Goodbye Cable, Hello Google TV

About four months ago Google announced Google TV, a new platform similar to Apple’s web-to-TV product, Apple TV (sorta). Google TV differs in that it’s actually an internet experience on your TV, built for your TV. Bringing the experience of the internet into the living room isn’t a new concept, it’s just taken some time for anyone to actually get it right.

Has Google done it right? Well, we don’t know yet but early impressions would lead us to believe so. If Google TV can succeed where others have failed, it might have the power to tip the internet vs cable TV scales in a new direction. Read on for more details and our thoughts on Google TV.

Google TV

Google TV

Internet on the TV

The internet and the TV have had a struggle going on for quite awhile now, especially with regards to cable and satellite TV providers. Many have tried for several years to bring the internet into the realm of the living room TV, but it’s never quite panned out. One point of failure for many of those who’ve attempted this is they tried to bring the desktop version of the internet on to the TV, which just doesn’t work well.

Where more recent attempts at bringing the internet to the TV have succeeded has been the user interface; getting rid of the desktop experience and molding the internet into a living room entertainment experience. Examples of this would be the Apple TV, Xbox and Roku. It has to be easy and it has to be dang near instant (just like regular TV).

Apple TV

Apple TV

Google TV takes the success of these platforms a step further in an attempt to bring many of the separated services (Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Twitter, Pandora etc) into a single, powerful and expandable platform. By expandable I mean that they’ve applied the concept of apps, just like you’d find on your iPhone or Android phone, to the TV. This is what could make the Google TV platform a potential game changer.

Internet vs Cable / Satellite Providers

As I briefly mentioned earlier, there’s been a struggle between the internet and the living room TV with relation to your typical TV providers such as cable and satellite. Internet media providers such as Hulu, Netflix, Amazon and YouTube have been drawing nearer to replacing typical TV service providers and they don’t like it. They’re losing customers because customers are realizing they can get nearly the same content through the internet, which they’ve already been paying for.



Personally, I don’t own a TV. Not because I don’t want to own one, but because I can get all the content I want (TV shows, movies, etc) via the internet. Now why would I pay for cable TV service only to get the exact same content? That being said, I do want a TV, but only once I can access internet content with it. I’m not talking about just a few services either, I’m talking about most or all of them.

Google TV Apps

Google TV Apps

Google TV, thanks to its app-centric design, will bridge that gap for me, giving me exactly what I’ve been looking for and exactly what many others have been waiting for. Bye-bye cable subscription!

Google TV

The best way to give you a taste of what Google TV is, is Google’s YouTube video sneak peek.

Next up, visit the Google TV website and click “Take the Tour” to flip through the slides. It’s really the easiest way for you to see what Google TV really is. But make sure you come back here!

Google TV Home

Google TV Home


So, as I mentioned before, Google TV takes what we already know works so well (remember the iPhone?) and applies it to the TV—apps. This is going to give developers the ability to make the most of our TV’s potential and create an entirely new and exciting experience, powered by the addiction that is the internet.

Mobile Devices

No, you won’t be taking Google TV with you (yet), but you will be able to use that expensive iPhone or Android phone as a seriously powerful remote that’ll make yesterday’s remotes look like children’s toys. Taking it a step further, however, you’ll be able to “fling” content to your TV.

Phone to TV Fling

Phone to TV Fling

TV Shows, Movies, Music and More

Right out of the gate Google TV will be ready to access not only your Netflix or Amazon instant streaming services, but also content from providers like CNBC, HBO, TBS, TNT, Cartoon Network, NBA Game Time and more that’ve already gotten on board with Google TV. This is a huge step towards success already!

Google TV’s not just about video though, it’ll also have apps for music and social media from VEVO, Pandora, Napster, Twitter, YouTube, Picasa, Flickr and more.

What do you think?

I tend to be an optimist with new and exciting technology but Google TV is really showing some spectacular signs of being a real hit already. Google TV, from impressions thus far, will be able to bring the internet to your TV in the way it should be—easy, entertaining and ready for the future. Needless to say, I’m excited—and I might buy a TV thanks to Google TV.

See the Google TV blog fore more info. and future updates.

What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts whether you’re excited, skeptical or you just don’t give a crap, so leave a comment below. Thanks!


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  • But you’d still have to pay the internet company for a huge bandwidth allowance increase.

    • If people were to drop their TV subscriptions and add a portion of that to their internet bill (if they actually needed to), they’d still save money and have faster internet to boot.

      Bandwidth will certainly be an interesting aspect to watch in the shift from traditional TV to streaming via internet TV.

  • Google TV looks great. I’ve been bouncing back and forth between an XBOX or an Apple TV as entertainment hubs, but this might be where I finally sit firmly. Any information on whether Google TV will have the capability to pull media (music, movies, videos, etc) from a networked PC?

