15 Awesome Dropbox Tips and Tricks with $100 Credit Giveaway

Not long ago we ran a giveaway including four very popular web apps with the entry requirement of letting us know what apps you would like to see in future giveaways. Of the many apps requested, Dropbox was, by far, the most requested. When inquiring about people’s favorite internet integrated apps, not surprisingly Dropbox is a huge leader.

Dropbox seems to be one of the most popular apps among our readers and many others around the web, so we contacted the Dropbox team and they’ve generously offered $100 in credit to be given away to one lucky reader. In addition to a $100 in Dropbox credit, we bring you 15 tips and tricks for making the most of this killer web app!

Read on for giveaway details and great Dropbox tips and tricks.


If you’re not familiar with Dropbox, let me first start out by saying you’ve been missing out. There is a large number of web professionals and every day computer users that use Dropbox as a staple in their daily app consumption. Although there are other apps out there that do the same thing, Dropbox keeps the bar high for other apps to strive for — the point being that Dropbox set the bar.

Dropbox Tour

Dropbox Tour

So, if you’re not familiar with Dropbox, do yourself a favor and read our review, Extend the Web with Dropbox. Keep in mind that Dropbox has made several upgrades since that review, so the app is even better!

Tips and Tricks



There are a multitude of ways to use Dropbox and a plethora of tricks to make your daily computing easier. Not long ago we brought you 5 Creative Uses for Dropbox; a fantastic place to start. The article shows the following.

  1. How to share photo galleries.
  2. How to consolidate your iTunes library.
  3. How to synchronize your password apps.
  4. How to create your own digital scrapbook.
  5. How to keep your Firefox profile in sync.

Those tips are a great place to start but Dropbox has so much more under its hood, so let’s take a look!

Use Dropbox As Your Documents Folder

A simple “trick” but a great one for sure. Many people use their documents folder to store and access some of their most frequently used files, often times the most important too. Many friends and family seem to miss this directory during backups — somehow. Setting your Documents directory to be located in your Dropbox directory will keep all your files safe and secure, not to mention synchronized with other computers you may use frequently.


To do this in OS X, open Terminal and navigate to your Dropbox directory (Type: cd Dropbox ). You’ll now need to create a symbolic link to your Documents directory (Type: ln -s ~/Documents/ Documents ). That’s it! You’re done! You can see in the screenshot below, a new “directory” appears with a black arrow on the icon. This is to indicate that it is a symbolic link, which we’ve set to point to your Documents directory. Dropbox will now begin synchronizing the files within that directory.

Create OS X Symbolic Link to Documents Directory

Create OS X Symbolic Link to Documents Directory


In Windows Vista or Windows 7, right click on your “My Documents” folder and select the Location tab. Next, click Move… and proceed to selecting the location of your Dropbox directory. Simple!

Changing the location of the My Documents directory.

Changing the location of the My Documents directory.

Sync Your iTunes Library Across Multiple Computers

As both an iTunes user and someone who uses multiple computers, it’s frustrating to keep multiple systems (such as a laptop and desktop) with the same iTunes library. Dropbox makes easy work of that though. Start by moving your iTunes library to a folder within your Dropbox directory.

Next, start iTunes holding shift (Win) or option (Mac), which will force iTunes to let you create or choose a library. Select Choose Library… and proceed to selecting the location of your library (now located within your Dropbox directory).

Choose Library

Choose Library

If you have a large iTunes library you’ll likely need a larger Dropbox subscription plan.

Theft Recovery

If you’re worried about your computer being stolen, you can easily use Dropbox to perform silent reconnaissance in the even it is stolen. You’ll then have a greater chance of retrieving your stolen computer.

To do this you’ll need to install a keylogger and/or screenshot applications and set the applications to log the data they collect to your Dropbox directory. If your computer is stolen then you’ll be able to monitor every key they push and even collect screenshots of whatever they might be doing. This would greatly increase the chances of recovering your computer.

You could alternately setup a security application that would use the computer’s web camera to intermittently capture pictures, storing them in your Dropbox directory. You would then get a mugshot of your computer’s thief!

Home/Office Security

Taking the last tip a step further, you could install web cameras around your home or office and have them set to capture images at your desired intervals. Set those images to be stored in your Dropbox directory so you can quickly see if anything is happening.

I have an app setup that uses my computer’s web camera to detect motion; once it does it will begin taking snapshots which are stored in my Dropbox directory. My phone is notified that my computer has detected motion and I can quickly view the new snapshots and notify the police if necessary.

It’s certainly a cheaper alternative than expensive security systems that do the same thing!

Website/File Hosting and Sharing

If you’re a web designer, you might really appreciate this one. Using Dropbox, you can easily share images and other files with its public URL feature. But, you can also share full websites (in flat HTML/CSS) for purposes such as client proofing or maybe just showing of your new project.

Public URL

Public URL

PHP Dropbox Uploader

So, you store your files on your Dropbox but many other people you know might not be using Dropbox yet still want to send you files somehow. With the PHP Dropbox Uploader you can add a file upload form to your website to allow your visitors to upload files directly to your Dropbox account.

