Carbonmade, life (and hopefully business) would be stellar!

  • I would put many of my different projects….. I would be very useful for getting out the word for my business.

  • I would put my graphic design and web work.

  • I would put my direct response design work – people want to make $$$ online and rather than show typical designs, I will display designs and the results they achieved!

  • Why does Jonathon get to post 6 times? I’d definitely put up my protests to such injustices in the world, my personal design projects, and my girlfriend’s art projects. Hopefully, I’ll cause a little mayhem while I’m at it.

  • I would show my work and what i do best :)

  • It would be a portfolio of life, love and literature. So life: Pictures ive taken from around the world from the top of a 30ft tree, to the shell beach of Western Australia. Love: Anything I think would stimulate good feelings them feel good moments of life and literature? Well that would be all my work from university including my work on the dissertation im planning and then all that comes after.

  • I’ll put my design work and my imagination :)

  • I would put my pride into my portfolio.

  • Since I would be able to put videos, I would use it to put my animation and motion graphics work along with still images of 3D models and digital images I made.

  • Make a fancy online CV to get a fancy job, to buy a fancy and a house, and get old fancily. XD

  • I pretty much exclusively work on vector illustrations of dinosaurs eating past US presidents so that’s what I’d use Carbonmade for.

  • I would put all my icons and web design work in it :)

  • I would scan EVERYTHING I’ve ever doodled, designed, coded, whatever and make a timeline of “My Design Life!!!!”


  • I would as CarbonMade says it “Show off my work”.

  • I would use this account to exclaim, “HELLO! Yes, Amanda is finally here!!” And then wait for my talent to be discovered :)

  • Good stuff of mine.

  • Carbonmade looks great to showcase my graphic design and game design work. Thanks for this opportunity!

  • I would put my web design, programming, and graphic work.

  • I would put in graphic design work.

  • Once up a time, there was an eighteen year old boy named Tylor. Tylor was very passionate about the world of web design. He would wake up each morning, stretch out his arms and yawn, then check his twitter stream and favorite blogs. As he browsed his morning tweets, he happened to discover an announcement that web.appstorm would be celebrating the holiday season by giving away a special web app each day of the advent calendar. Whilst none of the GTD apps nor Google Wave invites grasped his interest, there came a day – on the 11th of december – where he found an application that was, well, applicable to his current circumstance.

    Having been collecting his pervious projects and wanting to store then into a repository, he discovered that managing the data himself would simply not suffice. No, he would need something more. A hero perhaps? Someone who could help him keep his portfolio organized and easily updated-able, while still maintaing the high level of aesthetic pleasure he would need.

    And it was on that day that he fell in love with Carbonmade and it’s lovable logo with the questionable object on it’s head – what it was, he was not sure. Perhaps it was a unicorn horn, or an ice-cream cone. It simply did not matter. For when he saw the site, he knew that it was all he wanted for Christmas. So, he looked out the window and wished upon the first star of the evening, hoping with all his heart that Santa would hear his whisper of a Christmas wish.

    • I Love your writing!

  • I would put my graphic designs and images.

  • An online portfolio that are “engage with colours”.

  • I’d put my girlfriend photos!

  • I don’t get time to build my online protfolio.So it will be great if you can give me one account of carbonmade so that i can build one

  • I would share my best photos with the world 😀

  • I have a basic Carbonmade profile and really like the service. I wouldn’t mind winning this as I’m currently in the process of a partnership venture and this would help us starting off dramatically.

  • I would create a really awesome Online-Portfolio with my best Layout, Programming and 3D-Works. Also there will be a section for a community to take part of all that. And of course a section for my Film-Works.

  • I would use it to showcase my photographs.

  • I would post the designs from our web, print and social media designs from our web development firm: MQube