    • I would assume so but I haven’t found any definitive information on that yet.

  • How is this different than boxee?. They also have apps (netflix, hulu plus, etc) and an interface for TV and you can use your phone as a remote.

    I am planning on dropping cable this year, and am trying to figure out my best option. The only thing I found that was different was that you could still use your cable with the google box vs the boxee box which doesn’t matter to me anyway.

    Anyone know anything else that is different ?

    • The concept really isn’t that different (if at all), but the execution and support of companies like Google will make a big difference. Really, we’ll have to wait and see how well it works once it comes out before anyone can conclude the best option.

  • Plex is free and in my opinion better than boxee, it can act as a server so all you need is a computer with all your media and the other devices with plex will get the info from there.

    plus it will be on LG’s line (TV’s and BR’s)

  • i saw google tv yesterday, and while it seems great, it needs a new machine or tv to do it, i wish they would come out with an option that lets you use it with video game consoles, and even though i only have a wii which doesn’t do HD, i could deal with SD for most things. maybe that’s what they’ll do next, netflix did.

  • I love appstorm. So don’t hurt your cred and please watch for bad typical internet misspellings… please don’t spell losing as “loosing.” Thanks.

    • Ah, thanks for catching that. That would be a result of writing while tired. :)

  • Anyone know if Sony Bravias will be able to receive firmware upgrades to enable Google TV?

  • Can Internet providers give uninterrupted infrastructure? AT&T/Apple had major issues with sling to be in iPhone on the go — I understand that is more of wireless.

    But just imagine HD video getting transferred throughout out world — I believe its success lot depend on internet providers more then the Google TV itself.

    Girish Kolari

    • For hardwired internet connections in people’s homes, I don’t believe that would be an issue. My internet connection has been more reliable than my cable TV connection (thanks to crappy cable TV boxes mostly).

  • I’m looking forward to testing google tv, but I guess I prefer to have more freedom with a PC directly connected to my tv

  • I would love to be able to cut the cable TV service and just got internet TV only, but I watch a lot of sports and the internet is still not there when it comes to major sports like NFL, College Football, NBA etc.

    I only watch a few TV shows, so for me I’m still tied to cable TV and there unfair prices and lack of choices. :(

    • Yeah, my roommate is in the exact same situation. Sports is definitely an area that’s lagging behind.

  • Ive just pre ordered the Logitech revue, but I have one question that I forgot to ask: Are you required to have a cable box , dvr or any other kind of box to hook it up, use it and enjoy the internets? I just have basic cable with a coaxial hook up, but my 1080p vizio has HDMI ports. If I cant direct connect that will be a deal breaker and I will cancel my pre order.

    • The Logitech revue has HDMI in/out so you’ll be able to connect it to your TV’s HDMI input. :)

    • You’re out of luck. I was so looking forward to this. Like much of America with cable tv, I hook up coax direct to the TV, no box. The Sony Google TV has a coax hookup, but it doesn’t interact with the Google media program. The Logitech Revue and the Sony blu-ray don’t have coax either. What kind of sucky design was this? I’m ready to drop a bundle of cash for this stuff and I can’t use it !!!

  • very interesting, i hope i have that

  • I’m no techie, just want to get rid of my outrageous cable bill. with apple tv, boxxee and google tv, will I have to continue my cable subscription or can in get rid of it completely.

  • I love most things by google so Im definately looking forward to this.

  • Google’s taking over the planet. But I don’t really mind. As long as they don’t attempt to enslave the world’s population, I’m sure everything will be fine.

    Also, looking forward to this.

  • In a few years there will be no TV as we know it today. There will be some kind of Web TV only. In my opinion Google TV is the first step to the new era of interactive TV.

  • i’m sure this is a stupid question but, Can you still recieve live tv feeds using google tv?
    I want to drop cable but it would be hard if you still have to watch shows 1hr – 1day after they come on live tv.

  • I am interested in purchasing the logitech brand for google TV. I do not want to pay those large monthly sums of money for satellite TV! BUT, on the logitech device, it says that u need to connect you cable or satellite box to the google TV via an HDMI cable….. Does that mean I need to be subscribed to a TV provider like DISH or directV in order to use google TV? Can I bypass the connection to a cable box or satellite box and still watch regular TV programing on the google TV? Thanks

  • yes i just got google tv today and i dont have a box……so u use an hdmi channel and u haved to switch to the tv source to watch tv….but its still awesome!

  • I see that Google TV requires basic cable- IS that cable channels up through 70 or just the 2-22 channels that you can get without paying Comcast $70/mo?? I am not tech savy, so I am a bit confused as to how this all works. Any info is helpful. Can you stream Google tv through Roku? I don’t have a Xbox. THanks!