Multiple Dropbox Instances

You might already be using Dropbox for personal use but maybe you need another instance of Dropbox to access another account for some reason. Maybe one for work and one for personal?

Making Dropbox Portable

If you’re not always on the same computer while you’re at school, work or elsewhere (maybe a coffee shop?), you could access Dropbox’s web interface — or you could just install DropboxPortable on your USB flash drive. Once you pop your flash drive into a computer your files will be synced. Access your files as necessary and the changes will be synced for access again elsewhere. Just be sure your files have finished syncing before unplugging the flash drive.

Sync Your iCal Calendar

You could pay $99 per year for a MobileMe account, or you could just use Dropbox to sync your iCal Calendar just as easily.

From your primary computer you’ll need to open Terminal and enter the following, which will move your iCal Calendars folder into your Dropbox folder.

mv ~/Library/Calendars ~/Dropbox/

Next you’ll need to tell iCal where to look for the calendars using the following, which creates a symbolic link to your calendars (on Dropbox) for iCal to access.

ln -s ~/Dropbox/Calendars/ ~/Library/Calendars

All that’s left to do is setup any additional computers to access the calendars now stored on Dropbox. To do so, simply enter the above line on your other Macs, again creating symbolic links for iCal to access your calendars.

Dropbox needs to be running on all the computers you want to sync iCal with.

Using Dropbox & Eye-Fi for Instant Image Viewing

You might’ve heard of Eye-Fi memory cards with built in Wi-Fi that allow you to snap pictures and have them automatically uploaded to your computer — directly from your camera. You can set your Eye-Fi upload directory on your computer to be located within your Dropbox directory, which would then allow you to snap pictures with your camera and immediately view them on your mobile phone or computer.

$100 Dropbox Credit Giveaway

The Dropbox team is being generous enough to give away $100 of credit to one lucky Web.AppStorm reader! To enter, simply leave a comment with your favorite tip, trick or hack you use with Dropbox (doesn’t have to be listed here). This coming Friday, June 18th, we will randomly select the winner. The winner will be notified shortly after publishing the giveaway winner announcement.

Please Note: Envato staff or people who have written more than two articles or tutorials for Web.AppStorm.net are ineligible to enter.

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  • http://re.member4.me Bill Xiong

    I love using DropBox as a method to facilitate synching one iTunes library across multiple computers.

  • Tyler Lane

    I use dropbox to sync my .torrent files from my macbook to my windows machine which actually downloads the torrent.

    I have uTorrent set to monitor a folder inside my dropbox folder and i save the .torrent file on my macbook and presto, my desktop automagically starts downloading it for me. So handy

    • Stephen Sauceda

      I do the exact same thing. Simply the best trick with Dropbox.

      • http://www.25thingsdesign.com Devin

        That is now my new favorite trick! Thanks man.

    • http://simonmacdonald.com Simon MacDonald

      Yup, dropping a torrent file into my DropBox account fires up a download on my home computer.

      • Dilip

        I thought i was the only one doing this trick.. I was wrong :)

    • http://twitter.com/jhixson Jesse

      This is my favorite use of Dropbox too.

  • http://www.joseairosa.com José P. Airosa

    I love the sync iTunes across macs! Simply great the possibilities of DropBox. I personally use it for syncing 1Password.

    • Phil

      Remote starting of torrents is easily one of my favorites!

    • adrian

      I do that too, but since i didn’t want to install 1password on other computers, I have prettymuch stopped using 1password entirely

  • http://pablolarah.cl/ Pablo Lara H

    I do prefer Dropbox for: Keep Your Firefox Profile in Sync, Digital Scrapbook and Share photogalleries. ;)

  • Alejandro

    I use Dropbox as a download folder for my utilities and apps

  • http://twitter.com/mattle Matthew Callier

    Not terribly tricky, but I store all my app licenses in dropbox.

    Using public links you could also create one avatar image that you use across all your accounts online. Then when you want to change it, you only have to change it in one spot.

  • http://ricardogiesta.net Ricardo Giesta

    I love Dropbox!

    As a web designer the feature/trick I use the most is the Website/File Hosting and Sharing.

  • http://www.amr-gawish.com Amr Gawish

    I loved the idea of Theft Recovery, It may require additional apps but its really worth a shot.


  • http://www.mikhailkozlov.com Mikhail

    Love downloading torrents with drop box while I’m at work. Set you torrent to monitor folder in Dropbox and drop torrents to download into folder from any synced device. Great serves.

    Unfortunately can not make it work on Cent OS. I would use it as implied – to back up my web server instantly into the cloud.

  • http://www.amr-gawish.com Amr Gawish

    I loved the idea of Theft Recovery, however it may requires alot of additional software but its worth a shot

  • Millca

    Dropbox is the best thing since my inception! Currently I use it to sync 1Password and will soon also be syncing Things. I’ve used it numerous times to share files as well. I love the tip about setting up a file upload form on a website — can’t wait to try that one out too!

