Mozilla Webmaker Tools: X-Ray Goggles & Thimble

In an era where the web has invaded into all dimensions of life, understanding the language of the web has become important for people to actively participate in shaping the digital world, to change from passive viewers to “webmakers”. This idea led Mozilla to develop three different tools, The Popcorn Maker to “supercharge web video” (read our review), Thimble to “Make and share your own web page” and X-Ray Goggles to “Explore and remix any web page”.

Of these the tools, Thimble and X – Ray Goggles were developed with the purpose of helping aspiring “webmakers” familiarize themselves with the language of the web. Let’s take a look


Since its inception, HTML5 has being used in many areas where, previously, Flash used to be the only major player. Today, you can build full-featured apps, accelerated graphics in games, stream HD video, and so much more just using native web code. No plugins required. The web is now an app platform in its own right.

The web has been a gaming platform for years — remember the flash based physics games that are so similar to Angry Birds, but came out years back? Now, though, the best online games aren’t just games that require Flash or full application downloads to run; they’re games designed 100% in native web code. Here’s 15 of the best HTML5 games that pulled me in, and kept me playing far longer than I thought they could.


According to the Guinness book of world records, Roundhay Garden Scene, released in 1888, is the oldest surviving film in existence. It was recorded at 12 fps.

Videos have come a long way since those days, evolving from that rough art to the high definition and 3d videos of the present. Video is now used as one of the most important forms of communication, on TV, but increasingly on the web, too. As video evolved, some people began working towards making it interactive and much more connected to the web. Among those people were the folks at Mozilla whose effort led to the development of popcorn.js, a HTML5 media framework written in javascript for anyone who wants to create interactive media on the web.

Then in 2012, they released the Popcorn Maker which is supposed to let you create videos that behaves like the web itself. It’s a video editor built on top of popcorn.js that let you remix and enhance your web videos to include live data from the web. Is this app the future of media? Lets find out.


Powtoon: Turn Your Browser Into an Animation Studio

Are you bored with long and boring meetings with very formal presentations in your office and do you want to turn it into a fun filled and entertaining session. Or do you wish to create an animated video but are terrified at the cost involved in it, or are you someone looking for a job and would like to create a video resume to stand out from the crowd?

Then dive in to Powtoon, a webapp that lets you do all this in a cheap and easy way.


When you get bored online, there’s a million ways to keep yourself distracted. You could head over to your favorite social network, read the news, watch YouTube videos, play online games, and tons of other things. What we don’t usually do is head to web apps designed to be whimsical and entertaining. Turns out, though, there’s quite a few developers that have put together some fascinating web apps that, while not useful, will be sure to keep you entertained, at least for a bit.

Here are 15 websites that I stumbled upon that are weird, funny, or even scary, but they’re all quite interesting. You just might find a new favorite way to distract yourself online!


Bitrix24 – A Cloud Based Social Intranet Application

If you’ve been trying to find a way to get your team to collaborate in the cloud, you’ve likely found many apps that would fit part of what you need, but wouldn’t be your full solution. You’d have to make an internal site with one app, use another for project management, manage your contacts elsewhere, and more. Before you know it, the cloud made your life harder than anything.

What you really need is an app that brings everything together. One such app is Bitrix24, a cloud based social intranet that has enough features to cater to the needs of a small business organization. Let’s take a look, and see if it might be the cloud solution your team needs.


PDFescape: Adobe Reader in the Cloud

PDFs are designed to be the ultimate portable document, and even today they’re one of the most popular to share everything from forms to eBooks. The only problem is, they’re rather difficult to deal with. Sure, you can read them anywhere, but you’ll usually need a native app such as Adobe Reader installed, and then editing PDFs will require an expensive app like Adobe Acrobat.

PDFescape is a web application that claims to do everything that a normal PDF reader is capable of, and more. Is it a worthy alternative to the pdf giants like Adobe Reader and Foxit Reader, or is it just a wanna be? Let’s find out.


Wiggio: Group Collaboration Made Simple

Are you a multitasker and are you currently a part of several groups? Are you frustrated by the countless amount of time and effort spent in reading group emails, Facebook group updates, phone calls, and text messages? Do you want a solution to ease your frustration and facilitate better group collaboration?

That was what the folks at Cornell University thought. So they sat down, dumped all their thoughts, time and technical expertise into a magic pot, said “abracadabra”, and out came Wiggio. Or so it seams. Wiggo is an easy to use, full-fledged web solution for group collaboration, one that just might be what you need to make your team collaboration really work without overwhelming everyone.