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The internet is increasingly a social place where we can actually see the things our friends and colleagues are doing across the web. Social networks bring updates from all of our connections together, and RSS feeds help us see what others are writing on their blogs. However, it can still be surprising sometims to stumble upon a random blog post and see that one of our friends have already commented on it. You might recognize what they wrote just from their name, but most often you can easily recognize them from their profile picture.

With the hundereds of sites you might visit over the course of a week, there’s no way you’d have enough time to upload your profile picture to all of the sites you comment on. That’s where Gravatar comes in. This popular service from the folks at Automattic saves profile info for millions of users. Sites across the ‘net, from WordPress blogs to web apps we review here, then automatically find your picture from your email when you register.

Want to get your own Gravatar? Here’s what you’ll need to do.


Plancast: The Best Way to Discover Events

We get invited to events and parties all the time. In most cases, the organizers would be friends or peers and an invite would land via email. But what if there are some awesome events that are happening close to your crib and you don’t know about it at all. Say for example, an app bloggers convention happening two blocks down the road that’s open to all.

Plancast helps you find out about events and other social activities ahead of time so you don’t miss out on them. So are you ready to discover and crash parties?


Social media is turning out to be an awesome resource for finding news and information. Thanks to hundreds of thousands of professional and amateur sources, there is no dearth of content on any given topic. But the volume of information passing through the social streams is quiet heavy and is becoming increasingly tedious for consuming them straight up.

Some sort of curation and an edible wrapper would help a lot of folks. Storify lets you consume social media in a brand new way – by creating stories using social media. Interested in knowing how its done? Read on.


Over the past few months, there’s been a lot of buzz about Facebook and the amount of privacy they’re giving us and our profiles. How much of our data do 3rd party developers have access to? What can our friends share about us without us knowing? What information is going to other websites? I’ll answer those questions and tell you how to protect your information the best you can while using Facebook.


Social media touches many lives and monitoring it closely is useful for a wide variety of purposes. With so many social networks it’s not so easy to monitor the social media interactions happening. If you know your away around code, you can tap into the API of social networks to gather social data, even if it involves handling dozens of APIs, multiple formats, maintenance, coding knowledge and more.

Gnip helps businesses save money and time by cutting down on tedious processes and costly engineering teams. Interested in learning how to make the most of Gnip? Read on.


The web is rapidly becoming a big part of our lives and whether we realize it or not, we often have accounts with a wide range of web services or apps. When communicating with people online, why bother limiting them to a single contact method instead of just giving them a way to choose the method for themselves?

This is where OnePage comes in. OnePage offers an easy way to create a virtual contact card that can easily be distributed to provide other visitors with a means of contacting you through several services. The process of contacting users of the service can be made even quicker and easier when offering many different methods of contact and it merely becomes a matter of convenience when deciding which method to use. Find out more about OnePage inside the article.


Whether you’re a company taking advantage of the social internet to get your customer’s opinions or you’re just curious about your fellow users’ opinions on a specific topic, polls really can get people talking. There are many poll apps out there but some of these take ages to create an account and get the poll set up, sometimes raising doubts about whether it’s even worth it.

This is where TwittaPolls comes in. It allows you to easily and quickly create polls that can be shared with friends via Twitter and Facebook. Find out more after the fold.


Getting suggestions on entertainment, particularly which movie to watch, what band to listen to or which book to read, isn’t so simple. It’s true that you can ask your friends on Facebook or Twitter but how many times will you be willing to pollute your social stream asking for the slapstick comedy recommendations? It’s just not perfect.

A few automated recommendation engines have been around for a while to help you out and one among them is GetGlue. The USP of GetGlue is that it’s a social network dedicated to discovering all types entertainment, and they cover everything from movies and books to wine tasting. Read on to see how the web app can help you have some fresh fun.


We’ve all seen or played those guitar-oriented video games that allow for jamming along to rock songs but they’re usually only found on traditional gaming consoles or installed as applications on computers.

Instant Jam is a browser-based game that runs on the Java platform and allows you to play along to the music library on your computer, as well as challenging your Facebook friends. Find out more inside the article.


Facebook is one of the very few internet behemoths that doesn’t hesitate to add new features and update existing ones at a rapid pace. In the last few days, Facebook has completely revamped their groups product and now they allow users to download all their profile data. Exporting personal data is clearly aimed at pacifying privacy advocates and is a welcome change in Facebook’s approach.

Previously less highlighted groups feature is now tightly integrated with user profile and friends list. Today we’ll take a look at how to set up a revamped Facebook group and to export your personal data.


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