  • Stephen Sauceda

    I like they’re referral program. If anyone signs up (for a free account or otherwise) using a referral link, the referrer and the one referred get 250mb of free space up to 8gb. It’s win-win. If anyone wants some free space, you can use my referral link. https://www.dropbox.com/referrals/NTQzMTQwNzk I hope it’s not against the rules to share it here. If it is, I apologize.

  • Matt

    A nice tip is to get some friends invited trough your account, it will expand your account size up to 3 GB!

  • Sam

    Great tips and tricks… I too use DropBox to sync my 1Password prefs across multiple machines. I also use a shared folder to keep backups of all my Abode prefs and settings and brushes etc… so if one of my designers machines go down or we need to set up a new machine from scratch, we can reinstall and be up and running in no time.

  • http://davidturner.name/ David Turner

    I use Dropbox as a way to keep all of my work handy, regardless of where I am. But what I find it really useful for is for keeping certain apps in sync across multiple machines, in particular Things for my mac and 1Password on my Macs and, with the Windows Beta, on my Windows Machines.

  • http://johnathanbarrett.me Johnathan Barrett

    I use Dropbox for keeping my XAMPP htdocs folder synced between my Mac and PC. Saves me having to carry my files around on a USB drive.

  • Tim

    The best feature is to sync multiple files. No other tool can do this “easy” task so perfect!

  • Nina Morena

    I use my dropbox as my virtual network. Each computer I use whether in the office at home or my iphone, the dropbox app stores all my important data and I access it as if it is it’s own network drive.

  • http://www.ardissone.com/ Leandro

    I use dropbox specially for storing most used files, databases for applications (like Snippets, Notational Velocity), my art collection (not me as an artist, but I collect artists I like). And specially like to use it to quick take notes and share on my iPhone.
    For example the cinema reservations or things like that.
    Dropbox rules! I hope to win :)

  • Misael Gaytan

    I like the File hosting featured because you can share to others.

  • http://www.heymonkeydesign.com Lenny Terenzi

    I store all my graphic resources (fonts, textures etc.) so no matter where I am I have my resources handy

  • http://ashrafali.net Ashraf Ali

    Dropbox is awesome for its SVN-like capabilities and its amazing pack-rat feature!. It really helps out in those crazy times where you just don’t know where you put a file or what not.

  • WilhelmR

    Multiple Dropbox Instances = I didn’t know that one. I’ll definitely put that in practice :)

  • http://oneofthesedaysblog.com Sam Dalton

    Great tip about theft recovery! What is the app you use that takes webcam shots like that?

    I use a dropbox shared folder for my company. We all have access to it and so everyone can instantly see what changes are made to any document. The 30 days of version history means we never lose anything important. Couldn’t live without it!

  • http://www.maxbreakwell.com Max

    I use Dropbox for backing up my website. Not terribly complicated but essential nonetheless.

  • Natan Moraes

    Two accounts on the same computer: Awesome! =]

  • Pete

    Dropbox is great but my iTunes Library is way too big to sync it. I am using Fruux right now for syncing Calendar and Adressbook. I saw you described a method of syncing Calendar with Dropbox, is there a possibility to do the same for Adressbook.

    I could try and so on but right now I am in my exam period and a little bit lazy.

    Thanks in advance.

  • http://lewayotte.com/ Lew Ayotte

    My favorite tip/trick has been syncing my Pidgin chat logs and account settings across multiple computers.

  • Vitor Caneco

    I really use Dropbox for do collaborative work, better way to work on a Java Project?

    Bye bye Tortoise… Or other Subversion tools :P

    • adrian

      Git is much better

  • Lee

    Having Dropbox at home and work means less unnecessary office time plus the ability to roll back to prior file versions if (when) I botch something. One of my very favorite things!

  • johnny araujo

    “Wow, i had no idea you about the PHP uploader. Probably the best one, and a feature I’ll be definitely using.


  • Veronica

    Favorite use of DropBox:
    I use DropBox as both a central repository and project management tool for my company.

    My partner and I work remotely most of the time, and instead of a costly physical office with file cabinets and web servers and what nots, we’ve opted to have *ALL* our company’s files stored and shared from within DropBox. Even hard copies are scanned and digitally archived. This way, both of us always have the latest files (and even a common version history!)

    We also create project folders that are individually shared with clients, team members and subcontractors (depending on who’s involved in that project). This has thus far eliminated the need for any project management software. There is hardly any learning curve involved for our clients to liaise and keep up with us. Just dump the files into appropriate folders within DropBox, and send over an e-mail to everyone involved. And if the client prefers not to sign up for a new account and install DropBox? There’s still the web interface and public links! Brilliant. ;)

  • http://loneplacebo.com Tony

    I really like the tip on putting the Documents folder in Dropbox!

  • http://andrewburgess.ca Andrew Burgess

    I love Dropbox! I use it to easily transfer photos to my iPod Touch; it’s also a great way to backup files, since you have versioning available from the site.

