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Everyone is familiar with Wikipedia, a wiki that is collectively created and curated. Well, wikis of various size, color and shape have been around for the past five years or so. There are desktop based wikis (such as VoodooPad for OS X), self hosted wikis and web application wikis.


If you’re starting to tire of the Wave, not to worry. This will be our last post on the subject for a while.

So far we’ve looked at the basics of the application, toured through the interface, discussed what to do once you get your invite and even looked at a few good resources to read if you’re still waiting.

Today I’m sharing a list of the extensions and gadgets available for Wave that caught my attention.


Hopefully yesterday’s review of Google Wave was helpful to those of you still waiting to get access to this new tool.

If not, here’s a round up of good resources for getting your fill and knowing what to expect when you finally get an invite. Some of these are opinions, some are factual, but I think all are helpful in getting a grasp of what to expect.

If I’m wrong, feel free to tell me in the comments.


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