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Up Your Sales Game with Pipedrive

As a freelancer, I do a lot of wheelin’ and dealin’. At any given time I’m managing current projects, writing proposals, trying to close deals, and getting new clients. Depending on how busy I get, this can get very hard to keep up with. While traditional CRMs are great for keeping track of relationships with clients and contacts, sometimes you need a little bit more. Pipedrive aims to provide you with a way not just to manage clients, but a way to manage the overall sales process.


Accountancy is a very respectable profession. There’s millions of the guys, all diligently working away like beaver to ensure every penny is accounted for. They keep business moving day-to-day, advise the board of directors and help us with our taxes. We love you guys. So all accountants, you can look away now.

Here’s the problem with accountants: They bore me. Imagine being visited by your child-self and having to explain why you spend all day staring at spreadsheets and not fighting fires, flying jet fighters, arresting bad guys, breaking world records or anything remotely cool. They also charge a killing.

Luckily for small and medium sized businesses, software has taken a large proportion of work from accountants and bookmakers. We still need them to have a look over accounts from time to time, but these days, the process can be largely automated. Wave Accounting is one such application that helps users keep track of their business transactions. But does it match up to what we should expect of accounting software? Better yet, can it help you get by without relying on your accountant so much?


When you’ve developed what you think is the coolest new service or digital product that you’d like to distribute online, it’s important – as with any other product – to get it out there as soon as it’s ready. It’s for this reason that so many creators turn to web apps to manage the technical side of actually processing the payments. If you’re based in the US and need something to do the hard work for you of payments, look no further than PintPay.

PintPay is a brand new app that makes payment processing simple and affordable, ensuring that payments can be taken in minutes. Read on to find out more.


When you’re running a business, you’ll more than likely have to deal at some point with proposals – especially if you provide a service directly to clients. However, creating these can take valuable time away from your schedule so a neat app like Quote Roller can come in quite handy.

Quote Roller allows businesses or individuals to create great-looking proposals that can be managed entirely online and distributed to the client. Sporting a great interface and a variety of features, it could easily be an essential app for your business. Read on to find out more about this interesting little app.


As freelancers, many of us need to create invoices on a regular basis. Invoicing is about as fun as doing your taxes, except for one nice exception: invoices are all about you getting paid, not you paying someone else. Still, there should be a way to make invoicing easier and cheaper. It’s never fun to have to pay just so others can pay you for your work!

Invoice Dude is an invoicing web app that has two major advantages over most competing invoicing apps: it’s free to use online and is also available for purchase as a self-hosted web app to run on your own servers. So, whether you’re looking for a free way to quickly create invoices online or want to purchase an invoicing app that you can run just as you want, Invoice Dude is a great option for both needs. Let’s dive in and see what more it has to offer.


Do you have a hard time keeping up with where your money is going? It’s hard enough to know how much you have in your checking account, not to mention how much you have it other accounts or owe on loans or credit cards. As tax season rapidly approaches, most of us realize that we need to do a better job at keeping up with our money. Problem is, most programs for managing your finances are expensive and difficult to use.

Managing your finances isn’t a hopeless quest, though. Today we’re going to look at, a popular finance management web app that helps you keep up with all of your accounts, budgets, and more. Mint was acquired by Intuit, the company behind Quicken and TurboTax, in 2009, but it’s kept its original simple interface and no-nonsense approach to managing finances while bringing tighter integration with TurboTax. Keep reading to see if Mint is what you need to get your finances under control.


Managing Time With Timecard for Billings Pro

Billable hours are the most sacred things that could either make or break a company, particularly if you’re in the service industry. Apart from being key to boost revenues, billable hours are a way to keep lazy employees in check and gain credibility with the customer. The biggest issue with tracking time is getting everyone to submit their billable hours in a timely, organized manner.

Billings Pro offers several fantastic tools to track and submit time slips from multiple platforms to a centralized server. After the break, we’ll take a look at how functional their web based tool, Timecard, is.


For most of us, we spend more on gas over time than we do on many other individual things. With soaring gas prices and an increasing focus on environmentally friendliness today, it’s a good idea to keep tabs on how many miles your car is getting per gallon and what you’re spending on gas. We often just fill up and forget about it, but with more info you’d be better informed about what your car is really costing you.

Fillrr is a freemium webapp that helps take the pain out of keeping up with your gas mileage and price. Depending on your account, you can keep up with your gas usage from your browser or via text message. Then you’ll get to see your average MPG over time and compare your results with others. Let’s take a look and see if this app can make it easier to keep up with your car’s gas usage.


Would you like to streamline invoicing and billing in your company? Many invoicing webapps are designed for individuals and freelancers and work best for one-off invoicing. Today we’re going to look at a webapp to help manage billing for larger ventures with regular billing and multiple products and services.

Invoicera is a full featured invoicing webapp that includes a ton of features to help you manage invoicing and billing better. With support for multiple currencies, payment gateways, additional staff, saved products and services and more, you’ll have all the tools you need to invoice your clients and get paid. Let’s dig in and see what it has to offer.


Debt’s a nasty thing to deal with, especially if you’re new to credit cards and loans. Managing and keeping track of your debts can be a hassle and even depressing if your credit score is less than ideal. However, there’s no better feeling that conquering your debts or credit troubles.

Creditable isn’t just a debt management app; it helps you get out of debt, improve your credit score, collaborate with others and all the while for free and anonymously. Let’s take a look at getting setup with Creditable.


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