    I heard of one guy who used Dropbox with Hazel and an AppleScript: when he changed a file name in Dropbox (any file), it would trigger a Hazel rule that would run an AppleScript; the script would take several pictures with the MacBook camera and upload them to Dropbox; this was all for just in case his MacBook was stolen: he’d easily get pics of the thief. Pretty ingenious!

  • http://twitter.com/michalkozak Michal Kozak

    I sync my 1Password data between my computer using Dropbox.

    Very easy, yet so useful: on your main computer go to 1Password’s preferences and there on the “General” tab under the “Data file” choose “Move” and move it to your Dropbox folder.

    Then on your other computers do the same, but instead of moving data file click “Choose another” and then choose the data file you just moved to your Dropbox folder.

    That’s it, now you have all your 1Password data in sync between your computers.

    • Erika

      I love the idea of using Dropbox as a theft recovery tool. I use it together with SneakyBastard, which takes snapshots of people using your laptop.

  • http://jacobdubail.com Jacob

    Dropbox has saved me on more than one occasion. When I need to get a large file to a friend or family member, I add the file to my Dropbox. Then, I either make a public url and send it over, or recommend that they sign up for DB themselves (I like the extra space that referrals give me!).

    Thanks Dropbox!

  • Daniel Golden

    I recovered my stolen, brand new, $2100 MacBook Pro using drop box. I installed drop box on my computer when I first got it, and about to weeks later it was stolen out of my car. Dropbox has a feature that allows you to recover the IP address of the last wifi location your computers have connected from. I gave the IP address to the police who got the theifs address from comcast, and voila! I nearly hit the floor when the police told me they found my computer. Thanks Dropbox!

  • http://bradysewall.com Brady Sewall

    My favorite tip, is using the new Dropbox beta feature where you can select which folders you want to sync. This helps when I only want to sync certain files on my work computer, but want to keep multiple computers at home in-sync.

    Now if they would only build an app for the BlackBerry Storm. :-)

  • http://www.sparked.biz Geoffry

    I was just shopping for a file sharing and back-up service and this article clinches it!

  • http://passthepen.com Jose Henriquez

    I love using Dropbox to sync my Things libraries between my personal and work computers. Keeps me organized.

  • Rolando

    I love how Dropbox enables me to sync my files between multiple computers. No more emailing myself documents all over the place! Yay!

  • Ethan Wright

    I love using it to sync 1password across multiple computers..

  • Grr

    Hi Jarel, many thanks for this opportunity.

    I have been using dropbox from a long time. It is a great service, which has been reliable and stable.

    The tip/hack I’m using dropbox is for torrents, where using the “Automatically load .torrents from” feature in utorent, I can automatically start the torrents remotely by uploading .torrent files via web interface, when I’m away from my home-PC.

    Apart from this I also use it as a share folder and even attempted Website/File Hosting unsuccessully. Not sure what was the reason for my website to not to load..lol

    After reading ur tips above I would be going to use the trick of Multiple Dropbox Instances and Making Dropbox Portable. Both are very useful as one would fetch me additional storage space, and other would make life easier having my dropbox with me on the go & everywhere.

    Please count me in this giveaway. I’m already following you on twitter.

    Thanks, Grr

  • David Wang

    I love to use Dropbox to sync my application support files across multiple computers. I also use it to backup things that I carry around in my flash drives in case I lose them.

  • Fábio Morbec

    I like the idea of using Dropbox for iTunes sync but my library is so huge so I gave up but I use Dropbox to sync the Safari bookmark across macs.

  • http://www.cdmuench.com Christopher Muench

    well i just learned my new fav…the iTunes sync. that is great!!! i have been wondering how i was going to do that.

  • JPomfret

    I use dropbox for school projects, every class I’m in has a group project so I get my group members to sign up and create a shared folder…much easier than emailing multiple versions all around :) I love dropbox, makes life much simpler!

  • http://www.casabona.org/blog/ Joe Casabona

    I love the idea of Syncing you iTunes Library! I’ve been looking for a good way to do that – especially now that lala is gone :(

    And I use Dropbox regularly- I love it!

  • David

    create a shared folder to collaborate on web design projects…

  • Andrew Dilger

    I’ve recently gotten into designing websites. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars per month on a web server, I can just upload my html files to the pubic folder in Dropbox. Copy the public link, and everyone can see my awesome design in no time! Thanks @Dropbox for saving my life for… I think it’s up the the millionth time!

  • http://dan-sweet.com Dan Sweet

    Just got a new machine and am only selectively moving files. Dropbox is great for moving files as needed.

  • Rehan Butt

    i love the ical tip

    just great and dropbox it like free version of mobileme

  • Robert in Sf

    I use it with a clipboard utility to sync my clipboard history across computers! Yay Dropbox!

  • Andy Crofford

    My favorite one that I have used and you have listed is “How to keep your Firefox profile in sync”.

