HitTail – Analyze and Increase Your Site’s Search Traffic

Search engines such as Google provide the majority of traffic to a lot of websites so its important to know what queries bring in most of the traffic to your site. There’s plenty of different analytic services that provide detailed analysis of your site’s traffic – allowing you to visualize what content is most popular and where your traffic comes from.

Making sense of this knowledge is hard work though, and requires some skill. It’s this problem that HitTail aims to solve, and I must agree I believe their claims are founded – HitTail makes easy to understand sense of your keywords, something that’s important for any site hoping to succeed. HitTail analyzes your traffic and then after using their algorithm, it provides you with a tailored list of keywords for you to focus on.


It almost seems that it’s more difficult to get a job than it is to do the job once you’ve been hired. One of the most frustrating things about trying to get a job is polishing your resume. You have to go through and think of all the jobs you’ve had, list any important details about your accomplishments and skills, then get it looking presentable. When you’re stressed over trying to find a job, that’s far from an easy task to undertake.

Resumonk is a new web app that helps you create the perfect resume, with the content you need laid out in a beautiful design. Resumonk takes over all formatting of your resume, allowing you to work on the content for your resume. Since you won’t have to worry about turning your info into a high-quality document, you can just devote all of your time and energy to making your resume the best it can be.


Today, the Internet is alive with new web apps: some totally unique, others a different twist on an already successful app, others just plain copies of another great service. This is great to see, as it gives users choice, helps fuel competition, and inspire new ideas for the next set of web apps. After all, everything is a remix. We often do interviews with developers from popular, new apps, but we often don’t look back at older apps and see what happened to them. Older apps that stuck around can have quite an interesting story, though.

Today I’m going to talk about HitTail and the revival it received when it was acquired by Rob Walling, a self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur. I usually have a low opinion of most acquisitions these days. The acquired products or services are usually outstanding, and acquired by even bigger companies – Google and Facebook are the usual top hitters. These apps more often than not are either shut down, or changed totally, much to the dismay of its users. Lucky this isn’t the case with HitTail; in fact, quite the opposite is true.


Open Vim: Learn to Use Vim, Online, the Easy Way

The web is a brilliant place for learning new things and finding out information on any topic you wish. If you want to learn something you merely have to search for it online and you’ll more than likely find a guide on how to do it, within seconds, never mind minutes. Somethings require practice though. Just for an example lets take riding a bike, yes sure you can read a guide online covering the steps, though to be truly able to say you can ride a bike its recommended to actually get up on a bike and have a go!

Its the same with Vim. Vim is a text editor used most in Unix-based operating systems, and at first glance it looks to be something that should have been forgotten about in the computing world, long ago. Even after some time and effort trying to use Vim, its learning curve may still seem incredibly steep. Reading books or guides on something like this might help you find your way around, or at even give you a glimpse of why Vim is still so useful today, but as with reading about how to ride a bike will only get you so far. You need to jump in and go for a ride with it, so to speak. Today we’re going to see how you can do that with Open Vim –  a web app with the sole purpose of teaching you how to use Vim.


Here at Web.Appstorm, we’ve written about a number of brilliant web apps. Some of them I use everyday, and many have become a part of my work flow and are of great use to me. The Internet is much like this, full of great apps that can help you with nearly anything you’d ever need help with. What if you want to add to the Internets great arsenal of tools orwealth of information by building your own site?

The answer to this could well be Handcraft. In essence, it’s an online text editor, though it’s a lot more than this in practice. It can become your whole web development work flow and backup setup in one. Handcraft started out as a prototyping tool, designed to let you build your sites directly in the browser, for the browser, rather than starting out in Photoshop. Let’s see if this is the tool you need to design your next great site.