  • Brett

    I LOVE DROPBOX! I use it on a daily basis to temp store files for my website until I’m ready to upload them to the webserver. That way no matter where I an I have access to my files if/when I want to post a new article or review on the site. I’m not sure what i’d do without it, it’s become such an integral part of my daily workflow.

  • Phsyckr

    I love synching my KeePass files and it’s awesome for synching all my information in my account at my school and my home documents ;D

  • http://www.ilhamsk.com ilham

    I am new in dropbox. So far it’s good. I enjoy it with my friends to share files each other.

  • Matt B.

    I can put an application’s package contents onto Dropbox in order to get it on to another computer around the house. Sometimes for getting Google Chrome onto a school computer in order to do things faster (because our school computers have XP SP2 with bad Internet connection and are extremely slow). I also keep all my word documents and school stuff on Dropbox.

  • Matt

    The public folder gets a huge amount of use when it comes to emailing large attachments to people who don’t have dropbox. Adding ?dl=1 to the end of the a public url link forces a download of the file in question as opposed to just opening it. Incredibly handy.

  • http://bradjohansen.com Brad Johansen

    I mainly use Dropbox to sync all of my e-books across devices, including my windows box, my linux box, and my iPhone.

  • jacob Graf

    I love using Dropbox to sync Quix! (http://www.syncapp.com)

  • shrly

    The “Documents folder hack” though I use it for my schoolwork folder not the Documents folder. I love that I can access past revisions of a report or something if I screw up on the current iteration.

  • http://www.trifunk.com Ariel

    use dropbox file link for my wordpress blog instead of adding the pdf to the site.

  • http://wedesignapps.com/register Christopher Chance

    Dropbox is really cool and very useful tool. As a web designer, I use it primarily to move large file sizes that don’t fit email quota. It is very secure and now they have an app for Android platform too. You can directly upload files from your Android phone.

    Visit http://wedesignapps.com/register for Android topics and register in the forum

  • http://www.whereiputstuff.com Bill B.

    I store my fonts on my Dropbox. Allows for quick use on all my machines.

  • http://www.merriamcreative.com Mosh

    I use it to store all my freelance work so I can jump betwixt Macs and know I’ve got the same files to work on. Also great for passing along large files to clients in the public folder.

  • http://www.bloggerplus.net Pavel

    Our company has 10 computers in LAN. It’s difficult to me when find out a secure method to sync data between PCs but Dropbox helped me with LAN sync feature. That’s wonderful.
    Thanks dropbox.

  • John

    I use it to keep my /var/www (linux) folder sync’d with my xampp/htdocs (windows) folder. Works sweet.

  • http://robtarr.net Rob Tarr

    I use it for sharing folders with my wife and friends. And for easy access to important files when I’m at work, away from my personal computer.

  • Steve Robillard

    I love being able to sync my passwords and code snippets across machines. It has saved me more than once.

  • Arturo Linares

    The PHP uploader is a great tool. I’m a developer I can think in a lot of cases I could use it. I think I’ll use it soon. Thanks!

  • http://lendamico.com Len

    As a freelancer who often works on-site, it’s handy to keep some template files, Zip archives of favorite fonts (don’t bother syncing unzipped fonts; it takes forever and can corrupt them), your own identity stuff, etc… it’s like having your own assets server wherever you go.

  • Marc Sexton

    I host git repositories in a shared folder. Super fast and easy way to privately share a project with collaborators.

  • Tim

    Syncing 1Password!

  • Arturo Linares

    I didn’t know the PHP Upload tool. I think it is a great idea, I’ll give it a try. Thanks!

  • Ian F

    I like to sync portable apps on my Dropbox to keep a usable and personalized copy on all machines I use at college or at home.

  • TwItCh

    Hmmm, my favorite tip would have to be using dropbox for version control (at least over the short term with a free account) of my html/css etc files as i work on them as I also have winSCP syncing the files to the webserver. I then just keep a tab open to the file list on the dropbox site to rever to any version beyond my undo limit in whatever app I am in.

  • http://kswizz.com Kenneth Ballenegger

    Auto-syncing of 1Password, iPhoto, Documents folder & more = awesome!

  • Jack

    I love using DropBox it sync for all my devices, PC, Mac and etc…. when i want to transfer some small files and without a flash drive, i upload from my mac and it syncs. and then i download it from PC. nice

  • Corey A

    I use it to share odd and funny photos I come across with friends. We all just drag them to our shared folder and whenever one of us needs a good laugh, there’s always something new to amuse.

  • fmontes

    I use dropbox to sync my doc folders and websites projects between home and office!

  • http://www.michelbosma.nl Michel

    I love this app, use it t sync my Things database between multiple computers!

  • Aman

    The best use of dropbox is to sync multiple onenote notebooks. Dropbox gives onenote a mobility which is hard to achieve by other means.

  • Abner

    I’m a very avid dropbox user and I design websites. I loved the “Website/File Hosting and Sharing” tip. I thought to myself “duh!” cuz it’s quite straightforward and simple, but at the same time, super useful.

  • Abner

    Oh, and btw, I thought I’d share a tip of one way I use Dropbox to share OneNote notebooks. I think OneNote is my most used application, and using Dropbox to keep my notes synced across multiple computers is super important to me. If you use OneNote, just move your “OneNote Notebooks” folder from “My Documents” to your Dropbox folder.

  • Francisco C

    My favorite trick is having any file instantly appear in my Mac, Windows, and Linux boxes… not to mention iPhone and iPad!

  • Rohit

    I mainly use Dropbox to sync important documents. Over the past few months, I’ve been using Dropbox for group-work. We’ve made a common account for our group so that group-members can access/edit our group documents. No fuss, only productivity! Thanks Dropbox!

  • http://growlybeast.deviantart.com/ Ange

    I love using Dropbox to keep all of my stuff secure if my computer dies! And it’s been a lifesaver if i accidentally delete or modify something incorrectly and need to get an older version restored.

  • Randy

    My favorite feature of DropBox is being able to sync iTunes from multiple computers (helps me listen to my itunes on any of my 4 computers) and being able to store my “www” folder from wamp on it, making it 10x easier to edit/upload code across my computers.

  • http://antoniu.me Antoniu

    I use Dropbox to sync my 1Password keychain across multiple computers.

  • Joseph Kristoffer

    I love using Dropbox to sync my 1Password archive across my Macs. Works like a charm.

  • Alex C.

    I use Dropbox to sync my work files and version control. I’d love to see some native desktop UI for those features, but for now, login through the web interface.

    My best tip… send out invites to all your friends. You get an extra 250 mb of space for every person that signs up using your link!

  • peter

    I use dropbox to synchronize my mileage log as well as other business related information between my cellphone and my mac. As a business owner, this is an absolute blessing for backup as well as convenience of having important information available anywhere.

  • Pascal Hos

    I use drop box to sync both 1password and things. Just perfect. Once set you never have to think about it again.

  • Justin

    I use it as backup and also for starting torrents remotely

  • http://www.mindcircus.biz Andrei Barburas

    I use Dropbox to backup 1password, BitLocker key, and to be honest, pretty much everything that I might use when I don’t have access to my own PC/Lappie and so on.

  • Chris

    I use a bunch of different computers and operating systems and I found it to be very useful to not only sync my documents but also applications for those documents with dropbox. I wrote a bunch of different cross platform tools that run right from inside dropbox without needing to install anything. And for the couple more exotic operating systems I use that don’t have a dropbox client, I use HTML5 web apps in the Public folder since those run pretty much everywhere. No need to install anything anymore, just install dropbox and it does the rest.

  • http://transports.tumblr.com josh

    Sim linking other folders into dropbox Rocks!

  • http://www.smashbit.com Chris W

    I use Dropbox sync my “projects” folder, and to read PDFs on my iPhone.

  • Chris

    Great app! I use dropbox to collaborate with friends with shared folders, share files with the public folder and have my thesis files copied to my dropbox folder for an instant incremental online backup.
    Even my dad gets how it works and all my friends stopped sending those 5mb emails with their vacation pictures ;)
    Thank you dropbox!

  • Patrick

    This is my best trick Use Dropbox As Your Documents Folder. i do it right away

  • Bob DeGrande

    Use 1Password with Dropbox to sync your passwords, logins, autofill information, etc. across multiple Macs (also iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad, and 1Password now has a Windows beta out). With both programs running on multiple platforms, this is a very powerful combination.

  • http://www.sayzlim.net Sayz

    I like to use dropbox for uploading font for cufon use and css. And also for syncing between Windows and Mac machine.

  • Luke

    It’s great for syncing the 1Password database (and others) between computers – simply move it across into the folder (or use a symlink) and then all the passwords are consistently kept the same. As long as you don’t change two sets in quick succession this works fine, otherwise the ‘official’ sync engine resolves conflicts better (via iPhone though).

  • http://www.stevendobbelaere.be Steven Dobbelaere

    I use dropbox to sync my files, the hit list and now my ical. Really useful article.

  • http://www.dtp2.nl DTP2

    Loooove the php Dropbox uploader for my websites. Works great and don’t have to worry about chmod and vulnerabilities anymore.

  • Gerry Weißbach

    I’m using DropBox to sync my Xcode projects across different Macs, so that I can start over seamlessly where I left off when changing from office to mobile to home. I can even sit on two computers and have them sync so fast, that I could code on one and test on the other.

  • fellowweb

    Dropbox is great to have an instant copy of each file of my research project. It’s been of great help to have a copy in the cloud as soon as one saves the file.

  • Oliver

    Dropbox is one of my favorite apps on my mac!

  • Schellman

    Syncing my Things and 1Password databases to my Dropbox folder is a killer feature. I couldn’t live without it.

    BTW, DevonThink and Together work this way, too. And having easy and fast backups is a breeze. Great service!

  • LoShu

    Use Dropbox for filesharing/collaboration with clients. Instead of bothersome FTP.

  • http://3141.eu Max

    Use dropbox with git for private projects with some collaborators!

  • Piotr

    Hey, I use DropBox to automaticly backup my current works – I make a directory link to my current working folder and everythink backups automaticly.

    great one.

  • Wai Wong

    Best and easiest alternative to subversion :D

  • Argiris

    I quite like the app preferences sync ability with symlinks.

  • Clint

    By far my favorite use for drop box is to point uTorrent at a shared folder so I can begin downloads while I’m away from my house without having to SSH in.

    Really Handy!

  • oykun yilmaz

    As a web designer, I love the “Website/File Hosting and Sharing” part :) ps thanks for sharing cool tips I didn’t know :) you guys are great!

  • http://nixgrafix.com Nic

    Using DropBox to store your 1Password log-in details is great across multiple computers !

  • http://writeforyourlife.net Iain Broome

    Dropbox really is essential. I’m a writer and tend to work on my iMac at home, my office computer and occasionally a laptop too! It used to be a nightmare with version control, but Dropbox has made it extremely simple to work on multiple machines.

    I can also recommend the 1password trick mentioned a few times above. I only started using it this week and already I’ve noticed the benefits!

  • http://www.kam88.com darkwark

    I’m using dropbox to sync my databases for Money and LittleSnapper, also i’m using it for uploading photos from my ipod touch and sync work files from notebook

  • Sealdriver

    I use it for 1Password making an indispensable app even more so

  • http://www.martinherweg.de Martin

    I use Dropbox to sync 1password and my Things Database.

  • Karthik

    I’ve setup Dropbox with iWeb to host a small website for sharing documents, photos, etc. It’s simply the best tool for sharing…I could never really imagine what it would be like without Dropbox — The best thing is that its really good, despite it being free…

  • Colin Stark

    I use dropbox mainly as license backup web usb stick, but it is also very useful for syncing ableton live projects between the main studio pc and my macbook.

  • Pier Luigi

    The best two tips for me are: “Sync Your iCal Calendar” and “PHP Dropbox Uploader”!!

  • Mike

    I use my Drop Box with MacRabbits Espresso. Putting the projects folders in one DropBox folder allows me to work locally on all of my web projects from any of my computers, awesome!

  • markustinner

    I use it for syncing everything: iCal, Addressbook, 1password… great

  • http://www.thelongrun.de Stefan

    I use Dropbox to share my Winamp playlists over many computers. Thats very easy if you add all files with their corresponding network paths.

  • daba

    Dropbox together with Hazel – OMG!

    - Use it to add todo items remotely into things
    - Get my home mac to download torrent files while i’m on the road
    - Got my “add to itunes” folder in there

  • k19s

    Hi i use the free version of Dropbox most of the time, either when I’m at work or at home. I think my best trick/use of Dropbox is the ability to syncing stuff and distribute new apps between several macs as this is really handy when i need to share family videos/pictures to friends and family members. Also i found that you can use DropBox to network share for an virtual office. The ability to do this is really useful as in my line of work i need to constantly share document to other offices, and the ability to do this using Dropbox saves me time and money.
    Not only this but i found other cool and useful trick you can use with Dropbox such as the ability to sync up with Yojimbo as this is one of the best information organizer application for macs. I don’t use Dropbox only on my mac but also on my windows as i can sync my saved games across different computers. I have more tips and tricks to say but i don’t think i’ll have time to write these down.
    So i hope you will count me in this giveaway as using Dropbox made my life so much easier.

    Many Thanks

  • http://csabapalfi.com Csaba Palfi

    I store my git source code repositories in my dropbox folder. Syncs my work directories accross computers and provides an extra backup (even if it’s also on github)

  • Ben

    I use dropbox to add files to iTunes from any computer in the world. I set upva folder in my dropbox with a folder action that will move any file added to it to iTunes’ “automatically add” folder.

  • http://toastr.co.nz Jacob

    I love using Dropbox to backup important application data, and keep it synced across computers (using syslinks).

    It’s also great as a way to backup and keep versions of documents and projects I’m working on.

    And being able to access my Dropbox anywhere from the web or iPhone app just makes it so much more convenient.

  • http://www.msdevstudio.com Mário Santos

    Yep, that’s it! Dropbox is for sure one of the best applications for everyone, but for me, as a developper, i really love to use the dropbox as my workspace for every kind of projects, but the most remarkable use is to use it as my Flash Builder Workspace.

    Can work on the office, home or even in my android. Lovelly!

  • http://www.photowalkingmunich.de stean

    Dropbox just rockz! Great inspiring article by the way…

  • Karan Bulbule

    Symbolic Links! I use them to sync any file/folder even if it’s outside the DropBox folder.
    This way, I can keep my data synced without disturbing the way it is organized on my drive, as opposed to stuffing everything into DropBox folder.

    Just make a symbolic link in DropBox pointing to the file/folder you wish to sync.
    Windows Command: MKLINK /J
    It won’t take any space on hard drive, but still will get synced to your DropBox account.

  • http://delicon.mk Daniel

    I like the PHP Dropbox Uploader.

  • Verp

    I use dropbox for a ton of different things. I actually have one account meant just for image hosting. On some online forums, I have some guides for games/etc that require a ton of different images. There are sometimes thousands who load hundreds of images at once and my bandwidth limit just doesn’t seem to end.

    Also for my school work, I use dropbox to distribute and save all my files. There isn’t much to it.

    My desktop is also synced upped to my dropbox. I have several computers that I use almost daily. At school and home. I just use a junction to link my desktop and dropbox together and it all just works.

    Because on the iphone there is an awesome dropbox app, I sync over and save some pdfs. Like comics and maybe a book and some important files as well. It reads pdfs very well.

  • http://www.alessandrocuttin.blogspot.com Alessandro

    The PHP Dropbox Uploader is what I was looking for! Great! Now I need some time to make it working for me…

  • webbografico

    I use dropbox to sync the agile keychain of my 1password app between my desktop and my laptop. I’m in love with dropbox, it’s a great app!!

  • http://blog.aditu.de Tobi

    A tipp for dropbox users, who are worried about their privacy: I use dropbox in combination with http://www.truecrypt.org/. This program allows the encryption of files in a container. Dropbox will not sync the whole container (which can be really big) but only the changed data.

  • diskostu

    I use Dropbox for about a year, and I can’t live without it.
    I’m a coder, and Dropbox helps keeping my coding environment in sync across all computers I use. I’m on a Mac, so I simply put Apps within Dropbox (Eclipse, Textmate, …) and of course all my source code. It rocks!

  • http://www.alessandrocuttin.blogspot.com Alessandro

    As far as I’m a db user, I have come up with these three tricks:

    1) Name the folders you share with others properly, so you know immediately in which folder you have to put the file, without wasting time searching for the right folder. Personally, I use a name like “SharedWithNameSurname”

    2) Keep in sync the (encripted) password database of KeePass. It’s a very useful and (most important) multi-platform tool to manage the bunch of passwords we must deal with every day.

    3) Use DB as a large-file delivery service. Every file put in the public dropbox folder has a public address that can be easily pasted in every email: a great way to send attachments without attaching them (and save space in your mailbox). Advantages: no registration to file-delivery-websites required, and the size of the file you’d like to send is only limited to your DB size. An improvement: I wrote down a simple script for cleaning from the public folder those files older than a week (or whatever); a simple send-and-forget trick that prevents my DB from filling up quickly.

  • Alex L.

    Symbolic links + Dropbox = Awesome!

  • Marco St.

    Dropbox is my favourite choice when it comes to show photographic (art)work to my clients. In addition, it has never been easier to keep Lightroom presets and databases in sync.

  • TmiY

    Sharing files with friends.
    Syncing 1Password and making it available within the browser.

    iTunes sync note: Only keep one instance of iTunes open at the same time. I wanted to sync my mac mini (media center) with my laptop keeping both instances of iTunes running. No can do. So no go for me unfortunatly as my media center iTunes needs to be running at all times. If any solution available, please share :p

  • http://www.donmarco.org/ MadMoi

    Great tips!

    I use it for Application shared files (GTD tool for example, or Mnemosyne). I’d like to use it for iTunes sharing but, for now I’m not on a paid plan…

    I use it a lot for Photo sharing with friends after Week-ends/holidays. I converted a lot of my friends to DropBox for that purpose!


  • Ana

    My favorite tip is to sync my iTunes Library across multiple computers!

  • http://www.hito.fr hito.fr

    My favorite use of Dropbox is to backup and share some document with my client or friends.
    But a nice trick that i have see in this post is “PHP Dropbox Uploader” ! I will definitely try it :)

  • http://www.nomad-one.com nomadone

    One of the main purposes I use dropbox for is to quickly backup my localhost files while developing WordPress websites locally.

    I also use it to sync iCals.

    I haven’t tried showing HTML proofs to clients through dropbox though, good idea!

  • http://seetreedesign.com seetree

    At our office we use DropBox to sync TextExpander.
    (Growl notifies us whenever someone makes any changes or adds anything.)

  • Arcank

    I use it to develop a web site from two different computers.

  • http://muviad.com Florian Taltavull

    As I’m a lot away I really like the possibility to share Dropbox as my Documents Folder! It’s also nice to share documents with friends or coworkers. I really thought about using Dropbox a lot of times, but now I’m maybe going to use it now because of the nice features I just read about.

  • http://twitter.com/sulcalibur Suleiman Leadbitter

    Superb list of Tips and Tricks. May favorite is the multiple accounts trick as I set up a ‘Family’ dropbox that we all use. So we all stay in the loop :)

    I would love an efficient way to keep Fonts, Photoshop brushes and other presets synced across computers too. I personally think Adobe should have done a ‘cloud’ feature for this in the new CS5 but anywho if there is a Dropbox method, please do tell :)


  • Joost

    I love DropBox, and I keep all my small yet important files in there – all of my Envato work, for example, is stored right in my dropbox so that I can access it for reference or customizations a